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					La Grange - The Prez Sez                                                                                          August 2004
        onjour and greetings from Nice France, one of the most beautiful resort areas I have been to.

B       Thank you Claude for the recommendation and arrangements at the Elysée Palace Hotel. We In The Online Issue:
        are not coming home.......just kidding.
                                                                                                      The Prez Sez
By now the historic significance of Lance Armstrong’s 6th Tour de France win is settling in. The News, Announcements
world knows that a record has been broken and by an American. I cannot tell you how proud, amazed Welcome to New Members
and influenced I am by this man. Lance and his Postal Team have most certainly and almost single From the Editor
handedly changed the level of interest in cycling in North America. I truly believe that the momen- Race Volunteer Info
tum will last for some time and will be fortunate for all of us who are passionate about cycling.     Aron Gahdia, Thank You LG
                                                                                                      Mario Seri, A Week in the Life
Our Backroads trip to France in conjunction with the last week of the tour was absolutely epic. Mike Zagorski, View From Afar
Thanks to the orchestration and detail of our own La Grange member Alan Berro and Backroads Contact La Voix
staff, Rich Snodsmith, we had a chance to ride the classics including Mont Ventoux, l’Alpe d’Huez, Rogues Gallery of Racers
Col du Galibier and Col du Télégraphe. Riding with La Grangers Rob Kassan, Chris Allen, Alan Racing Photos
Berro, Bruce Mitchell, Randy Mermel and Mark Needham, we were able to ride to our hearts content Weekly Rides
and personally view Lance making history at a couple of the tour stages. Spectacular!
                                                                                                      Note: Not all sections are in the
In the Alps we met up with La Grangers Susan Gans, Sari Watkin, Milana Dolezal, Emmett mailed black & white version.
Albergotti, Mark Wyman and Gene Seymour. In addition, our group of 18 included some amazing
athletes and friends who we had the pleasure to ride with and behind. Former world champion Mike
McCarthy, Olympic rower Jason Gailes, triathlete Chris Berry, a couple of crazy Canadians Rick
Simpson and Joe Miotto, a team of phenomenal riders from Northern California and finally a flat-
lander from Singapore who was amazingly relentless on the hills. A detailed story of our trip with
pictures will be included in our next La Voix.                                                         Velo Club La Grange Westwood
                                                                                                        is a non-profit organization dedicated to
                                                                                                        the sport of cycling. Founded in 1969 by
Back to the homefront. We are gearing up for our La Grange West LA College Grand Prix on Sunday
                                                                                                        Raymond Fouquet, it has a 35-year his-
August 8th.This event is shaping up to be one of the best LA cycling races - a great course, good       tory of supporting bicycle racing in So Cal.
prize money, rich in primes and excellent organization, thanks to race director David Kiere and all     USCF member #1232.
the dedicated volunteers. Speaking of volunteers, don’t forget to sign up for a time slot day so you    Address all club correspondence to:
are on our list for a tee-shirt.                                                                        VCLGW, 2118 Wilshire Bl, Suite 525, Santa
                                                                                                        Monica, CA 90025 Attn Duncan Lemmon
Now for my last couple of days in Nice on the Côte D’Azur. Au revoir
                                                                                                             visit our website at
                                                                                 Duncan Lemmon   
  news announcements news announcements news announcements news announcements news an

VCLGW and Big Orange Racing THE WEST L.A. COLLEGE GRAND PRIX                                  Welcome to our New Members!
Call For Volunteers

The Grand Prix is our biggest and most important club event of the year, and the volun-                   Michael Audette
teers are essential to its success. The main job of the volunteers is to make the course                     Ben Bush
safe for the racers. Also, the volunteers serve as cheerleaders for La Grange/Big Orange                   Justin Gallen
racers! Many racers commented last year that having course marshals stationed around                      Mark Needham
the course, cheering them on, really helped to pump them up for a victory. Besides the                     Michael Perz
fun of volunteering and the excitement of watching the racers hammer by, you’ll get a
very cool free T-shirt, breakfast or lunch (depending on your shift), Susan’s home-made
chocolate chip cookies, and even the chance to blow your own whistle and say things like
“Roger that, little buddy” on the walkie-talkie. And maybe even a suntan.

