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                                                    More Vacations in Phoenix AZ
                                                               By Hugh Parker

  Phoenix AZ is a great tourist destination, one that will surely have you coming back for more
vacations. Phoenix AZ is the state capital and America’s most populous city. It is a great site for more
vacations as it is the premiere location for culture, economy and finance of the Central region of the
United States. The city lies on the banks of the dry Salt River, and is surrounded by mountains.

 When up for more vacations in Phoenix AZ, you have the option to enjoy world-class resorts, have a
thrilling time having outdoor adventures, play golf, shop, relax at spas and other possible activities.
While experiencing these, you are set amidst the amazing backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. What else
is there to ask for that more and more vacations in Phoenix AZ!

 The outdoorsy type will long for more vacations in Phoenix AZ as the city provides so many activities.
There are several guided tours to choose from, mostly though the Sonoran Desert. There are options
for horse back riding and jeep/ hummer desert tours. You can explore the many rivers and lakes or just
have a leisurely time at the city’s parks.

 Those who want to learn more about history and culture won’t be disappointed as well. The city boasts
of several museums and galleries. The city is a melting pot of cultural influences: Native American,
African, Asian and Hispanic. These influences can be seen in the several art and performances shows
that are regularly held in several venues in the city. Venues include: The Arizona Opera, the Arizona
Theatre Company and the Valley Youth Theatre.

 You won’t be missing sports either. Phoenix is one of thirteen cities to have teams in all the
professional sports leagues. You are then assured that anytime you visit Phoenix, you will surely be
able to catch a game or two. The city has state of the art sports facilities: US Airways Center, Chase
Field, Dodge Theatre and more.

 Accommodations in Phoenix AZ range from chic high-class hotels to cowboy accommodations in dude
ranches. The hotels will spoil you with the softest pillows and the most finicky attention to detail, all to
maximize your pleasure. In the dude ranches, you get to experience authentic Western living. These
places offer experiences in horseback riding and ranching. Of course, there are different
accommodations in between these two very diverse options. You will always have good choices that
suit your budget.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Food selection at the city can also be a wonderful experience. There are several restaurants offering
different cuisines. Some of these restaurants are led by renowned chef’s who have been featured in
magazines and television shows. Other must-trys include the city’s signature Southwestern and
Mexican dishes. These dishes are made with homegrown ingredients.

 Shopping is also a great way to pass the time. Try the magnificent Scottsdale Fashion Square or the
high-end Biltmore Fashion Park. Young shoppers can head to Mill Avenue for unique locally-made
accessories, clothes and souvenirs. Art collectors can go to the galleries that line Main Street and
Marshall Way in Scottsdale.

Author Hugh Parker MoreVacationsTV is a blog about vacation destinations and a great way to get
there. to find out the scoop on the buzz visit us by clicking mor vacations
Thank you, Hugh Parker

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