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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Vacation in Paris, France is always an interesting experience. Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing,
      with no worries about anything extra. Vacations are enshrined in law. The wonderful places to visit in Paris
                                            leave an unforgettable memory
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                                 Pad-A-Terre Paris Apartments for your Paris Vacation
                                                               By Mike Smith

   Once settled into our Paris vacation rentals, prepare to begin your Paris vacation! Everyone in Paris
gets picked up in front of Paris vacation apartments, better still request that Paris based 4 Roues Sous
1 Parapluie meet you at the Palais Garnier opera house. They shuttle you round Paris in a
chauffeur-driven convertible 2CV. In the event of rain, take metro lines 7 and 9 (near many of our
apartments in Paris) to arrive at Mirosmenil for the Musée Jacquemart André. The museums audio
guide tells the story of how Nélie Jacquemart met banker Edouard André when she was painting his
portrait. Otherwise refer to our Paris apartments guide for an abridged version. They married not far
from a couple of our Paris apartment rentals and travelled the world collecting art, now stored in their
very romantic ‘private museum’. After your visit museum, head back to our Paris apartments or treat
yourselves to tea and cakes under a Tieopolo ceiling in the café. You could always opt for taking one
back to our apartments in Paris.

Time for a drink. Take the bus from St Philippe du Roule station (near our Garnier Paris rentals) to the
Arc de Triomphe. In Summer, take the lift to the 7th floor of the Hôtel Raphael to enjoy martinis with a
view of the setting. Our Paris vacation apartments are only a short cab ride away. The showstopper is
the vertical garden in the inner courtyard overflowing with hundreds of exotic plants and flowers.

Leaving this glamorous worlds behind, direction of your Paris vacation apartments, stroll down to the
river and jump on a Bateau Bus (river boat) at Pont d’Alma. The boats run every half an hour – the ride
is magnificent, taking in some of Paris major sights – the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay to name just a few.
You will also sail past a number of our Paris apartment rentals. Jump off at Hôtel de Ville and stroll into
the Marais for dinner. The 'Marais' is today amongst Paris' most characteristic neighbourhoods.
Chances are you’re staying here in one of our Paris vacation rentals. It is thriving, trendy and a delight
to explore and on the door stop of our favourite Paris apartment rentals. It's medieval lanes are home
to impressive mansions, museums, up-and-coming artists' galleries, Paris apartments and designers'
showrooms. That said, the area is artistic rather than touristy and has been christened the latest refuge
for the Paris artisan fleeing the tourist-trampled St-Germain-des-Pres, location of some of our other
apartments in Paris. No surprises then that some of the city’s most authentic bistrots, brasseries, cafés
and street markets are to be found here. There are so many restaurants to recommend in the area.
These are detailed in your Paris apartment rentals guide. One of our favorites is Georget, adjacent to
our Marais Paris vacation rentals. The family is called Georget but the restaurant is also known as
Robert et Louise, the anachronism giving you some clue for the charm that awaits. This comes highly

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

recommended during your vacation in Paris. All of our Paris vacation rentals are in or near the Marais,
so from here it’s a gentle stroll home.

We look forward to welcoming you on your Paris vacation to one of our Paris vacation apartments.

Paris Vacation Apartment Rentals - Pad-a-Terre offers Paris vacation apartment rentals including
Thanksgiving vacation special deals & packages.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                 Holiday Apartments Paris, Vacation Apartment in Paris From Pad-A-Terre
                                                                  By James B

When not in one of our vacation apartments in Paris, luxury apartments Paris or ensconcing
yourselves on one of the ubiquitous London-style red double-deckers (not recommended at Pad à
Terre apartment rentals Paris), the best way to familiarise yourselves with Paris whilst at one of our
luxury apartment Paris locations is to follow a walking-tour. There’s a bit of ‘romantic’ twist – the perfect
complement to your stay in one of our Paris vacation apartments. We’ve added transport links (if you
insist) but suggest that walking the distance from your short term rental Paris apartment is preferable.

 Early morning, leave one of our Paris holiday apartments. Start at Trocadéro for a view of the Eiffel
Tower, close to many of our apartment rentals in Paris. Regardless of which of our Paris luxury
apartments you’re in, you’ll never be far away. Then visit the Musée Rodin. From your Paris apartment
rental, you can skip down the steps, back towards our apartment rental Paris office and through the
Champ de Mars. Once there, walk through the gardens to the Jardin de Varenne café nearby our
‘Cherche-Midi’ Paris luxury apartment, a perfect spot for breakfast, complete with birdsong. That is if
you did not already tuck into a croissant in your Paris short term rental apartment.

 Hop on the no. 82 bus, on boulevard des Invalides which takes you all the way to the Jardin de
Luxembourg, nearby our short term apartments Paris. Get off at the Guynemer Vavin near all of our
vacation apartments in Paris. Stop and wander through the Italianate park in search of the Medici
Fountain, a favourite lovers’ trysting spot. From here you can walk back to most of our holiday
apartments in Paris.

 In St-Germain-des-Prés, where a couple of our luxury holiday apartment in Paris units are situated,
check out St-Sulpice church, a scene of tragic passion in the novel Manon Lescaut, have a coffee in
the Café de Flore (172 bd St-Germain) where intellectual bigwigs Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de
Beauvoir once met. Take rue Bonaparte towards the Seine and our Marais Paris apartment rentals.
Look into the Ecole des Beaux-Arts to sigh amid the remains of classical statuary massed here during
the Revolution (this is not strictly allowed, but if you don’t look like obvious tourists, you can walk in).
Before heading back to your apartment rental Paris, you might want to pop into the Bon Marché to buy
fab goodies from around the world. To savour of course whilst back in your holiday flats in Paris.

 We hope you enjoy your holiday apartment Paris experience. Contact Pad-a-Terre, vacation
apartments Paris for rental of a luxury holiday apartment in Paris or luxury Paris vacation apartment.
Pad-A-Terre is a Paris-based, British-run family business. We offer furnished Paris apartment rentals
for those travellers amongst you who are either already passionate about Paris or are eager to really
‘discover’ the city. Our mission statement is to offer apartment rentals in Paris that provide very
comfortable and central accommodation that offers excellent value for money for both large and small
groups against good 4-star hotels.

If you would like to enjoy your vacation, feel relaxed and comfortable then contact Pad-a-Terre to book
a short-term vacation apartment in Paris or visit

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