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                                                               Honeymoon Ideas
                                                            By James Gunaseelan

    Weddings take plenty of planning, and the honeymoon planning might be neglected with so many
other people to take care of for the big day. The wedding and the parties before and after usually
include many people. There are bridesmaids, ushers and parents to consider as well as guests from
out of town. This is a colossal undertaking for many people, and the honeymoon planning is only for
two. Wise wedding couples will not leave the honeymoon ideas too late because travel plans are
better made far in advance. Transportation and accommodations often fill up months in advance so
honeymoon ideas left too long might be very limited indeed.

The best place to start looking for honeymoon ideas is with the two people going on the honeymoon.
The happy couple are the only people who matter on the honeymoon so these are the people that
need to make these plans. Each couple should take some time to just consider honeymoon ideas
when they know the date of the ceremony. They should decide what they will want to do after a hectic
wedding schedule and the emotional times included in that planning. Some people will want to just
relax while others may want to use the available free time to see some tourist sights or take a ski trip.

After the honeymoon couple decides what type of holiday they want, they can access several sources
for honeymoon ideas and advice from other sources. People who have recently done similar travel
can provide some great honeymoon ideas. Friends and family that have been on a cruise or to Florida
recently will provide the best evaluation of those honeymoon destinations. The local newspapers often
have travel columns with lots of great advice and information. Each couple should remember to check
out the local newspaper for honeymoon ideas. Once the destination is agreed upon, it is time to make
the reservations.

Travel magazines are great places to look for honeymoon ideas. These magazines will provide
meaningful information on some great destinations. Those on a budget might want to start with looking
for some bargains in the newspapers. There are often some great deals on airfare and on
accommodations away from home. If money is not an object, the budget should be ready for an
extravagant honeymoon, and then any destination is a possibility. Any honeymoon idea should be the
beginning of the plans for a momentous occasion.

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                                               Best Honeymoon Getaway Ideas
                                                            By Low Jeremy

 Planning for your honeymoon getaway? Here are some ideas you can consider that will surely provide
you the best honeymoon experience:

·Top-of-the-line Hotel Honeymoon

After the guests have left, it is time for both of you two enjoy each other. Book at one of the
top-of-the-line hotels you can find whether on your area or at one of the best places in the world. There
is surely a great difference between staying at top hotels and staying at a regular hotel. Top hotels
have bigger, cleaner, and luxurious room. The staffs are more accommodation and are ready to
provide their services to your satisfaction. The foods are carefully prepared. All these you can get if you
decide to spend your honeymoon in one of the top hotels.

·Honeymoon Cruise

If exploring the seven seas is your dream, then, take yourself one step closer to fulfilling it by going on
a honeymoon cruise. Not only you will get the chance to see several places (depending on the type of
cruise you choose), you can see them without spending your energy traveling long hours. Your suite is
also the one that will take you to different places. You and your couple can enjoy the night sky, sleep at
any time of the night, spend the day embracing each other, and savoring the views presented by the

·Beach Honeymoon

Whether you choose to spend your honeymoon in the Caribbean, Miami beach, Hawaii, Fiji, or any
tropical paradise around the world, one thing is certain: you and your couple will certainly get the
relaxing feeling and will savor every second of your stay at the beach.

·Winter Honeymoon

Your honeymoon getaway could be at the slopes doing winter sports all day. Spend your honeymoon
skiing, snowboarding, and other snow related activities if you choose this kind of honeymoon getaway.

·European Honeymoon

Seeing the magnificence of European art, architecture, and sight is another better way to spend your
honeymoon. Set your honeymoon in France and feel the charm of the country. Go to Italy and visit
places of interest. Roam Europe and witness the different culture.

·Weekend Honeymoon

If you want it short but lasting, you can also pack for the weekend at one of the places you and your
partner love to go or would dream of going.

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These are some honeymoon getaways ideas you can consider. But with places and other unique ideas
you can go and think of, the possibilities are endless.

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