So if you haven’t yet volunteered, send Bill Mock a shout at See
the next page for volunteer information, as well as directions and race information.
La Grange Picnic And Hill Climb Sept 19
The Annual La Grange Club Picnic and
                                               Letter from the Lost Coast Chapter
                                               Mes Amis:
Hill Climb will be Sept 19th, 2004. The        Due the unfortunate circumstance of
park is already reserved for the picnic,       Bastille Day falling on a workday, the Lost    Editor
which is free to club members. Rich            Coast Chapter’s ride was rather poorly
Friedman will do catering, as last year.       attended. Nonetheless, Jim Guedmin (on
                                               the right in the photo) and I upheld the            acers. That’s the word for the month.
Call For Good Stories
Those of you who travelled to bike in
distant places, please organize your stories
and pictures, and send them to me for
                                               tradition by going for a spin up Price
                                               Creek road (not too far from Ferndale). It
                                               was a gray morning on the redwood coast,
                                               but then this was mainly an excuse to end
                                               the ride at the Eel River Brewing Co. in
                                                                                             R     Not only our racers, but all the rac-
                                                                                                   ers we will see at our race next
                                                                                                   Sunday, as well as all the ones we
                                                                                             have enjoyed in the last month. So this
                                                                                             newsletter includes not only a few stories
                                               Fortuna with lunch, the TDF on OLN            by a our own racers, but even pictures of
Raymond’s Album is no longer up                and several large and excellent beers (we     some of them, so you can recognize them
Raymond’s album is off the website -           highly reccommend the IPA). All in all, a     Sunday.
it’s huge and shouldn’t just sit there. If     great time was had, especially by Richard
you want to see it again, just email me at     Virenque and his many fans.                   Just back from France myself - so of course                           Vive La France,                               the newsletter’s late! This time there were
                                               Richard Heisler, Lost Coast Chapter           a few leftover nasty details, that didn’t get
Daily-Ride Pictures on the Website             Eureka, CA                                    taken care of until recently.
The Daily Ride photos in the July La Voix
are now up on the web separately. You can                                                    First, the online web version of La Voix
actually see the people! They are at                                                         will be Acrobat 5, I won’t do Acrobat 6                                                  to you again. I had not realized that there
                                                                                             were so many problems with upgrading,
                                                                                             so we’ll just avoid the probelms - sorry for
Paul Kopit has done his 100th Double!                                                        the inconvenience.
Paul made his way into the California
Triple Crown Hall of Fame a long time ago                                                    And then there are a few website updates.
when he rode his 50th CTC double cen-                                                        The Daily-Ride pictures are now up on the
tury. He has now doubled that record by                                                      web; Raymond’s Album is down.
finishing 100 doubles at the recent Grand
Tour. Congratualtions, Paul!                                                                 Please do note in the Announcements sec-
                                                                                             tion the Call For Volunteers for our August
                                                         Les Mots du Mois                    8th race; and the Call For Good Stories
                                                                                             from your summer wanderings.
 Tony Cruz is having a Good Year!
 Ex-La Granger now-Postie Antonio                 coureur - (adj.) good at running, swift                      Tailwinds to you
 Cruz won the Tour de Nez Omnium                                                                                      sheridan bentson
 this year. He finished 3rd in the TT and         le coureur cycliste
 placed 2nd in both the famous Tour de            la coureuse cycliste
 Nez crit and the Road race. Watch for                               cycling racer
 him in the Vuelta in September!

 fo volunteer info volunteer info volunteer info volunteer info volunteer info volunteer info volunteer

