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									McDougall L (Lynne)
From:                       Naysmith R (Robin) on behalf of First Minister
Sent:                       28 December 2005 13:29
To:                         SDI Group Services; First Minister
Cc:                         Deputy First Minister & Minister for Enterprise; PS/ETLLD; Dickson GF (Graeme) - EIA
                            Group; McFadyen D (David); RSA Briefing Mailbox; Communications First Minister;
                            Communications Deputy First Minister & Minister for ELL; Dalgety S (Susan); McEwen R
                            (Rachel); Ghibaldan S (Sam); Clark M (Malcolm); Phillips D (Danny); Rogerson HS
                            (Scott); Wiseman R (Ruth); McElhinney M (Michael)
Subject:                    RE: Update Report - possible golf resort development -16 December 2005


James Anderson

                Copy: as above


The First Minister has asked me to thank you for your update report of 16 December which
he found very helpful. He would be grateful if you would continue to keep him informed of
as matters progress.

I should be grateful if Special Advisers, Press First Minister and Private Office would note
the proposed announcement on 26 January and ensure that diaries take account of the First
Minister's potential involvement.

PPS/First Minister
5th Floor
St Andrew's House

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           Original Message
        From: SDI Group Services
        Sent: 16 December 2005 16:14
        To: First Minister
        Cc: Deputy First Minister & Minister for Enterprise; PS/ETLLD; Dickson GF (Graeme) - EIA Group; McFadyen D
        (David); RSA Briefing Mailbox; Press First Minister; Press Deputy First Minister & Minister for Enterprise & LL;
        Dalgety S (Susan); McEwen R (Rachel); Ghibaldan S (Sam); Clark M (Malcolm); Phillips D (Danny)
        Subject: Update Report - possible golf resort development -16 December 2005
        Importance: High


        1.     Following his meeting with Mr Trump in October, FM requested an update report on
        progress towards conclusion of a deal to acquire land for a golf resort development in Aberdeenshire.
2.     The available information is commercially sensitive and is supplied in the strictest
confidence. The company has indicated in the strongest terms that any further project
information finding its way into the public domain would have an adverse affect on the
company's ability to conclude certain aspects of the property deal.

James Anderson
0141 228 2204

Friday 16 December 2005

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First Minister


1.      You have requested an update report on progress made by the Trump
Organisation, assisted by Scottish Development International (SDI), to conclude a
deal for the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire.

2.     Routine

Current developments
3.      Following earlier meetings in Scotland and New York, Ashley Cooper,
Managing Partner, Trump Golf Management, returned to Scotland this week for a
series of meetings with key partners, including SDI and Aberdeen City Council, prior
to completing the purchase of the Menie Estate. The Menie project includes the
development of a world class golf course resort employing 300-400 staff, with
anticipated expenditure in the region of £150 million. The company is likely_to
conclude the majority of the land acquisition stage of the project by mid-Janua

4.        In relation to Menie, meetings with Aberdeen District Council this week were
favourable; including positive meetings with the Chief Executive and Planning
Director (though it should be understood the final decision on project consent will be
issued by elected members). These meetings have elicited a commitment from the
company to commission an environmental impact assessment on the site (reporting
around March 2006). The company will also commission a transport impact study -
positive meetings with Scottish Executive's Roads Division have already taken place.
On the basis the company are taking early steps to gather all necessary planning
information, Aberdeen Council has indicated it will process any planning application
at the earliest possible stage. We therefore understand that the company will look to
lodge their application the week commencing 23 January. This may be timed to
coincide with the public announcement of the project, pending planning consent, on
26 January (see 'Publicity' below). It makes sense to hold the planning application
till this time as these documents will also enter the public domain.

Other issues
5.      The Trump team are keen to maximise the planning consent on the site. In
addition to a 250-bed hotel resort, spa, leisure, dining and conference facilities the
company is now considering the most appropriate mix of development on the rest of
the site, which could include an element of residential housing. This would bring the
site into the "mixed-use" category and as such would be referred to the
Scottish Executive which has a statutory obligation to provide a response within 28
days. SDI will continue to have discussions with the company and other interested
parties to discuss the most appropriate use to meet all parties' requirements. SDI will
liaise with Planning Division colleagues on the progress of this aspect of the

                 RESTRICTED - ADVICE TO MINISTERS                                     l
                        RESTRICTED - ADVICE TO MINISTERS
6.      The company has confirmed they plan to announce the project on 26 January
2006 at the PGA Orlando show (North America's largest annual golf industry event),
where they will get significant golf media coverage. Susan Dalgety, Chief Press
Officer (FM), is in discussion with the company with regards Ministerial involvement
and will prepare a communications plan which will be shared with Scottish Enterprise
Press and Marketing in an effort to maximise both domestic and international
presentational opportunities.

7.     SDI will provide you with a follow-up report once the outstanding details
of the deal are finalised. Press FM will liaise with the company and Scottish
Enterprise Presr 'iil Marketing over the ^ ~z\. neni uf a communications plan
based around the announcement of the project.

James Anderson
0141 228 2204                                           16 December 2005

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Deputy First Minister

Graeme Dickson-ETLLD: Head of Enterprise & Industrial
PA Jack Perry - Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise
Martin Togneri - Chief Executive, ETLLD: SDI
Brian Shaw - ETLLD: SDI
Denis Taylor - ETLLD: SDI
Lorna Jack - ETLLD: SDI
Kenneth Clark ETLLD: SDI
Lorraine Mallon - ETLLD: SDI
David McFadyen - ETLLD: Regional Selective Assistance
ETLLD: RSA Briefing Team
John Ireland - ETLLD: Head of Analytical Services
Press FM
Press DFM
Susan Dalgety - Chief Press Officer, FM
Stephen Sharp - Scottish Enterprise Press
Mike Rymaruk - Scottish Enterprise Marketing
Rachel McEwan - Special Adviser
Sam Ghibaldan
Danny Phillips - ETLLD
Mathew Clark - ETLLD


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