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                                               New Cash For 2008 Andorra Ski Holidays
                                                                   By Roger Munns

    Austria, Switzerland and Andorra were among the European ski countries last year who saw a
decline in ski holiday visitors, and Andorra has been investing in her facilities to try and tempt the
skiiers she lost back for the 2008 season.

In the past Andorra has grown in stature from a destination offering cheap ski holidays to one that can
compete with the best that Europe has to offer, with a growing number of ski holidays being taken in
the country over the last decade to the point where it was attracting some ten million tourists a year.

But unexpectedly the rise in visitors to Andorra came to a screeching halt for the 2006/7 ski season,
and the ski slopes closed two weeks earlier than anticipated due to a lack of snow that saw many other
resorts in Europe, especially in countries with low lying slopes like Austria, badly affected by the lack of
natural snow.

The Andorra economy is unusually reliant on the ski holidays industry, the other main activity being the
financial and banking industry due to her tax haven status, and the weather in Andorra refused to play
her part last year. Some estimates suggest takings for supermarkets, petrol stations, department
stores and supermarkets were down some 40 per cent compared to 2006 in the main ski holiday

The good news for the Andorra ski holidays industry as it hopes for an improved 2008 holidays season
is that the snow - notably absent last year - started to fall in November, and long range weather
forecasts suggest that January through to April could see enough snow to give Andorra skiers good
snow depth, and little if any need for snow cannons to make up any shortfall.

But the tourist authorities are determined not to be caught out again, and continue with the progress
made in the last twenty years that has seen Andorra rise impressively from a cheap ski holiday
destination to one that caters for the middle and upmarket price range with UK ski holiday specialist
companies like Crystal Ski offering a full range of holidays in Andorra.

Private money as well as finance from the banks in Andorra have helped to upgrade Soldeu, a main
Andorra ski holiday resort, to a high class status with new hotels and upgrades for existing ones.

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Andorra Weather

In total it is estimated that nearly 200 million Euros has been invested in Andorra's on-mountain ski
facilities, and the figure rises significantly when off-mountain spending is taken into account, such as
the new hotels in Andorra, notably in the top ski areas of Soldeu and Arinsal.

The ski areas of Andorra have been praised by many in the industry for having the capability of
producing enough man made snow to cover over 40 per cent of the ski domain, but investment has
continued to further this already high amount by having for the 2008 ski holiday season over a
thousand snow cannons in place - although it is hoped they don't have to be used much.

'The aim of the Andorra tourist authorities', comment local travel guide, 'is to ensure
that when skiiers choose Andorra the resorts will do everything they can to make their holiday a
memorable one for all the right reasons - and to see them again in future years as they decide Andorra
is a good skiing holiday destination.'

The upgrading of facilities and road infrastructure has also increased interest from those looking for a
European tax haven and considering taking Andorra residency.

Andorra is one of the most sought after tax havens in Europe with no income tax for her residents, and
is second in popularity only to Monaco, but enjoys the same tax benefits.

One of the big differences between the two is the cost of a property. Real estate in Monaco is among
the highest in the world with a studio often costing over a million Euros, while Andorra real estate is
considerably less with good two bedroom two bathroom apartments for sale from around 300,000

To show the skiing fraternity that Andorra is capable of meeting their expectations for the 2008 holiday
season, and importantly to meet the expectations of ski companies like Thomson ski, Andorra will have
450 ski instructors over seven different resorts, and to maintain her family friendly atmosphere four

All in all, Andorra will be able to compete as one of Europe's top skiing destinations this year.

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                                Andorra Real Estate Beating Recession
                                             By Roger Munns

Dire warnings have been coming thick and fast from the world's finance community that property prices
in the West are likely to fall heavily in 2008 and through to 2009.

 But the tax haven of Andorra goes against economic reasoning and could see a rise in value this year
- over the inflation rate - just as it has done over the last five years.

 There are good reasons why demand for Andorra property - and a further rise in value - is likely to

The top reason is that Andorra is a tax haven, and the wealthy buy property to gain residency in
Andorra for her tax haven status.

 Even in times of recession Andorra is popular as the wealthy want to preserve their wealth, and having
Andorra residency means their capital is free of many of the taxes they would have to pay in their

 Andorra is also known for her ski holidays, competing directly with French ski holidays, and Andorra
apartments are often bought by skiers for a holiday home, and rented out for income while not skiing

 A third stream of buyers come from the local market, Andorra has some 80,000 people living in the
country full time, with many people upgrading or downsizing, meaning Andorra has three streams of
property buyers - the local market, those buying for her tax haven status, and holiday home buyers for
the skiing.

Andorra Ski

 Last year saw a slowing down of the world's economy, and property markets shortly after the
economic downturn news slowed down too.

 Andorra achieved a near 5 per cent increase in her property values in 2007, and some potential
buyers considering residency are assuming that real estate in Andorra could see a fall in value in the
year ahead, as other markets start to fall.

 But according to Tribune Properties, who specialize in Andorra real estate, they could well be wrong in
their assumptions.

 They report that based on the first half of 2008, the full year will be similar to 2007, with a near 5 per
cent rise in property values. But they have noticed some difference in the last twelve months in what
buyers expect, and the amount of money people are spending.

 'Over the last twelve months the average purchase price of an Andorra property has risen
surprisingly,' they say, adding 'Two years ago the majority of our sales were for apartments around the
300,000 Euro level. Now we're selling as many properties in the half a million to million Euro bracket as

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we are at the 300,000 Euro level.'

 Part of the increase in value of the typical Andorra property now being sold is due to the better known
European tax haven of Monaco, where there is a shortage of property, and real estate ranks among
the highest in the world. It's now rare to find even a studio apartment in Monaco under a million Euros -
and for the same money and tax benefits that would buy a good house in Andorra.

 'It used to be said that you could see property buyers filling the lounges of Monaco's hotels - it's now
the hotels in Andorra where the buyers are', claim the property company.

 With a new airport set to open in two years time, Andorra could see property prices rise further in the
years ahead.

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