                                   VOLUNTEER INFORMATION FOR
                                 THE WEST L.A. COLLEGE GRAND PRIX
                                       Sunday, August 8, 2004
Sign Up                                                                            Directions to the Race and Parking
To sign up, send your contact info, T-shirt size, and choice of cat-               From the 405 Freeway north or south, exit at Jefferson and head
egory and shift (see below) to Bill Mock at                     east. Jefferson becomes Playa and then Overland. After approx.
He will email you back to tell you if it is available. Most slots left             one mile, turn right onto Freshman Drive into the West L.A.
are shift #4 and tear-down Sunday after the races.                                 College campus. There will be someone at the entrance to direct
                                                                                   you to the appropriate parking area.
If you are racing, make your volunteer request compatible with                     Volunteer Check-In
your racing, giving yourself time for warm up and cool down.                       All course marshals and on-call floaters must check in at least
                                                                                   20 minutes before the start of their shift, to leave time to acquire
                                                                                   the Staff T-shirt, whistle, and name tag, and to read the instruc-
Volunteer Categories, Duties and Shifts                                            tions, learn how to use the walkie-talkie, and walk to the assigned
                                                                                   location. Parking Area personnel will know the location of the
Shifts for Course Marshals and Floaters:                                           Volunteer Check-in Table.
     Shift #1              7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
     Shift #2             10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.                                 If you have a second, consecutive shift as a course marshal, please
     Shift #3             12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.                                  wait at your first position for your replacement to arrive, and then
     Shift #4              3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.                                  go directly to the designated position for your second shift, as
You can sign up for more than one shift, consecutive or not.                       quickly as possible. There is no need to check in again unless
                                                                                   there is a problem (call Susan or Bill on the walkie talkie or cell
PLEASE ARRIVE 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SHIFT, in                                     phone if there is a problem).
order order to read the instructions, learn how to use the walkie-
talkie, and walk to your assigned location. The course is quite                    Notes on the walkie-talkies: please use them only when neces-
spread out - you may want to bring your bike to get to your loca-                  sary (e.g., to call the Volunteer Coordinator if you need to take a
tion or dash to the bathroom.                                                      break, if you see an accident, if you need water, etc.). Please keep
                                                                                   them with you at all times. Give your radio to the course marshal
1. Course Marshals: 12 marshals during each of the 4 shifts, to keep cars          who replaces you, or if you are last shift, turn it into Bill Mock at
and pedestrians from interfering with the racers, look out for dangerous           the Volunteer Check-In Table. DON’T FORGET TO DO SO!!
debris in the road, and report accidents. Marshals will have a club-pro-
vided walkie-talkie to stay in touch with each other, the medical staff and        Food and Water
the race director. (Minors must be at least 16 years old.)                         Coffee and bagels at the Volunteer Check-In Table in the morning.
                                                                                   Later in the day, sandwiches, water and snacks will be available.
2. On-Call Floaters: 6 floaters during each of the 4 shifts, to cover for          The food and water is ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS. Please don’t
all the extra details. Such duties might include relieving a course marshal        walk away with plates of sandwiches and bottles of water for your
who needs to go to the bathroom or get food, substituting for a marshal            friends - we’d run out of food and water for the volunteers!
who shows up late or doesn’t show up at all, picking up the food for the
volunteers if the restaurant won’t deliver it, taking food, water and suntan       What to Bring
lotion to the marshals at their location. Floaters must remain on the race         Walkie talkies will be provided, so you won’t need your own.
course premises for their shift, and must have a cell phone with them, so          Suggested items to bring:
that they can be reached immediately if their services are needed. They            Sunscreen; Hat; Cell phone (required for all On-Call Floaters);
are free to move about the course until they are called to duty.                   your own full water bottle (just in case); your own Snacks; Broom
                                                                                   (for sweeping streets); folding chair (we may have a few); work
2. Course Set-Up - Saturday Afternoon or Evening: 6 strong persons to              gloves for set-up and break down crews.
set up the hay bales and arrange the barricades. Time TBD. You will be
contacted with information about when and where to meet.                           Bicycles
                                                                                   If you ride to the race, you can keep your bike with you if you are
3. Course Set-Up - Sunday Morning : 10 people from 6:00am to                       a course marshal. We cannot guarantee the security of your bike,
8:00am, to set up hay bales, arrange barricades, sweep up debris, put up           but there will be someone at the Volunteer Check-In Table at all
tents, etc. Hot coffee and fresh bagels will await you!                            times - they can try to keep an eye on any bikes left there.

