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     Nature. Occasionally we feel the need to break free from the shackles of material world and cuddle in nature's
                                                    lap for a while.
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                               Grand Canyon Tour - Puts A Different Perspective On Life
                                                               By Ciara McGrath

   The Grand Canyon National Park is deservedly classed as a World Heritage Site. It has an area of
1,218,375 acres, 1,904 square miles. Most of the park is maintained as wilderness. It can be seen from
the moon and is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

The Grand Canyon lies on the Colorado Plateau in northwest Arizona.

The Canyon, carved over millions of years by the Colorado River, is immense. It averages 4,000 feet
deep for its entire 277 miles. It is 6,000 feet deep (a mile is 5,280 feet) at its deepest point and up to 15
miles wide.

The Grand Canyon National Park is a rich and varied biological habitat with 75 species of mammals,
25 species of fish, 50 species of reptiles and amphibians, 25 species of fish, and over 300 species of
birds. These include some species that are not found outside the Park at all.

Human activities have impacted on the Grand Canyon National Park in many ways. These include the
introduction of non-native plants and animals, the contamination of streams with fecal bacteria, haze
caused by air pollution and worst of all by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1963. Our
aircraft, quad bikes and automobiles disturb the tranquillity of the Park.

You can see the Grand Canyon on foot, horseback, mule, quad bike, kayak, helicopter ride or in a
small plane. The temperature in the canyons gets very high during the day, and hikers should take
advice from rangers on water supplies, necessary food and avoiding dehydration and heat stroke.

If you are hiking, camping or riding off the main trails, in the backcountry, you will need a permit.
Permits can be obtained through the Backcountry Information Center. Rangers patrol and inspect
camps they find for permits and to check that campers are adhering to the conditions laid down in the

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                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

                         An Examination of Helicopter Tours Above the Grand Canyon
                                              By Trevor Price

If you're planning to book one of exciting Grand Canyon helicopter tours, read on for a review of the
four most popular tours and companies operating in Arizona and Las Vegas.

The All-American Helicopter Tour
Rating: 4/5

 This tour of the Grand Canyon leaves from the Las Vegas airport and takes approximately 3.5 hours.
The trip from Las Vegas to the western edge of the canyon is about 45 minutes in each direction. The
tour includes landing in the canyon for a champagne lunch, limo pickup and drop-off to and from your
hotel, and flying over Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas and the Las Vegas strip.

 The cost of this tour typically hovers around $300. However you should budget for a potential fuel
surcharge being added on at the last minute. This unexpected and unadvertised fee is what cost the
All-American a five out of five score. Instead of surprising passengers with a $40 expense, they should
simply advertise the new price.

Phoenix Grand Canyon Helicopter Adventure Tours
Rating: 2.8/5

 These Grand Canyon helicopter tours are from Phoenix, and the majority of the day is spent on a bus.
If you're prepared for a 13-hour day, then you can ride a bus from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon airport
and afterward enjoy a short helicopter ride.

 If you're tight for time and want a full day that includes a stop in Sedona, a drive through Oak Creek
and the Grand Canyon, then this is the trip for you. However, for those looking for a relaxing helicopter
ride and a short day, you may want to leave from somewhere closer to the canyon. This helicopter and
bus tour is priced from $289.

The West Rim Combo Tour with Papillon
Rating: 4.5/5

 Papillon is a major helicopter tour operator in Las Vegas, but they also do runs from the Grand
Canyon airport. One of their most popular tours is the West Rim Combo that leaves from Las Vegas
and includes a boat ride.

 The trip starts with a pickup at your Las Vegas hotel. From there is a ride in a luxury SUV to the Grand
Canyon where you'll take a short helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon for lunch. Afterward is a
trip on a boat down the Colorado River where you'll be picked back up.

 The full day is a great value at around $345, particularly since it includes lunch. That said, the tour
makes a stop at the now-open SkyWalk, but its $30 SkyWalk admission cost is not included in your
tour fee.

Maverick Helicopter Grand Canyon Tours

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Rating: 4.7/5

 Maverick has two departure locations - Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon airport. Their Canyon Spirit
trip costs just $245 and is one of the few Grand Canyon helicopter tours that actually takes you through
the canyon and over the Kaibab National Forest.

 The opportunity to view the Grand Canyon from a helicopter ride is an awesome experience. If you
select one of the tour options listed above, you won't be disappointed.

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