Yacht Charter Croatia Tips and Advice by toriola1


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                              Yacht Charter Croatia Tips and Advice
                                                                 By Jam Group

   Yacht charter is becoming a more and more popular vacation option for thousands of guests
spending their summer vacation in Croatia on chartered yachts and sailboats. The competition
between charter providers grows simultaneously to the growth of the number of guests chartering
yachts in Croatia. The growth of the number of guests has led to improvement of the charter offer and
the offer of the services that accompany the yacht charter business in Croatia.

When you travel for a charter vacation in Croatia, let me recommend leaving your car at home. Driving
the whole day from your home to charter marina can be pretty exhausting, especially in the summer
season. And once you arrive to the marina, you still have to do the groceries shopping and the yacht
check-in -which requires you to remain concentrated, while you are on your first day of vacation this is
pretty hectic. Should you decide to travel with your own car, than you have to add the parking fee to
your expenses, depending on how long you will be on the yacht, you will have to pay for the parking for
one or two weeks. Your best option would be to travel to Croatia by plane or train, and use a taxi
transfer from the airport that you land at, to the marina where you will board the yacht. Now you can
book and pay for your transfer to and from the marina in advance with Jam Transfer. Not only will you
not have to worry about it, but also you will know in advance how much the transfer will cost you so
you can plan your expenses.

Once arrived at the marina where your charter boat is located, you must follow the check-in procedure.
As a part of this procedure, you will in most cases be obliged to leave the security deposit to your
charter agency. Security deposit is a fixed fee from which the charter agency covers any damages
made to the yacht while in charter. The check-over of the yacht is the essential part of your check-in
procedure. This is when you take over the yacht and go with the charter agency representative through
entire yacht equipment. You will be given the check-in list with the yacht's inventory listed in details. I
would suggest you take detailed notes on your copy of the check list. For instance, if you notice that
the saloon table is broken, you should definitely inform the charter agent about it right away and write a
note on your check list. At the end of the check-in process ask the charter representative to sign your
copy of the inventory list. Why is this important? At the end of your charter vacation you will do the
yacht check out. It could happen that the check-out will be done by another agency employee, and not
the one who did the check-in with you. And this person may hold you responsible for the damage and
may be forced to inform you that the charter agency will cover the damage from your charter deposit
amount. In this case you will have your signed copy of the inventory list done at the yacht take-over to

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prove that you're not responsible for the damage.

After this, the last thing left to do before you leave the marina is the shopping for your charter vacation.
Do not neglect this step. The sea being unpredictable and the marinas having the limited number of
moorings, the last thing you want is to have to spend the day on anchorage with an empty fridge. It is
pretty exhausting experience having to do the groceries for your charter vacation after a long, several
hours journey towards your embarkation point. Especially if you know that you will probably have to do
it by foot, under the burning Mediterranean sun. It is much easier to go to the store to do the shopping,
than to return it with all the bags. Therefore it would definitely be wise to take advantage of the latest
service introduced in the Croatian nautical offer, which is yacht provisioning. Today you can do all the
shopping online, months in advance of your charter vacation, through online provisioning catalog. Jam
Yacht Supply for instance has an online catalog with a wide selection of first class products, and what
is even better provide a free delivery to your chartered yacht.

To experience the best possible, completely worry free charter vacation in Croatia use Jam Transfer
taxi service to transfer yourself to your charter marina. You can also skip all unnecessary shopping
waisting your time before embarkation. Use Jam Yacht Supply online provisioning catalog and order
everything you need for your vacation right now, from the comfort of your home.

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                                                           How To Enjoy Croatia
                                                             By Neven Grubisic

How To Enjoy Croatia
 by: Neven Grubisic

1. Why Croatia ?

Croatia is the closest Mediterranean destination to central Europe. It takes 2 hours by plane from
London, 45 minutes from Munchen... Croatian natural beauties are significant and amongst the best
preserved in the world ( over 5,800 km of coast, over 1,000 islands, numerous national parks ... ). More
about Croatia find on the official web site www.croatia.hr

2. How to Croatia ?

Traveling by car you have to keep in mind that the traffic is increased in summer season. National ferry
line is Jadrolinija and the national airline company is Croatia Airlines

3. Where in Croatia ?

Although the inland of Croatia is beautiful as well, lot of tourists decide for one of the places along the
Croatian coast. Most of the beautiful places in Croatia are located on the Adriatic sea coast ( National
Park Brijuni islands, Roman arena in Pula, National Park Kornati islands, old towns Dubrovnik, Zadar,
Trogir, Sibenik, Split, National Park island Mljet ... ). Having one day trip in inland you can visit more
Croatian beauties like National Park Plitvice lakes, National Park on river Krka, National Park
Paklenica, ... )

4. Stay (sail) in Croatia ?

Usually tourists rent a hotel room or an apartment and spend a week laying on a beach not aware that
there are plenty other places around worth to be visited. Instead of changing hotels and moving your
stuff from one place to another trying to see as much as possible , you can rent a boat ( skipper if
necessary ), visit all the places along the Croatian coast and islands and have an extraordinary
holidays. Croatian coast has 1000 of islands so there are no big waves and high sea. The conditons
are perfect for nice and easy sailing. There are no long distance routes across the open sea. You can
achor anytime you want and take a swimm. The price for sailing holidays in Croatia is equal to price for
a hotel accomodation. More about yacht charter in Croatia find on web site www.Yacht-Rent.com ( or
www.star.hr ). There you can find a complete yacht charter offer in Croatia: more than 1500 charter
yachts belonging to all relevant charter companies in Croatia ( having at least 10 to 100 boats in their
fleet). You can compare the prices for different boat models and select the most appropriate one.

To answer the question how to enjoy in Croatia - sail in Croatia!

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