4. Course Break-Down - Sunday Afternoon: 10 people from 6:00pm                     Kids
to about 7:30pm, to UN-do all the work done by the course set-up folks.            Whether or not it’s a good idea to bring your kid(s) depends on
This work will start as soon as the last race ends.                                the kid. If they need a lot of your attention, it’s not a good idea.
                                                                                   But several kids worked alongside their parents last year and were
6. Prime/Purse Disbursements: 2 people who are very familiar with                  a big help and had a great time. Note: unfortunately, we cannot
race procedures, to help organize and disburse the primes and purses.              guarantee that we’ll have enough T-shirts for all of the kids.
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Thank You La Grange!                                     by Aron Gahdia
In a year and a half I went from being a very average rider (in my mind a killer on the
bike) to a State Champion.

I started racing last season and my first race was a disappointment. Before I joined La
Grange, I was riding hard for 2 years. I dropped as many people as I could on training
rides. I had no idea how to train; I only had one speed and that was at a heart rate of 150
bpm to 180 bpm all out, every time I rode. When I came to La Grange I thought a few of
you guys were amazingly strong and I was taken aback. I started to do the training rides
and found myself placing well and thought I would race and really test myself.

In my first race (Blvd. Road Race) I placed 22nd. “Stinks”, I thought. I wanted to win. It was
humbling, and I realized this takes work, and asked myself if I was willing to work that hard.

I hired Josh Horowitz as my coach and did everything he said and didn’t stray by even a
beat of my heart rate. Now this took most, if not all, the fun out of it at first, but through
the specific training regime I found purpose. I wanted to race and in my mind that was
now all that counted.

When I started racing I thought it was about being fit. I now know it is about being expe-
rienced and clever. Fitness comes in too but it takes a lot of races until you start getting
the dynamics of the race which, in itself, is an art that I find so fascinating. I put in my
time and was humbled regularly. I didn’t quit but just when I was ready to, I would place
well and get a burst of motivation to race again.

Then there were the crashes... I crashed a lot.... But every time I crashed, I would tell myself, “If you didn’t crash, you would have
placed.” I also got lots of encouragement from you guys which was so important to me.

I am not genetically gifted, in fact if I was in the past, I probably squandered most of my athleticism on drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes,
which I did regularly for 20 of my 37 years. I will now upgrade to a Cat. 2 and I hope to do well there!

When I raced, I had passion and tenacity and it paid off. I think for anyone who starts racing, they need to know that in every race you
will learn. Bike racing is a thinking man’s sport, you need to keep going, and with the effort create momentum, and when you least
expect it, success will find you.

                                                                          A Week in the Life of a 60+ Master
                                                                                                                   by Mario Seri

                                                It all started when a friend recommended that I do a road race in Vannenberg. Now this
                                                was not a course that suited me as it is known to be quite hilly - ughh! I nonetheless
                                                competed and finished in a respectable 8th position.

                                                Then it was back to Los Angeles, where my wife and I barely slipped through the fire-
                                                related traffic in Santa Barbara. I got in a brief night’s sleep, then I was up again at 5
                                                AM to go to the race by the Ontario Airport. At Ontario I mustered up a 2nd place finish,
                                                losing at the line by a hair.

The following Sunday I raced in San Fernando. This proved to also be a challenging course with its long straight and sharp 180 degree
turn. At this race I had to face Club P.A.A.’s 8 man team. P.A.A. was out in full force as this is an event that the club sponsors. I
knew it was going to be tough so I made up my mind to stick to a very simple strategy - get to that turn in the lead on the final lap. The
only problem was that every other competitor had the same plan! And that is how it played out. I hit the final lap turn in first place,
followed by a pack of riders. I took off in a winded sprint as I exited the turn. Those last 750 meters hurt, but it was worth the effort.
1st Place in San Fernando.

