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    Luggage is preferred is because its use makes getting through the airports easier. The ease of mobility with
    wheeled luggage is another reason for its preferred use. Now, all manufacturers put wheels on their luggage.
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                                       Packing Your Carry on Luggage
                                                 By Tom Tessin

   The traveler finds that taking everything in one piece of luggage can become a bit complicated. It is
not always easy to pack all that you need in one small piece of luggage but it is possible. You just need
to know a few tricks to make everything fit snuggly inside. First make sure that you have the right size
piece of luggage and also make sure that your piece of luggage contains outside sections that you can
use for some of the smaller items that you need to take along.

 You should lay out your clothes along with personal items in order to get a full idea of what you are
going to need to pack inside your carry-on luggage. Start with your socks and shoes by rolling up the
socks and putting them inside your shoes this will save on space. Put smaller items like shampoos,
combs, and other personal items in the outer pockets of your luggage. You can use the outer sections
to put other items in as well like your underwear etc. Any piece of clothes that you can roll up will help
you to save space for bigger items that you need to lay flat.

 You will find that things like T-Shirts can be rolled up and still not wrinkle. You can place things like
T-Shirts, panty hose in the top part of your luggage saving space again for things like your slacks or
suits. After you have used up the pockets on the outside of the piece of luggage then begin placing
your items inside the luggage. If you find that you are still short on space then you can take out things
like your shampoo, combs, etc. and buy them after you arrive. Many people prefer to do this because
they do not like having to take so many things along when they are traveling.

 When you’re looking for carry on luggage, there’s one thing that I tell many people when they are
looking to purchase a new set, or one that replaces their old one. The last thing that you want to do
with this is be cheap. If you become too cheap, you’re going to find that your set won’t last that long. I
made this mistake a few years back, when I bought a very cheap set, and I found that the inside of the
luggage ripped.

 To make a long story short, I had to get a new set while I was on vacation. This just caused more
stress for me, and I found that I had to spend even more money on my vacation, which was something
I didn’t want to do. So, if I can preach one thing, and one thing only with luggage, you don’t want to be
cheap, and you want to spend at least a little bit of money to make sure that you get the kit that’s going
to last you a long time, and something that you won’t have to worry about!

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                         Luggage: Personalized Luggage For Exotic Travel
                                          By Miles Lovegrove

Do you have plain printed luggage with the name and logo of the company you bought it from on the
side? While it may be functional it certainly is boring, and likely to be missed in a sea of other brown
bags so to speak.

 When travelling, why not travel in style with a customized luggage set? Many people fail to see the
benefit of buying promotional luggage when it is on sale. Perhaps you do not realize the real value a
customized luggage set has to offer. Or, maybe you don’t realize what you need. Perhaps the best
luggage is corporate luggage because it has so many different accessories including accessories to
carry laptops, a business suit and other fringe items.

Tips for Buying Customized Luggage

 There are a few items you must have if you are thinking of buying personalized luggage. A good
example of this would be to have luggage straps. Today there are just too many bags that have to be
packed. How do you expect to tell your bag apart from anyone else’s?

 Personalized luggage and ID tags will help you easily identify your bags in a moment’s notice, and you
will be able to carry around your bags with greater ease. You should look for durable straps, that are
also comfortable to carry a bag on your shoulder with a release buckle you can easily unsnap for safe

 You should also consider buying a lock and key to keep unwanted eyes from prying into your bag.
Now, if the X-ray spots something suspicious in your bag you are out of luck. But, nine times out of ten
this isn’t a problem and for the most part, while your luggage is spinning around on the carousel you
probably want to make sure the items inside are safe and secure. That is what the lock is for. Now,
how do you pack?

Tips for Packing Your Luggage

 Here are a few tips for packing your luggage just the way you want. The better you pack the happier
you’ll be and the less likely you will be to take on extra luggage.

 • First, lay out everything you need on the bed in front of you. Make sure you have a list of what you
need and check it off. That way you won’t forget anything when you pack your luggage.

 • Next, make sure you include your name and contact number in the luggage in case it gets lost. If you
have personalized luggage with this information embroidered into it that is even better. You can do the
same for your clothes if you want but that is a little excessive. On the other hand, anything valuable
should have your contact name on it.

 • Don’t pack items you can get while you are travelling like miniature toiletries because they are likely
to spill or get tossed, and most motels and hotels will have some for you unless you need specific

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• Pack bulky items first, then dry cleaning, then small items on top.

Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier
of Promotional Luggage and Branded Items.  For Eco Friendly promotional products, including
Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at

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