Display Screen Assessment by ldd0229


									  Display Screen Equipment

          A Case Study

Caroline Morgan – 28th June 2005

                                    Morgan Consultancy
                           Providing for all your health & safety requirements
 Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment
       Assessment Regulations) 1992.
• Provide a Presentation on the correct seating
     How to adjust the chair to suit the individual.
     The distance expected between the desk and the pc
     The height of the pc to the seating position
     The desk space and how it is used
     Ascertain whether they are too tall so that they cannot sit
      comfortably, or whether they can reach the floor when in
      the correct seating position.
    Eye sight test procedure
                 Self Assessment

• Provide each person with a Self Assessment

  Ensure they have filled it out correctly

  Look to see if there are any issues
                   Risk Assessment

• Carry out a Personal Risk Assessment and a
  Pregnancy Workplace Risk Assessment if required
   Determine if the person requires any equipment e.g.

     Anti-glare screen

     Ergo Block
               Recording of Information

• Update the DSE Spreadsheet, recording date of:

     Self Assessment Questionnaire

     Personal Risk Assessment

     Any Recommendations
             Monitoring Equipment

• Enter issue date onto the spreadsheet for any
  equipment provision identified through the Personal
  Risk Assessment and Pregnancy Workplace Risk

• Obtain signatures when issuing equipment.

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