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                                        Most Common Interesting Facts About Panama
                                                                By Laurie Cooper

   As Panama is mostly visited by tourists as a developing country and one that is involved in trade,
tourism, real estate, commerce, and banking, it can be observed that there are many interesting facts
about Panama that may range from infrastructure, economy, politics and its culture. The interesting
facts about Panama leave a trademark of what Panama is all about. There are several points that can
be marked but we can just limit it to the six most common among many observations on Panama.

 First, the most common interesting fact about Panama is the Panama Canal. Aside from real estate,
the Panama Canal is one of the popular things when you talk about Panama. The canal is the
waterway which joins the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It becomes interesting because of its complex
engineering structure that makes it the most difficult and largest project ever undertaken Panama.
Ships from the two oceans emerge in this canal making it a conduit of most international shipping.
Travel time from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea is only two hours when you pass by the
Panama Canal.

 The second common interesting fact about Panama is its currency. Panama uses the US Dollar for
bills but the coins are called Balboa. Yet, the official national currency of Panama is the Balboa, which
is pegged to the US Dollar.

 When it comes to population, there are also interesting facts about Panama. Although it is the most
industrialized country in Central America, Panama real estate is really affordable, and Panama has the
lowest population in Central America. Its population is composed of 70% mestizo that comprises a
mixture of Europeans and Native Americans. Panamanians speak mostly Spanish although most can
relate to English.

 Again, one of the common interesting facts about Panama is that the place Boquete is one of the best
destinations for retirees per Modern Maturity magazine. In other popular magazine, the International
Livings, Panama is the number one place in the world to retire. Basically, there are many real estate
buyers and investors in Panama that are retirees. They enjoy the affordability and tax incentives in
Panama for real estate.

Another interesting fact about Panama is that it has large number of banking and financing institutions.
Because banking forms part of its main economic activity, Panama has several banking laws that

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protect business from foreigners. The total number of these banking laws is 40 and this includes
banking privacy law and foreigner to local equality laws.

 Finally, for miscellaneous observations, there are also interesting facts about Panama. Baseball is the
most common sports in Panama together with boxing and soccer. If Hong Kong has the largest duty
free zone, Panama has the second largest. Also, it has the second largest registrant for offshore
companies second to Hong Kong.

 Of course there are still many interesting facts about Panama in other aspects in the society that you
can observe or read from books about Panama, but the most common are the above. You can readily
pinpoint other interesting facts about Panama when they differ from the current place and culture from
which you live or when the certain facts are unique only to Panama.

Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate. For more
information, please visit

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                                       10 Reasons to Invest in Panama Real Estate
                                                             By Laurie Cooper

Real estate investment by foreigners has boomed in the recent years. The investment has been
supported by the government as Panama has one of the most interesting tourist destinations and has
been tagged as one of the best places to retire. These facts have been proven by the increase of
foreigners relocating in the country. These foreigners do not only live in Panama by renting properties,
but they are much more buying their own properties and establishing businesses. If you are wondering
why, here are the top ten reasons to invest in Panama real estate.

 1. The government provides Pensionado programs where foreigners can apply for Pensionado Visa.
With the minimum requirement of 500 dollars monthly pension, the foreigner can already be eligible
with the Visa and will be entitled discounts of goods and services including property loans and
acquisition, utility bills, home mortgages, and bills from professional services.

 2. To invest in Panama real estate is easy as there are no required special permits, registration or
authorization for you to qualify as investor.

3. Acquiring real estate is tax free for 5 to 20 years depending on the location and the type of property.

 4. Invest in Panama real estate with a solid economy. Panama has been known as the financial center
in America with about 150 international banks. Because of the control of Panama Canal, Panama has
been growing in GDP and expected to soar more in the coming years as global trade in the Canal is

5. Currency is stable as it uses dollar bills.

 6. You will feel safe when you invest in Panama real estate because crime rate is low. Except for
some areas in Panama City and Colon, there are not much crimes going on around Panama which
makes investment safe.

 7. Convenient cost of living is an advantage when you invest in Panama real estate because goods
and services are basically cheap. Aside from the fact that your utilities, bills, and materials are very
affordable, your money will still go along way for other investment opportunities.

 8. When you invest in Panama real estate, it will either be used for residential or commercial uses that
will not be idle with all the attractions and activities in Panama. There are many interesting things to do
and places to visit in Panama so surely, your property will be used either for personal use or for rentals
and other business opportunities.

 9. There are still many places that are underdeveloped or undeveloped so there are still lots of
opportunities to invest in Panama real estate. The place is not yet crowded and most areas in the
coastlines are still inhabited.

10. Panama has one of the best medical cares in Central America so living here would be worthwhile,
which would be a good reason to invest in Panama real estate.

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With these ten reasons to invest in Panama real estate, you surely would find little reasons why not to.
While real estate is still in the booming stage, it is best to grab opportunities as they are still available.

Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate. For more
information, please visit

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