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					Aztech Expands Two-Way Radio Portfolio with the
PMR5000 Walkie-Talkie series
                                                   SINGAPORE & HONG KONG: 3rd Jan 2005.

                                                   Aztech Systems Ltd, a global leader in Data
                                                   and      Voice         Communications        products,
                                                   announced        the    availability   of   the   latest
                                                   PMR5000           Walkie-Talkie         series       for
                                                   professional users.

                                                   The latest series is designed with 38 sub-
                                                   channels “privacy codes”, technically known
                                                   as CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch
                                                   System).     This convenient feature grants
                                                   maximum privacy to users. Another key
                                                   feature is the VOX (Voice Activated) feature
                                                   that allows hands-free talking with a hands-
                                                   free kit.

The PMR5000 Walkie-Talkie series, solidly constructed, also offers superb sound clarity and a
communication range of up to 4.5km in open space. In addition, these radios come with an
audible ending tone when the transmission ends, a keypad lock to prevent settings from
accidentally being changed and a battery power indicator.

“We are proud to launch another walkie-talkie series after the success of the entry level
PMR3000R model. Since our launch of PMR3000R in early June last year, the model is currently
being sold in various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Italy, Denmark,
Sweden, UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil”, said Mr Mun, CEO of Aztech Systems
Ltd. “With the availability of this new high end PMR5000 series, we are able to provide a complete
range of walkie-talkies to the worldwide market that is looking for a cost effective and simple way
to communicate”.

The Aztech PMR5000 series can be purchased for use with four AAA alkaline batteries or with a
rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery with an optional desktop charger.
Key Features

Specifications                   Descriptions
Up to 4.5 kilometres range       Subject to terrain and batteries power
CTCSS (38 sub-channel            Privacy codes for uninterrupted communications
VOX (Voice Activation)           Hands-Free communication
Key Lock Function                Prevent settings from accidentally being changed
Auto Scan                        Allow you to scan channels (depending on number of channels
                                 allows in each respective countries) to locate conversations in
Auto Squelch Control             Automatically shuts off weak transmissions or unwanted noise
                                 due to terrain or range constraints.
Power Output                     0.5 Watt
Power Source                     4 x AAA alkaline or Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries
Charger Pod                      Drop-in charge capable with a desktop charger
Auto Power Save                  If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds, the unit will
                                 automatically switch to power save mode.

Available in Feb 2005. For more information on our latest 2-way radio communication device,
please consult our global sales team at

About Aztech Systems Ltd.

Established in 1986, Aztech Systems Ltd is a Singapore public listed company providing
Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services.
Headquarters in Singapore and with over 1,600 employees worldwide, Aztech operates two
electronic manufacturing plants and one plastic injection manufacturing plant in Dong Guan,
China. Aztech R&D centers are located in Singapore and Shen Zhen, China and four support
offices located in USA, Germany, Malaysia and Hong Kong. With strong design experience and
technology focus in Computer and Telecommunication industry, Aztech design and manufactures
DSL modems, Analog modems, Broadband Residential gateway, Wireless 802.11a/b/g, Power
Line modems, VoIP, SMS Colour DECT/WDCT Phones, Walkie Talkie and Multimedia products.

Press Contact:-
Lee Tin Fung
Tel: +65 68431205

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