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                                                    Ideas Romantic Honeymoon
                                                         By James Gunaseelan

     Though a honeymoon is a chance for a newly married couple to spend some time together,
celebrating their new life together, there is more to a honeymoon than simply picking a great
destination; you need to find things to do. Even the most beautiful place can seem boring if you just sit
around the entire time. Because a honeymoon is a romantic trip, what you need to do is find some
romantic activities to spice up your time and to create some wonderful memories of this time in your
life. To help you along, here are some ideas for a romantic honeymoon:

While your honeymoon destination is likely to have any number of great restaurants in the area, you
can easily arrange a romantic, candlelit dinner in your own hotel room, allowing you to dine in privacy.
A quiet dinner in your hotel room allows you to share some time with your spouse without anyone
bothering you, and also gives you an evening where you don't have to worry about making
arrangements for travel to a restaurant.

Another great idea for a romantic honeymoon is to pick up a book on massage at your local bookstore
before your trip, and to pack it with your travel guides and other materials when you go on your
honeymoon. The touch that comes from a massage can be quite sensual and can be a way to share
some closeness with your spouse. The relaxation and the nice feelings that a good massage can
provide can help add to your romantic honeymoon.

Another way to add to a romantic honeymoon is through the use of soft lighting, and little beats out
candles for this. With just a few small votive candles, you can bring the light in your hotel room down to
a nice, romantic level, perfect for enhancing the area around a Jacuzzi or around your bed. Either way,
it sets the mood for quiet conversation or cuddling, providing a backdrop for a romantic evening.

Whether you're using songs from your wedding reception, the first tune you and your spouse danced
to, or just a mix CD of your favorite love songs, bringing along the right music can enhance the time
you spend with your spouse. Just as a romantic meal, dim lights, or massage can set the tone for an
evening, a night of quiet, romantic music or dancing in your hotel room can lead to a more romantic
honeymoon. So when planning your honeymoon, keep these ideas in mind when you're getting ready
to go, and you'll be able to add an extra spark of romance to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

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     The Most Romantic Hotel In The South Pacific Has To Be The Wadigi Island Resort In Fiji
                                                             By Cici Charlton

 The most romantic hotel in the South Pacific has to be the Wadigi Island Resort in Fiji. If we were to
make a list of the most romantic getaways we have enjoyed then the two most romantic vacations
have both been in Fiji, but the Wadigi Island Resort was quite exceptional.

When my husband and I planned our wedding we decided to look for the most romantic affordable
honeymoon ideas, but the more we looked at the Wadigi Island Resort, the more we knew, that never
mind the cost it just looked the most romantic hotel never mind in the South pacific, but almost

Everyone wants an exotic honeymoon vacation, and Julian and I were lucky enough to be able to
afford the Wadigi Island Resort, but having said that we only discovered it from a business
acquaintance who thought it would be a great idea to tell us of his most romantic honeymoon ideas in
the South pacific.

So think about this, Wadigi Island is hidden in the Mamanuca Islands, but it is just a 10 minute
helicopter flight from Nadi Airport.

It is a tiny resort with only three deluxe suites, right on the edge of a cliff, with just the most incredible

We had two gourmet chefs, a hostess, maid, and the boat captain who appeared to be completely at
our beck and call, so it won't be a surprise to learn that the food was just gourmet, and the
surroundings private and pristine.

To return to the food for a moment, when you are on your honeymoon, you want the best of the best,
and when it comes to the food, then that is what you get, all totally personalized, fresh, quite beautifully
presented, and you can pretty well choose where you want it served to you. I haven't mentioned the
drinks service either, our hostess prepared what we wanted when we wanted it, and the wines we were
served at dinner, or lunch, were the best.

Cici Charlton found by accident, uses it to discover interesting
destinations not found in many holiday brochures, and now is a contributor

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