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Strategic Flow Chart - DOC by vay19362


									      Scottsdale Community College
      Strategic Plan
                                                                 Strategic Plan Committee Organizational Chart
                                                                                        Strategic Plan Committee Members
                                                                          Strategic Plan Committee Chair (appointed by the President)
                                                                          Faculty Senate President
                                                                          Faculty Senate President-Elect
                                                                          Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee)
                                                                          Vice President Academic Affairs
                                                                          Goal Champions
                                                                          Representative from Information Technology
                                                                          Vice President of Administrative Services
                                                                          4 Faculty Representatives (1-Division Chairperson, 1-Ocotillo
                                                                          Committee Representative, 1-Assessment Committee)
                                                                          Representative, 1-Selected at large by Faculty Senate President)

Goal 1: Maximizing Access       Goal 2: Enhancing Learning          Goal 3: Enhancing Collaboration           Goal 4: Pursuing Revenue       Goal 5: Recruit, Develop,       Goal 6: Maintaining a Strong
                                Environments and Delivery           and Increasing Partnerships               Sources and Promoting          and Retain a Quality Diverse    Identity
                                Options                                                                       Cost Effectiveness             Workforce
  Champions: Yira Brimage          Champion: Daniel Corr               Champions: Dean Hermanson               Champion: Art DeCabooter      Champion: Michael Little Crow      Champion: Ginny Stahl

  Denise Kronsteiner                 Daniel Corr, Pat Medeiros       Rosanne Yniguez                             Art DeCabooter               Michael Little Crow             Denise Kronsteiner

  Osaro Ighodaro                     Daniel Corr, Division           Chris Burrows                               Carl Couch                   Donna Gaudet                    Becky Bradley

  Patti McNeil, Zhara Dean           Daniel Corr, Osaro              Nellie Nelson                                                                                            Ana Cuddington

  Yira Brimage, Patti McNeil         Faculty Development             Paul Langworthy                                                                                          Roger McKinney

  Dee Shipley                        Laurie Cohen                    Daniel Corr

                                     Therese Tendick
  Robert Bienkowski                                                  Larry Williams

                                     Sidne Tate

  Service Learning                                                   Therese Tendick
  Department                         Pat Medeiros

                                     Jared Aragona

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