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					                                                                 European Commission

                                      ACTIVE A.G.E.
                       I STEERING GROUP COMMITTEE - II PHASE
                             Rome, February 26th - 27th 2009

                                       26th February

20.00         Meeting in the hall of the hotel for Dinner
20.30         Dinner

                                       27th February

                     I Steering Group Committee II phase - Meeting
        DEPARTMENT XIV – Labour Policies and Lifelong Learning Programmes
                 Lungotevere de’ Cenci, 5 - ROME,    SALA BLU


9.00          Welcome and introduction

              •   Giuseppe Panebianco, Comune di Roma

9.15          URBACT II programme II phase: expectations from phase II at
              programme level

              •   Raffaele Barbato, Urbact II Secretariat

9.45          Lead Expert input on overview

              •   Anna Maria Simonazzi, lead expert

10:00         The Action Learning Set Methodology

              •   Maria Elena Bragaglia, Comune di Roma consultant

10:30         Discussion and Clarifications

11.00         Coffee/tea break

11:30         Preparation of the first Transnational Exchange Workshop to be
              discussed with partners

              •   Anna Maria Simonazzi, Lead Expert

12:00         Local Action Plans
                      how it has to be developed
                      what partners expect to find in the LAP
                                                                  European Commission

              •    Anna Maria Simonazzi, Lead Expert

12:30         Local Support Groups-Roles and functions
                     Criteria for Core Group
                     Criteria for Wider Group
                     Involvement in Transnational Programme
                     Responsibility for local dissemination and consultation
                     Participation in Communities of Practice
                     Budget-against agreed strategy

              Haroon Saad, Thematic Expert

13.30         Lunch break

14:30         The role of the Managing Authorities

              •     Giuseppe Panebianco, Comune di Roma

14:45         Online Platform and Community of practices

              - Haroon Saad, Thematic Expert

15:00 -       The Communication Strategy

          •       Andrea Pugliese, Communication officer

15.30      Management and coordination Active AGE
                  Financial management and reporting procedure
                  Approbation of first level controller - Presage-CTE
          • Alberto Merolla and Laura Lazzeri, Comune di Roma consultants

16,15         Coffee /Tea break

16:30         Questions and discussion

17:00      Agreed Action Plan for the first 9 months
                 Date first thematic workshop
                 Date for appointed ALS participants
                 Date for profiles online
                 Date for first Activity report
                 Date for next SGM
          • Haroon Saad, Thematic Expert

17:30         Conclusions and expectations
              Giuseppe Panebianco and Annamaria Simonazzi

18,00         End of meeting

20.00         DINNER