How to Plan a Caribbean Destination Wedding on a Budget

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                             How to Plan a Caribbean Destination Wedding on a Budget
                                                          By Richard Teesdale

  Have you always dreamed of getting married on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean? If so, you
might assume that your dream must stay at dream due to costs. Despite what you might assume or
what you may have heard, destination weddings in the Caribbean can be a lot cheaper than
anticipated. So, how can you plan a destination wedding on a budget?

 Find all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean that offer free standard wedding ceremonies. Yes, some
resorts really do offer these! They usually require a minimum nights stay, such as 3 or 5 nights. What
does a free wedding include? Inclusions vary depending on the resort in question; however, you are
likely to find some common inclusions. It is common to get free access to a wedding planner, a choice
of ceremony locations, a provided witness or a couple of guest passes, and a private dinner
afterwards. With a longer stay, such as 7 or 9 nights, the resort may take care of the additional
expenses required to validate a marriage in a foreign country.

 Choose the all-inclusive resort that is the perfect fit. Since many Caribbean resorts give guests the
option of having a free standard wedding, you have a choice. Don’t opt for the first resort you see.
Take the time to find the perfect fit. Most brides and grooms combine their destination wedding with
their honeymoon to meet the minimum stay requirement. Since you may spend a week or more,
choose a good resort. Don’t just focus on the wedding, but the honeymoon too. Opt for a resort with a
long list of inclusions, meaning you don’t pay extra. Beachfront resorts may have a host of beach
activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

 Make your travel plans. This involves reserving your room or suite at the all-inclusive resort. Many
resorts give you the option to include your airline tickets too. Do it because you may save money and
it eliminates another reservation that you need to make. Although you can make your trip
arrangements online, you may want to contact the resort in question. Remember, you want to have a
cheap, but memorable destination wedding in the Caribbean. Honestly, you are one of many. Contact
the resort by phone to ensure you can have a wedding during your anticipated travel dates. Don’t find
out too late that the garden is booked for other special events.

 If you didn’t contact the all-inclusive resort before booking your trip, do so now. You shouldn’t just
show up and expect to get a wedding. As previously stated, even free standard wedding ceremonies
may qualify for a free wedding planner. Make use of yours. Destination weddings can be difficult to

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plan, as you may be thousands of miles away. A wedding planner can ease the stress and ensure you
have a perfect day.

 Review the Caribbean resort’s inclusions for free wedding ceremonies. As previously stated, this
varies. Most of this information is found on resort websites, but your wedding planner should also be
able to mail you a packet.

 Review the resort’s wedding upgrades. A free wedding is nice, but you usually get just the basics. If
the basics aren’t enough for you, order some upgrades. These upgrades are affordable, meaning you
can still have your dream wedding when on a budget. As with inclusions, available upgrades depend
on the resort in question. You can usually get in-room hair and makeup, purchase additional guest
passes, have a wedding reception instead of a private dinner, rent a tux, arrange for a photographer,
and live or recorded music. If you wish for upgrades, discuss them with the resort’s provided wedding

 Finalize your travel plans. In the week or two before your destination Caribbean wedding, contact the
resort again to ensure everything is in place. Now is also the time to make any necessary changes to
your wedding, like adding additional upgrades. When packing, pay close attention to your wedding
dress. In fact, contact the airline ahead of time to know how you can travel with your dress. Can the
airline hang it in the cabin or must you check it with the rest of your luggage?

Destination weddings in the Caribbean are affordable and easy to plan with the help of Breezes, at

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                                         Planning a Romantic Wedding at Caribbean
                                                                  By Carvslac

You do not have to fly several miles away to your honeymoon destination. With a wedding in the heart
of Caribbean, the The Caribbean lets you and your partner start a passionate honeymoon right after
the “I Dos.” honeymoon place is just a few steps away.

The Caribbean lets you and your partner start a passionate honeymoon right after the “I Dos.” You do
not have to fly several miles away to your honeymoon destination. With a wedding in the heart of
Caribbean, the honeymoon place is just a few steps away.

What other couples call as a dream wedding, Caribbean people simply call it a reality. Most women
have always been dreaming of extraordinary wedding ceremonies. However, it seems that the dream
will always stay a dream- but not if you plan to a wedding in Caribbean. Some people may find it some
kind of fantasy to have a wedding in this place, but in fact, you would be surprised on how affordable
wedding packages in Caribbean are.

Like vacation packages, getting a wedding package can take care all of the couple’s needs- from the
time they arrive at the airport until the time they start the wedding ceremony to the passionate stages
of their honeymoon. With a wedding package, the couples can relax while the romance of Caribbean
takes its course as they exchange “I Dos” without stress and difficulty.

With amazing wedding ideas and exquisite locations in Caribbean, weddings will be such a special
event that everybody would definitely remember. You can choose from a number of wedding locations
like a beach wedding, a garden reception, or even a ceremony under the sea. Almost everything is

You can also enjoy the Caribbean with your family and friends. It is definitely a grand vacation for
everyone. Now that you know the reason why most couples prefer Caribbean as the place for their
destination wedding, it would be easier to convince yourself and your would-be husband that
Caribbean is definitely the place to hold your wedding ceremony and honeymoon. A wedding in the
Caribbean is simply a conglomeration of just about everything.

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