POST SCRIPT - Good fortune remained on my side two weeks later at Encino Velodrome’s Masters State Championship. I won gold
in the 40 lap Points Race in the 100 + degree weather.
 ers racers racers racers racers racers racers racers racers racer                              announcements announement

View from Afar
         by Mike Zagorski

In the June ‘03, after five years of juggling
mountain bike racing and university, I had
escaped Architecture school and defected
to the “dark side” know as road racing.
At 24 years old, time is running out for
me to chase my dream of becoming a
pro bike racer, so I enlisted ex-pro Kevin                                                     La Voix Email Address
Livingston as my coach.                                                                        The old earthlink email address for La
                                                                                               Voix will be retired. The current (and
In September of the same year, Yoko (my                                                        stable) email address for La Voix is
Japanese wife) and I left my native wet                                                         
and windy Scotland for the warmth of                                                           The other address from which you may
O’ahu, Hawaii. Almost ideal for train-                                                         receive La Grange notices is
ing but not exactly conducive to chasing                                                       
the pro dream! There is great enthusiasm                                                       Please note these in your address book.
for racing on O’ahu and some pretty fast
guys, but overall the quality and quantity
of racers doesn’t match that found on the
mainland. For some people, being “a big
fish in a small pond” is sufficient, but for
me, I need something more. The only way for me to satisfy my racing fix involves trips         Yahoo E-groups
to the mainland. Regional CA races would be nice, but I decided to make the most of the        La Grange has set up a club Yahoo email
travel expense by jumping into the fire and racing NRC events…. Perfect for getting my         e-group to pass timely information, gos-
legs ripped off!                                                                               sip, stories, race reports, biking trivia, and
                                                                                               other relevant information. If you are not
At the end of 2003 after a few e-mails across the pacific, I signed up with the LaGrange       in the e-groups and would like to be, con-
Elite Men’s team for the ’04.                                                                  tact Stu Press at

This is my first season as a Cat 1 and each race has been a learning experience. So far
this year, I’ve raced the Tucson Bicycle Classic, Pomona Valley Stage Race, Redlands
Classic, and La Vuelta de Bisbee, with my best placing so far a 16th in Stage 3 at Tucson.
Without the outstanding support I have received from my coach, awesome teammates,
sponsors, volunteers, supportive wife, and a very understanding employer, competing at
these races would still be a dream. I also can’t forget the endless support I’ve had from       Contact La Voix:
my mum since the early years.
                                                                                                Please send in submissions by the 20th
I might not see much of Chris Horner other than at the start line but with each race I sur-     of the month. Do include your name and
vive, the learning curve is diminishing. Racing on the mainland has pushed my fitness to        phone, and enclose a SASE if you want
a higher level – I finished a close 2nd in a local stage race (I won the TT stage putting 2     photos mailed back to you. Digital files
minutes into riders that were putting time into me in mid-March!), and won my age group         may be MS Word documents or image
in the State Criterium Championship on May 16.                                                  files, sent as email attachments or mailed
                                                                                                on a CD or zip disk.
My next trip to the mainland will be in July to the 5-day Cascade Classic stage race in         Mail: Sheridan Bentson
Oregon. This is the main race of the season that I plan to be at peak fitness for, so I hope              16615 Merivale Lane
to do LaGrange proud. Thanks for all the support!                                                         Pacific Palisades CA 90272
Aloha                                                                                           Phone: (310) 454-9693
                                                                                                Change Newsletter reception at:
                                                                                                For La Grange e-groups info, contact:

                                                                                               Cover Photo: Josh Horowitz at the Cascade
                                                                                               Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon. Thanks to The
                                                                                               Bend Bulletin.

 cing racing racing racing racing racing racing racing racing racing racing racing racing racing rac

Rogues Gallery of [some] La Grange Racers
Editors Note: My request for pictures and quotes was met with varying degrees of responsiveness. So, if you didn’t respond, you’re not here!

