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                                        Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts
                                                  By John Slater

   When people think of Wisconsin they can’t help but to automatically think about cheese as we all
know that Wisconsin is famous for that. But Wisconsin isn’t just famous for their delectable cheeses by
any means. Wisconsin is full of rich history, diverse wildlife, natural wonders, and a wide variety of
culture as well. A visit to Wisconsin anytime of the year will bring memories that will last a lifetime. Very
few states will you find the abundance of year-round activities that the state of Wisconsin can offer you.
Here visitors can enjoy everything from camping to hiking to skiing to dog sledding, and don’t forget the
world class steelhead fishing. Wisconsin is the place to come to if you want to sit back and relax or if
you want to try your hand at something new and exciting.

 One of the great cultural areas of the state of Wisconsin that brings visitors from all over is the states
many artistic venues. Wisconsin is home to numerous art museums and galleries including the
renowned Racine Art Museum located in Racine, Wisconsin, and the Northwoods Children’s Museum
in Eagle River. Wisconsin is also home to some of the most spectacular architecture in the country.
Here you will find a stunning and historical example of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright in his Taliesin
property designed by him nearly 100 years ago and located near Spring Green, Wisconsin. The
exciting state of Wisconsin is also home to one of the oldest theaters to continuously operate, the
fourth to be exact, as well as an Opera House dating back to the 1920’s. But the rich history in
Wisconsin doesn’t end with century old architecture and theaters; here you will also find the richest
Native American culture east of the Mississippi River. Eleven individual tribes call Wisconsin home,
making possible a remarkable look into Native American history. From museums to century old
structures to performing arts and history, you can be sure that you will find something in Wisconsin to
satisfy the craving for culture.

 Wisconsin is also home to some of the best outdoor activities as well. Accommodations can be found
that are suitable for any season and exciting outdoor activities abound year-round. The state of
Wisconsin boasts an amazing 95 state parks and a total of 32 that stay open through the winter
months. With the opportunity to tour such gems as the Big Bay and Pattison State Parks you would
automatically assume that summer time would be the time to visit Wisconsin but do not underestimate
the beauty of the state during the winter months. Here you will find an array of cabin properties where
visitors can cozy up next to the warmth of a fire after a long day of winter activities. Visitors even have
the opportunity to rent a cabin designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Go skiing or snow shoeing or try out
something new like skijoring (a cross between dog sledding and cross-country skiing). Whatever it is

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you decide to do while you’re in Wisconsin your sure to bring home memories that will last a lifetime.

John Slater is the head travel writer for the bed and breakfast site. Read some of his articles at
tates&task=businesscities&sid=24&cid=6. For more articles visit

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             Cheap Bed And Breakfasts In Amsterdam: Your Home Away From Home
                                           By Landon Colins

 There are a hundred and one reasons Amsterdam is a city like no other. What makes Amsterdam
special? It's the city's rich culture and heritage. Its the high quality of life and commercial dynamism.
It's in Amsterdam's unique blend of cosmopolitan culture and old-world charm. Most of all, it's in the
people. These factors, and more, make Amsterdam one of the most popular European destinations.
What better way to experience the city's beauty and cultural attractions than by staying in cheap bed
and breakfasts in Amsterdam?

Bed and Breakfasts in Amsterdam More comfortable than hostels and backpacker accommodations
but considerably cheaper than full service hotels, cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam are usually
exceptionally nice places to stay in. Cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam are often remodeled old
homes and mansions, painstakingly restored to represent the way they were originally built. These
affordable accommodations give you a sense of going back in time, while giving you a glimpse of all
that the city has to offer.

What's In A Name As the name promises, cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam give you exactly
that - a bed and a breakfast. Cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam provide clean and comfortable
rooms for you to stay in, usually complete with an en suite bathroom.

Breakfast varies and is usually included in the room rate, depending on your host. Some cheap bed
and breakfasts in Amsterdam provide full meals of eggs, meat, pancakes, freshly squeezed juices, and
coffee. Others provide much lighter meals. Still, there are some cheap bed and breakfasts in
Amsterdam that may require you to pay extra for breakfast.

What To Expect Cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam are perfect for the gourmet traveler on a
budget. When staying in a bed and breakfast, you can guarantee that all your senses are pampered,
from the moment you arrive to the time you leave.

On arrival, it is possible to find a glass of champagne or a platter of fruit and cheese in your room.
Many cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam will provide baskets with goodies to pamper your weary
travel-worn body with such treats as scented candles, soap, shower and bath gel, and specially
formulated shampoo. Some go the extra mile if providing you with the best quality bed sheets,
blankets, and duvets and pillows as soft as clouds.

Most cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam give you access to your own bathroom, too, and often,
these are equipped with showers and bathtubs. Smaller bed and breakfasts may provide shared
bathrooms. Do not fret, however, because hosts go through great lengths to keep shared bathrooms

Lodging in a bed and breakfast can often give you the feeling you're staying at a five-star hotel sans
the hefty price tag. In essence, staying in a bed and breakfast is living in somebody else's house in
style. Hosts of cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam have opened up their homes to strangers like
you, with the idea of making their home your home away from home.

Looking for cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam (

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http://www.nationalhotels.co.uk/search.php?cid=0&stype=exact&q=amsterdam )? Our site
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