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                                                                Panama Travel Tips
                                                                 By Laurie Cooper

  When you think of having a great holiday vacation with friends or your family, Panama should
definitely be part of your list. This amazing nation within the American continent has everything you will
ever need to make a holiday vacation memorable and a whole lot of fun. From nature trekking to
snorkeling, from fun shopping to enjoyable swimming, from relaxing bird watching to endless dancing,
more and more activities await every new and returning tourist at the wonderful place of Panama. For a
more enjoyable stay at Panama, travel tips such as the one below should be a great help.

 ∗ Although finding dependable hotels in Panama City should be no problem, one of the
Panama travel tips says it is still advisable to pick one where you can have easy access to almost
anything within the hotel itself. There are those with coin-up laundry rooms and with self-services. This
should be helpful for you when regular laundry shops are closed or when you need something
delivered right at your doorstep right away.

 ∗ Keep your nickels. Public buses in Panama will demand payment in nothing but nickels only.
You will also find them handy after paying for the bus ticket and you pass through the turnstile where
nickel payments are greatly appreciated.

 ∗ One of the most useful Panama travel tips that you should keep in mind is this one about
getting on their taxis:

 o Before getting in, try to agree with the taxi driver on the fare beforehand. Anywhere within the city
should cost you no more than the regular $3.

 o Panama cabdrivers will be okay even if you don’t tip them so don’t feel guilty if you don’t and don’t
try to give too much if you do.

 o Taxis in Panama are not equipped with seatbelts. If you want one then ask for your hotel to get you
a taxi with seatbelts but know that they will usually cost a dollar or more.

 ∗ Learn a little Spanish when you plan to go to Panama. Although if you wish to experience
Panama as a real tourist without being able to communicate with the townsfolk, then English would be
fine. Considered on of the most useful or the Panama travel tips, learning a little Spanish would not
only useful in bargaining during your shopping spree, it is likewise considered polite when you know

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

how to say thank you and please in the local language.

 ∗ Donning on a shirt and a pair of jeans will keep you looking like a local Panamanian. Going
around in shorts plus a camera will definitely make you stand out in a crowd and be easily recognized
as a tourist. Try to pick up a few guayaberas or embroidered shirts and you’ll feel comfortable
throughout the day.

 ∗ When it comes to eating, heed one of those Panama travel tips: As per the unilateral
conservation program of Kuna Yala, no lobster, octopus, crab, or any other shellfish shall be sold and
bought. Having fish for this short period of time is not bad after all.

Keep these Panama travel tips in mind, and you never know how useful they’ll get when you’re there.

Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate. For more
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                                    How to Get the Panama Vacation That You Want
                                                             By Laurie Cooper

So you’ve heard that Panama is a good place for relaxation and adventure at the same time. Not to
mention that most of your retired friends are considering relocating to Panama. As you think of taking a
vacation to Panama, there are choices laid before you to make the Panama vacation fun, convenient,
relaxing and memorable.

 You have the option to course through a travel agency or through your own means. When you
consider Panama vacation through travel agency, you will most likely have a packaged deal and your
itineraries will be arranged by the agency. Most travel agencies in Panama accommodates customized
package that suits your schedule and budget. The packaged vacation is usually tailored to make your
Panama vacation interesting and amusing. Travel agencies can expose you to the adventurous side of
Panama, culture, tourist’s spots, festivities, entertainment, and places to hang out. The packaged
Panama vacation may include hotel accommodation, transportations, and tours. The advantages of
passing through a travel agency for your Panama vacation are: you get lesser headaches in planning
for your trip. All you need to plan is the budget. Then the travel agency will be the one to do the
planning on your hotel accommodation, transportations and rental needs and itinerary for tours in
Panama. Because it’s all up to the travel agencies, all you feel is comfort and excitement. They can
accommodate you from fetching in the airport to the transport back. This will save you time as all
itineraries are planned and fit according to their expertise in time travel and activity. In most cases,
when you think you want to add itineraries that were referred to you but is not included in the package,
you can make certain arrangements for free time to go there.

 On the other hand, you can choose to take your Panama vacation in your own accord and planning.
There is no harm in planning your Panama vacation if you have previously visited the place and know
the places to go. Also, this could be preferred if you have a companion that knows Panama and can
personally guide you to places that amusing and interesting. If your Panama vacation is by your own
planning, you can tailor it to your personal schedules and preference. Unlike when you are under
packaged vacation which has rigid schedule, you control your own time. If you know where to contact
for accommodation, transportation and rentals, then it would not be hard for you if you plan it yourself.
The same thing will happen if you have a friend or relative who already knows Panama and he will be
the one to give you references for all your needs in your Panama vacation. You may even have the
chance to save more money when you simply plan out your own vacation in Panama.

 In either way, the good thing about Panama is that it has a lot of vacation spots and activities to offer.
The people are also hospitable and accommodating enough to guide you on the places to go. The
language in Panama is Spanish but most of Panama knows how to speak English so it is not actually
hard for you to relate and communicate in Panama.

Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate. For more
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