  Aron Gahdia, Cat 3                                          Bart Leivo, Cat 4                                         Mike Zagorski, Cat 1
 “Cat 3 State Champ!”                                     “I said I was going to do                                   “You only live once, race
                                                               it, and I did it”                                        like it’s the last time”

                                Matt Bromen, Cat 1                                      Kyle Millar, Cat 5
                              “Cycling is the hardest                                  “What doesn’t kill you
                               sport, but it’s also the                                  only makes you
                                 most rewarding.”                                           stronger.”

   David Keire, Cat 3                                     David Manpearl, Cat 4                                         Pete Morris, Cat 5
    Multiprocessing                                         Watch for Bears!                                          “Pedals in squares, talks
                                                                                                                            in circles”

                              John Hackman, Cat 2                                       Larry Crane, Cat 4
                               “Getting dialed in.”                                       “..hmmmm...”

 Marco Fantonel, Cat 3                                       Stu Press, Cat 2                                           Mike Garrett, Cat 1
  “Let’s get it on!!!”                                    “Look pretty, race what-                                    “Train hard, eat plenty”

                                                                                      Kathleen Rameriz, Youth
                                                                                        “In the dust of defeat as
                                                                                      well as in the laurel of vic-
                                                                                      tory, there is much glory to
                               Sam Womack, Youth                                               be found.”
                             “Yeah, but does my hair
                                  look okay?”

 Chase Womack, Youth                                       Josh Womack, Youth                                            Joy Womack, Youth
 “You call this a hill?”                                    “Time to get up for                                       “My ballet teacher wants
                                                                 what?”                                                to kill me for racing...”

                Cascade Classic, Bend Oregon
Racing Photos   Top Left: Geoff Rapaport
                Top Middle: John Hackman
                Top Right: Mike Zagorski

                Glendale Criterium
                   photo by Bill Mock
                Above: Victor Ayala

                Redlands - Olympic Qualifier
                   photo by Bill Mock
                Middle Left: Geoff Rapaport
                Lower Left: Tony & Geoff

                       Photos by Bill Mock

                       San Diego Omnium
                       Top Left: Claudia Ribet
                       Top Right: David Keire
                       Bottom Right: Aron Gahdia

                       Redlands Wms Olympic Qualifier
                       Bottom Left

proudly sponsored by                                                            weekly rides
                                                                              Mon     Snooze ride: 6:30 a.m. blissfully under covers.
                                                                              Tues Marina ride: 6:30 a.m. at San Vicente at 26th.
                                                                                   27 fast, flat miles.
                                                                              Wed     Mandeville ride: 6:30 a.m. at San Vicente at
                                                                                      26th. 20 miles, hills and heartbreak.
                                                                              Thurs San Vicente/Hill ride: 6:30 a.m. at San
                                                                                    Vicente at 26th. 4 hilly, hellish laps.
                                                                              Fri     Friendly Friday ride: 6:30 a.m. at San
                                                                                      Vicente at 26th. 27 flat, recovery miles.
                                                                              Sun     Nichols Canyon Ride: 8:00 a.m. La Grange
                                                                                      & Westwood, to Mulholland and back. 27 miles
                                                                                      of serious hills. Coffee at PEET’S afterwards.

                                                                               VCLGW expects the following from participants on all rides:
                                                                                 • Helmets MUST be worn at all times.
                                                                                 • Courtesy to motorists, pedestrians and fellow cyclists.
                                                                                 • Observation of all traffic signals and laws.
                                                                                 • Safe riding at all times.
                                                                                 • Respect of the intended pace of the ride.
                                      La Voix is copied, folded, and mailed
                                      by the online services of the USPS.        • Respect of the guidance of the ride leader and/or
                                                                                   senior club member.

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