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email assignment — sample communications strategy
Name                         Whoever you are
Organization and group

Big Goal/End Result
What is your big, overarching goal?
  Build the capacity of my constituents by providing DASH project services (e.g., professional development, technical
(AP) Audience?
           Who are you talking to? Name them and give a demographic description.
            A group of your constituents. Choose between SHA/LHAs, SEA/LEAs or CBOs. You will need to decide who,
            exactly, to target with your message. Pick a type of organization and title, based on the “ask” and “role of
(RC)       Role of Communications
           What are you trying to accomplish with communications (that will support reaching your end result)
               Promote a great sustainability opportunity, strengthen relationships and/or recruit partners for a collaboration.

(AP)       Key Audience Insight
           Based on your audience profile, what is the most important audience insight you need to address with your communication?

               We don’t have the time or resources for another collaboration.

Message                                                               Proof
What are you going to say?                                            Does information proves or supports your message? Provide three
(B)        Benefit/Belief:                                            points.

              Free resources; Turn key funding                        1. Program facts/offer
(C)        Category:
                                                                      2. Eligibility
                                                                      3. Process
(S)        Specific:

                 Your health focus/issue

(A)        Ask                                                        (T&M) Tone & Manner
           What do you want them to do?                                           Three adjectives

                 Consider this offer; work with us..                                   opportunistic

                                                                                                                                         Glynis Shea
                                                                                           konopka institute for best practices in adolescent health
                                                                                           healthy youth development • prevention research center