Yacht Charter Vacations on the Caribbean and Mediterranean

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                             Yacht Charter Vacations on the Caribbean and Mediterranean
                                                            By Rumble Romagnoli

   Both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are major luxury yacht charter and yachting centres,
both offer an incredible amount of world class luxury yacht facilities and a true chance for some
exceptional time spent sailing. Both areas are also renowned as exceptional places in which to moor a
luxury yacht, due to the fact they are major luxury yacht vacation areas in their own right, making them
an ideal place to keep your luxury sailing yacht, luxury motor yacht or luxury mega yacht, which ever
takes your fancy!

 If you choose to moor your luxury charter yachts in such a place, you may decide you can use it more
frequently than had it been moored in a less accessible place. By using the services of say, a
Mediterranean yacht management company you can be assured that your luxury motor yacht will be
maintained and kept ready for you to use at a moment’s notice. Yacht management makes good
sense, why worry about your luxury sailing yacht while you away from it? Let somebody else take care
of it.

 Of course, if you plan your luxury yacht vacations at the last minute, you may find yourself short on a
charter yacht crew. You could use a crew placement service to find your luxury yacht crew for you.
These kinds of services are also useful for professional sailors, enabling them to find yacht crew jobs.
The better agencies will also help sailors with their career progression by supplying yacht crew training.
Professional sailors can approach one of the many yacht crew agents to look for work.

 If you have been learning to sail, you may be approaching a time when you are beginning to consider
luxury yacht ownership. If you are visiting the Mediterranean or Caribbean why not spare some tie to
visit one of the many exclusive yacht brokers South of France, luxury yacht brokers French Riviera or
one of the luxury yacht brokers Caribbean or luxury yacht brokers Mediterranean. If you have a
particular yacht manufacturer in mind, such as Mangusta motor yachts, then there are specialist
Mangusta yacht brokers on hand that deal with Mangusta yacht sales.

 Whatever your preference in yachting, be it luxury mega yachts, luxury motor yachts, luxury super
yachts or luxury sailing yachts, the facilities to be found in both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean
have made them both world leading sailing areas, popular with everyone from the novice sailor to
owners of multi-million dollar luxury charter yachts. Caribbean yacht charters have always been a
particularly good way of finding out if luxury yacht ownership suits you, just hire a yacht for a week or

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

two, and take to the water. You can learn about yacht maintenance, boat maintenance and basic
sailing before visiting one of the luxury yacht brokers to discuss your purchase requirements. It is
important that you understand the level of commitment involved in owning a luxury motor yacht and
exclusive yacht ownership before you go ahead and buy one!

 Maybe you would prefer to own a luxury motor yacht, if so you should visit one of the excellent motor
yacht brokers that deal solely with motor yacht sales in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Or why not
try a motor yacht charter or luxury yacht charter first to see if you enjoy it? Then go ahead and
purchase your luxury motor yacht once you are sure it is for you.

Blue Water Yachting is an exclusive yacht charter company specialising in luxury yacht charter in the South of France. Whether you are
interested in a Mediterranean yacht charter, Caribbean crewed yacht charter or a South of France luxury yacht charter, we always provide a first class service.

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                                                        Caribbean Yacht Charters
                                                          By Rumble Romagnoli

Spending time with loved ones and or friends on a vacation in a private chartered yacht is the ultimate
life-time experience which most of us might dream to have but very few lucky ones actually get to have
that experience. This is because of the cost involved in hiring private chartered yacht is relatively much
higher than other travel plans. But when it comes to the pleasure and the experience, cost becomes

 There are quite a number of ways to enjoy a vacation at a place away from the home and not
disturbed by the day-to-day routines. One may choose an air-trip or a cruise in a ship for an exotic
location to have a vacation. But the experience and fulfillment one can derive from hiring a private
charter yacht and enjoying the holiday experience is the ultimate one.

 There are a number of exotic locations across the world where travel vacations can be spent on
private chartered yachts. Some of such exotic locations include the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
islands, Islands in Bahamas, Turkey, Croatia, South of France and Mediterranean region.

 The Caribbean islands in the Atlantic Ocean offer the best of life experience for travelers on a private
chartered yacht. A Caribbean yacht charter is a perfect one to choose among the yacht charters simply
for the reason that the climate is excellent, and the water is just ideal for activities such as swimming,
sailing and diving.

 Yachts charter is one of the thriving businesses in the Caribbean islands with more than 1,000 motor
yachts as well as sailboats are being offered for plying on the seas on a charter basis. Most of these
charter yachts are hired for a week-long period. In addition to the small group of private friends and
family members, the charter yacht will have a crew not only for operating the vessel but also for
cooking and serving meals for the members on the vacation.

 The only thing the members of the yacht charter need to do after hiring the yacht charter is to just
enjoy the exotic ride and the breathtaking natural beauty that is on offer. In order to have a life-time
experience, one should plan the vacation well in advance, possibly 3 months or 6 months ahead of the
trip to avoid any disappointment. An experienced broker must be in a position to guide you through the
travel plan to make the trip a memorable one. Not just booking of the Caribbean yacht charter, but
even the food you prefer to have while on sea, the beverages, wine, snacks and or other special foods
can be organized and kept stored in refrigerators at the time of traveling, just to make the yacht charter
more enjoyable.

 The ideal time for planning a Caribbean yacht charter is the month of February when the sea will be
calm and the climate just perfect for sailing. In addition to yacht charter, Caribbean boat charter and
Caribbean catamaran charter are also available for hiring, which can also be considered for making the
exotic voyage more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Dolmen Yachts specialise in yacht charters in the Caribbean. Ask your captain about BVI yacht
charter, Grenadines yacht charter, Tahiti yacht charter and caribbean catamaran charters.

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