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                                                       How to Plan a Road Trip
                                                              By Tom Tessin

   Are you going on a road trip? Driving your own car can be a comfort but there are things you need
to fix and prepare before departure. For example, check your car, make sure your car is in a good
shape for long hours driving and of course, make sure nothing is broken or damaged beyond repair
when you are on your way to your destination. This is why you need to send your car to the mechanic
a week before your departure so that he can have a look at your car and let you know what the
problem is. You should be in good mental and physical help when you are driving yourself, as this is an
important thing for you and your family.

 Then, it is up to you whether you want to repair everything that is broken or just take care of those that
are really important for the trip. Among those parts that are really important especially when you are
having a long drive would be the tires, brakes, lubricant oil, lights and windscreen. Make sure your car
battery is functioning properly and has enough battery water to sustain its life. You should always take
a good health check up of the car without fail before starting for a drive as there should be no problem
when you are on the move.

 Before you leave, you can clean up your car interior to get rid of the trash. Accumulate trash in your
car is an additional burden to your car. It uses more fuel to move and since you will be having luggage
in the car, make room for the luggage by getting rid of those unnecessary items. According to the
statistic, a female’s car has less trash than male’s car. When you pack your luggage, be sure to bring
what you need and not what you want. This way you can save more fuel and more money and can get
extra money for spending somewhere else.

 Many people neglect the need for car check up before going on a long drive and this is also the
reason why many accidents happen on the highway as well. To help save your life and others, you
should be responsible for your car maintenance and drive safely. You should always keep up your car
in good health no matter what is the case.

 Driving trips generally can’t be planned over night but they can be planned pretty easy if you do it the
right way. With GPS and websites out there, it’s not hard to figure out where you’re going. Whether
you’re looking for a place to stay or a place to eat, the Internet is filled with that information where you
can get the best in that area for the lowest price possible. Just think back to 10-20 years ago where
you had to do everything from a map, it was a pain in the butt! Now, everything is a lot easier when it
comes to planning a road trip.

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                                 Road Trip Tips to Make Your Trips and Worry Free
                                                By Nicole Munoz

It is very exciting to plan a road trip whether it is with your family or friends. It gives you the chance to
visit the different places and maximize your vacation experience. Many also find peace in driving.
Steering the wheel and listening to their favorite song is very relaxing for them.

 However, going on a road trip is more than hopping on your wheels, keeping your map handy, and
loading your car with the Coleman Road Trip Grill. For it to be memorable, you need to plan it carefully
and bring the essential items during the trip.

 The first thing that you have to do in planning a road trip is your destinations. Most would say that not
knowing where you are heading is part of the adventure but this will not be fun if you run out of gas in
the middle of nowhere where the cell phone reception is bad. Plan your pit stops as well. Find out
whatever you can about the place and write them down. This will also help you organize your activities
and come up with your schedule. This will help you find a perfect spot to take out the Coleman Road
Trip Grill and enjoy your favorite barbecue. Most importantly, it will give you the chance to review the
traffic rules and laws especially when you are crossing boundaries.

 After you have planned where you are going, it is important that you check your car. Make sure that
everything is in condition for the trip. If possible, ask a professional to check it. Consider the place
where you are heading. Is the road going to be tough? How far is it? Will it be easy to find a gas

 Have a checklist of what to bring especially with the food supply. This makes planning your
destinations very vital. You will be able to plan your meals. This will give you an idea of how much food
to bring. How many times are you going to use the Coleman Road Trip Grill? How long will the trip
take? Are there convenient stores where you can stop and get more items?

 After finishing your checklist, do the tasking. Assign tasks to everyone so that they will not be asking
you for everything during the trip. Write the list of people who will be joining the trip and list their
assignments. One will be in charge for the first aid kit and map. Tell another to take charge of the food.
You can also delegate a friend to facilitate the Coleman Road Trip Grill and coordinate with the food in

 You also have to pay attention to little details, like what time are you going to drive. Is there someone
who will be sharing the driving task with you? What music are you going to listen to and other stuff like

 It is also important to have a plan B at all times. Look for alternative roads just in case you encounter a
problem. Bring extra tires, extra phone batteries, and extra Coleman Road Trip Grill.

Road trips are fun, but it can turn bad if something goes wrong. So be prepared, always.

Nicole Munoz is a camping gear expert. She is an online marketer and entrepreneur. If you want to get
more information about Coleman Road Trip Grills, come and visit the website

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