Biohazard Waste Flow Chart - PDF by eax12110


									                           Guidelines for the Disposal of Biohazardous

                NOT A HUMAN PATHOGEN                           HUMAN PATHOGENS
                Cell Culture, Not Human                        Human Cell Culture
                Recombinant DNA                                Gene Therapy Vectors
                (Biotechnology)                                (Risk Groups 2 & 3 Recombinant DNA)
                (Risk Group 1 Recombinant                      All Pathogens – Risk Groups 2 & 3
                DNA)                                           Agents
                Risk Groups 1 Agents                           Fluid Blood - Human

           SHARPS             SOLIDS               LIQUIDS              SOLIDS               SHARPS

                      Autoclave Bag                              Autoclave Bag
                      NOT Red in Color                           Red in Color
                      NO Biohazard Symbol                        Biohazard Symbol
                      NO Biohazard Wording                       Biohazard Wording

  Sharps Container                           Decontaminate with                         Sharps Container
  NOT Cardboard                              Bleach to a Final                          NOT Cardboard
  NO Biohazard Symbol                        Concentration of 10%                       Has Biohazard Symbol
  NO Biohazard Wording                       (or use Other                              Has Biohazard Wording

                           (If Possible)

Close Sharps            Discard in Regular      Drain Disposal with    Discard in              Close Sharps
Container and                 Trash             Copious Amounts        Designated              Container and
Complete                                        of Water               Biohazard Waste         Complete
Hazardous Waste                                                        Container for EH&S      Hazardous Waste
Tag                                                                    to Pick Up (x6727)      Tag

   Biohazard Bag Containers
       •    Red biohazard bags in use must be kept inside rigid, leak-resistant containers. The
            container must have a lid that fits.
       •    The container may be of any color.
       •    The container must be labeled, “Biohazardous Waste” or with the word “BIOHAZARD” and
            international biohazard symbol on the lid and the sides so that the label is visible from any
            lateral direction.

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