Why Jet Charter is Smarter to Travel With Pets This Holiday Season!

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                        Why Jet Charter is Smarter to Travel With Pets This Holiday Season!
                                                              By Kelly Alvarez Mace knows all too well that traveling by air with pets can be a serious challenge in today's
world of commercial aviation. In fact, the Humane Society of the United States recommends that you
DO NOT transport your pet by commercial air unless absolutely necessary! That is a very serious
statement for pet lovers to take in, as so many need and want to travel with their pets over the

 Why is there such serious concern? There are a myriad of reasons, which include the sad fact that
there are countless documented incidents of beloved pets suffering through commercial air flights,
getting sick, dehydrated, accidentally injured, even some otherwise healthy animals not even surviving
the flight. wants travelers to know that is an alternative to flying commercial with your beloved pets.
Jet charter is smarter when it comes to air travel with our four-legged friends! Here are just FOUR
simple reasons that the small monetary investment in flying charter pays a huge dividend in your pet's
health, happiness and safety, and your peace of mind.

 1. Often, when you fly charter, you can travel with your pet in your arms or at your side on the jet.
There are pet-friendly aircraft and charter companies located on the directory, and you can
find a jet that will meet your travel needs easily and conveniently. You need not be separated from your
pet for a single moment, and never have to worry about your pet even being allowed on board, loaded
into the cargo hold, getting lost or delayed if you have connecting flights, or your flight is cancelled.

 2. You may need to worry about pet carriers, if one comfortable for your pet, and approved by the
airlines. If you fly commercial, and your pet is small enough, you may be allowed to bring them on
board with an additional fee, depending upon the commercial airlines rules. However, they are not
allowed out of the carrier, and there are anecdotal instances of travelers arriving with small pets to
carry on and being denied as commercial airlines have limitations on the number of carry on pets they
allow per flight! If you are allowed to carry on your pet, pets can become quite agitated in such
confined surroundings, and without being able to comfort them, it can be nerve-wracking for you!

3. Furthermore, larger pets of a certain size may have to be checked into the cargo hold, which may or
may not be climate-controlled. With cold weather upon us, this could be dangerous, if not

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life-threatening, for a pet to be confined in a carrier in a icy cold cargo hold. Even if you are traveling to
a warm weather destination, the same caution is issued: that cargo hold can easily become
excessively and dangerously hot. Your pet is stuck without food, water, or any "creature comforts",
while you have to worry about any flight delays due to adverse winter weather conditions. The bottom
line: the commercial airlines technically consider your pet to be checked luggage. A jet charter
company considers your pet to be a client.

 4. You can ensure that your pet stays comfortable, content, fed and hydrated. Some jet charter
companies offer their clients traveling with pets special treats, toys and other little travel luxuries. Even
some FBOs have pet-friendly accommodations for your waiting period prior to or after your flight. Give
yourself the special Holiday gift of knowing that your furry friend is safely traveling in your arms or by
your side AND being pampered in the manner they deserve! wishes you wonderful travels this Holiday Season with your beloved pets! Visit
today to find a pet-friendly jet and join the "Pet Jet Set"! Follow the Blog for more
information on specific pet-friendly jet charter companies, tips for traveling with your pets and reviews
and links for great pet travel supplies! is an innovative, online directory for travelers to find pet-friendly aircraft and travel
accomodations. The directory can be found at, and the
company blog is at Log on and join the "Pet Jet Set" today!

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                                      Fly With Style Private Business Jet Charter flight
                                                                By Imad Johmani

know that Private business jet jet charter flight is on the rise to give you the chance to fly your
destination in less time and money?

If you are looking for a flight which land you earlier as expected without much delay. There are several
options for you to choose, and one of that is riding on a private business jet charter available in the

What advantage would a person have if he choose to ride by private business jet charter flights Are
you tired of waiting in long line just to book your travel on a commercial flight? Don’t you than in a
normal commercial flight is that First it saves your time and less stress and delay. Seldom you could
hear that trips are cancelled for it is always open for business and always ready to fly.

Customer service in a Private Jet Charter flights are always comfortable for everyone. There are
menus available just made for you. There are nice films that makes your flight enjoyable as well, as
you go toward your destination. There is enough space for your legs to move, less crowd.

What do you have to do to get a charter business jet flight, is you can just go to the airport, board on
and there you go. There are even business flights where you can place your call for a trip without much

There is still one thing more important using business charter jet flight and that is privacy. You may
travel alone, or together bring your family which make your travel full of comfort. You may have do
some business planning aboard if you may want to coz you are not in a crowd as in a commercial
airline flight.

More business people nowadays opt to travel on business trips using charter business jet charter
flights. Also, celebrities and known personalities as well. But how much do it really cost to experience
such a wonderful, comfortable experience of flying? Is it expensive? Not at all.

Most private business jet charter flights could accommodate as twenty. Going thru private business jet
charter flights not only saves time, but also money especially if you are travelling in groups. If you
divide the total cost for several people. It would be less amount of money you pay for a normal
commercial flight.

If you wanted to reach your destination without much hassle, overcrowding, and etc. The best option
you might have is to go by Private business jet charter flights which is now available in your area. It
does not only give you a sense of privacy and comfort, but also less stress for your business travel.

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