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                                                   German Laws Affecting Travelers
                                                            By Puripong Koomsin

    Know the German Laws

Germany’s popularity as a world-renowned vacation destination continues to grow exponentially. Each
year, more people visit Germany from hundreds of countries spread throughout the world. Over 2.2
million Americans made Germany their choice for travel in the first six months of 2006 alone. Your
travels throughout this magnificent country can be enhanced greatly by knowing a few laws and
regulations native to Germany and Europe.

Entry and Travel in Germany

A valid passport is required to enter and move about Germany. For business visitors staying less than
90 days, a Visa is not required for Germany and other countries that are members of the Schengen
Group that includes neighboring countries Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Austria.

European regulations require that passports be stamped for documentation of entry into countries, but
not all German points of entry are staffed to ensure this function is carried out. It may be necessary to
arrange in advance to ensure that a proper stamp is available upon entry. Travelers without this stamp
may be questioned at their time of exit without this proper documentation.

Safety in Germany

No matter how rare occurrences happen, travelers should always be aware of possible terrorist
organization activity. While these instances occur in Germany much less frequently than in other parts
of the world, its open border agreement with other European nations should be noted. Additionally,
there have been a few, isolated past incidents of racial discrimination and aggravation of travelers. It is
recommended that travelers avoid as much as possible areas where protests and demonstrations take
place to maintain a maximum level of security. Know the locations and emergency contact numbers of
local German law enforcement whenever traveling in Germany.

Driving in Germany

Driving in Germany can be a surprisingly pleasant experience for many visitors from other countries

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due to Germany’s distinct courtesy standards that its citizens enjoy and follow.

For many, a vacation in Germany wouldn’t be complete without a drive down the world-famous
Autobahn, which has stretches that are devoid of speed limits. Accidents and automobile fatalities are
notoriously low even on high-speed stretches of highway due to Germany’s laws governing driver
courtesy. It is generally illegal to pass on the right side, where slower traffic is to stay. Additionally, the
legal blood-alcohol limit can be significantly less than in other countries than in Germany, helping to
ensure public safety.

Seatbelts are required to be worn by all vehicle passengers in Germany. Traffic officers can typically
collect fines on-the-spot in routine traffic stops. If the driver does not have the funds to pay the ticket
immediately on hand, the vehicle may be impounded until the fine is collected in certain circumstances.

Be sure to review local German laws regarding BAC limits and driver safety before getting behind the


Germany has particularly stringent laws that apply to bringing in items and paraphernalia that pertain to
World War II. Additionally fascist, racist, and Nazi propaganda in print or on computer or audio media is
strictly forbidden to be transported in or out of country unless for very select circumstances – usually
reserved for official historical and research purposes only.

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                                                   Learn & Use German Fillers
                                                      By Shareen Aguilar

 The German language has its own and many expressions and fillers. In German, words that are called
particles or fillers are called Wörter. However, these words could get you really confused since each
word is entirely different from the other. But the real tricky part here is that some of the Wörter could
serve too many purposes in different ways and situations.

aber, auch, denn, doch, halt, mal, nur, schon and ja

Take for example the word schon. It could have a whole lot of different meanings at one point
(depending on the use of the word in a sentence) and then it could mean nothing at all at other times.
This is the reason why learning German has to be all about the basics and once you’ve already
mastered them, you’re on your own however you choose to use the German language.

But for now, the German language could still be a huge maze for you. As an example for what we were
discussing earlier, the German word schon could mean many things such as already, again, just, don’t
worry or alright, ever etc. There are cases when there’s no need to translate the word schon to English.
This is true with other Wörter of the German language because there are cases when a German word
just don’t need to be translated to English or it’s found that it’s completely irrelevant to even include the
word in the English translation.

There’s also the thing with English-German dictionary about particles or fillers. Dictionaries just don’t
have a way of translating these words because of their idiomatic appeal but then again, if you know the
German language very well, you’d know how to use these words in the correct timing.

Some German filler almost has the same equivalent with the English “you know” expression. So to clue
you in further, these German Wörter can be said correctly in the right time. Try to master the functions
of these fillers and you’ll sound like a natural German speaker in no time.

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