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    Italian verbs are divided into three main groups, depending on their endings. They are 'are' verbs, 'ere' and 'ire'.
          Italian is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the world’s languages. Italian vocabulary has
                                                 contributed many words
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                                Italian Translation Into English - Days & Months
                                                   By Nigel Massey

     I have an ongoing interest in Italian English translation and Italian life in general. I hope this article
Italian Translation into English - Days & Months' will help those trying to learn the Italian language. If
these articles prove of interest then I will continue writing a whole series on these subjects.

Italian / English Translation of the Months of the Year gennaio — January febbraio — February
marzo — March aprile — April maggio — May giugno — June luglio — July agosto — August
settembre — September ottobre — October novembre — November dicembre — December

Unlike the English translation, in Italian the names for days of the week are not capitalised.

Here is an Italian English Translation of some other useful phrases; Che mese è? - What month is it?
In che mese siamo? - What month are we in? È dicembre - Its December Siamo in dicembre - We are
in December

Italian / English Translation of the Days of the Week lunedì — Monday martedì — Tuesday
mercoledì — Wednesday giovedì — Thursday venerdì — Friday sabato — Saturday domenica —

Again, unlike the English translation, in Italian the names for days of the week are not capitalised. So
the translation is not only the letters but also the capitalisation.

Here is an Italian Translation of some other useful phrases; oggi - today domani - tomorrow Oggi è
martedì - Today is Tuesday Domani è giovedi - Tomorrow is Thursday

For me there is another side to this translation. Mondays in England v Mondays in Italy. Generally an
English Monday is rainy and depressing. But lets translate that to an Italian Monday. Sure you still
have the daily commute. But it's much more likely to be a sunny day (even in winter). So even though
you might wish you were still at the beach or skiing down a mountain, you feel much more happy.
Especially as you stop for a coffee and take the time to talk Italian with strangers before starting work.

The author works at the translation agency 'Axis Translations' where

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                                       Presented by Daniel Toriola

he specialises in Italian English translation project management. Although English by birth, he has a
love for all things Italian.

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                     English In An Increasingly Italian World – Part One, The Introduction
                                                   By Nigel Massey

 As the article states, I am English but live in an increasingly Italian world. I work as a Translations
Project Manager at Axis Translations dealing with the English Italian language combinations. I am
trying to find and buy a house in Italy and I am even marrying an Italian girl.

As such I intend to write a series of articles on such subjects as;

>Italian Culture >Italian Festivals >Translation of Italian Hand Gestures >Authentic Italian Recipes
translated into English >Translation of Italian colloquial phrases into English >Translation of Italian
insults into English >Italian Culture >Buying property in Italy >Having a wedding in Italy >Italian
Language lessons for English speakers >etc.

I am quite an open person, so I intend to give some frank discussion of the things that I experience. I
also intend to give you some translations some analysis from an English prospective and a few Italian
lessons. As such, this will be a series of articles.

Right now you find me writing from Naples / Napoli in the south of Italy / Italia. It’s about 33 degrees
and pretty humid. We are staying at the home of my fiancees parents as my fiancee has been having
an operation.

So today I will tell you a little about Italian life – Italian neighbours when someone is sick. I hope you

Once it became general knowledge (which took about 5 or 6 seconds) that my fiancee had entered
hospital for an operation the neighbours are all asking if they can come to visit my fiancee in the
hospital. They are sending flowers to the hospital, huge arrangements. They also want to know if they
can take a shift at the bedside of my fiancee as it normal that someone will remain with the person at
the hospital at all times.

While she is in the hospital I am staying at her parents house with her father. The neighbours are
asking if we would come to them for meals or if they could bring us food. Many come to visit to ensure
that we know that their thoughts are with us.

I am afraid I would not expect such a warm response from my English life. Perhaps thats why I am
'English in an increasingly Italian World'

The author has worked all over the world and, although he was born and remains English, he has a
passion for all things Italian. He can be found working as a Translations Project Manager at Axis

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