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                                         Gateway to the Costa Del Sol
                                                 By Dan Williams

  To most people Malaga is the airport destination as a gateway to the Costa del Sol however
Malaga, Capital of the Costa del Sol, is also a large important city itself and has many attractions that
would reward a short stop over before you head off down the coast.

 Since the opening of the Picasso museum in 2003 more and more tourists have been coming to
Malaga to appreciate the citys’ cultural, relaxed atmosphere and fantastic climate. Sheltered by the
mountains yet still benefiting from the sea breezes the summers tend to have a more comfortable heat,
although it is still very warm in July and August, whereas the winters are mild and protected from too
much bad weather. This certainly makes Malaga an all year round destination to enjoy.

 For the shopper there is a wide variety of places to spend your euro or just window shop with large
department stores such as El Corte Inglese or the many small boutiques tucked away down the many
side roads off the attractive squares. Much of this is centered on Calle Marquis de Larios a pleasant
pedestrian area that runs off the Alameda, the main avenue, and leads to the Plaza Marina at the port.
Not only can you find great shopping but there are many cafes and bars which come alive during the
evening when the locals like to promenade with friends and family. The Plaza de Constitution at the top
of the Calle is where many of the traditional and cultural events are held throughout the year and is a
particularly exciting place to go at Christmas time.

 Every August Malaga holds the region's biggest and most exciting party, the Feria de Malaga during
which the city centre is transformed with people on horseback dressed in typical costume. Thousands
of locals and visitors dress up and line the city centre streets, decorated food stalls offer local
delicacies and after sampling the local Malaga wine or a sweet sherry there's plenty of music and
dancing In the evening. The real de la feria then moves away from the centre to Cortijo de Torres,
where there are many exhibitions and pavillions open to the public with over 300 spectacles and 1600
performers. The nights are dedicated to flamenco dance and music, peña music groups, pop and
flamenco bands and competitions. The port is lit up by a firework display, turning the city into an
explosion of light and colour. This is also Malaga's main bullfighting season, so if you're not squeamish
or don't object you can catch the matadors at the Plaza de Toros.

For those who like to get away from the bustle of the city there are many public gardens to visit the
most famous being Los Jardines de la Concepcion. Established in 1855 this is a fantastic house and

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

collection of buildings with views of Malaga that has been carefully looked after and protected by the
Malaga authorities. The sub tropical gardens contain a wide variety of species and there are many
walks enabling you to take in not only the flora but the architectural remains that are contained in the

 One of the traits of Malaga and its people is that although there are many things to do and see there is
always a very relaxed atmosphere about the city. Whether it is the pleasant climate or just the fact that
the Malaga culture is a more relaxed way of life even shopping becomes a more enjoyable experience.

 So sandwiched between one of the busiest airports in Europe and one of its most famous and hectic
coastines, the Cost del Sol, Malaga makes a fine relaxing destination any time of the year for all

Dan Williams is an experienced travel writer. For more about Malaga and routes to the Costa del Sol
check for reviews of flights and reach these destinations cost

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                             Great Studios For Sale on the Costa Del Sol
                                              By Che Marks

Spain is a country where innumerable people have been going to unwind and relax for a very long
time. With a much-admired coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, the sunny beaches of Costa del
Sol, along with the abundant beauty, have drawn visitors to the region in large numbers. While Spain
on the whole is a very beautiful country, Costa del Sol holds a special place in the hearts of many.

 The increasing number of visitors to the region has ended up putting Costa del Sol on the itinerary of
even more travelers. Its increasing popularity has it positioned as one of the most sought-after tourist
destinations, and this has had a positive impact on the area’s real estate sector. With large parts of the
world facing financial uncertainty, this is as good a time as any to buy property in Costa del Sol.

 The climate of Costa del Sol is one of the primary reasons that people wish to live in the region. The
average annual temperature of the area settles at around 18 0C / 64 0F, which makes it perfect for
spending time in a pleasant climate for most parts of the year. Another factor that draws people
interested in buying property to Costa del Sol is the connectivity of the region. Being one of Spain’s
best connected regions, it is not very far from the Malaga International Airport. Besides, there are
scores of villages and towns in close proximity. Also, the local people are very affable and open to
people from different cultures coming to settle down in Costa del Sol.

 While Costa del Sol still lives up to its old world charm, it has not distanced itself from the advances in
the modern world. Along with a rather unperturbed pace of life, the region is home to many bars by the
beach, well-equipped supermarkets, up market restaurants, modern theaters, nightclubs, beauty
salons, tennis courts, etc.

 Writing about Costa del Sol and not mentioning the region’s affinity to golf would be sacrilege. The
region boasts of over 50 high quality golf courses, which are frequented by golfing enthusiasts from
different corners of the globe. You can very easily find yourself a home in the vicinity of a golf course
and pursue your swing with much gusto.

 When it comes to buying residential property in Costa del Sol, you, as the buyer, have a large range of
options. There are high-end villas that are up for sale, and you can also find some apartments to suit
lower budgets. Costa del Sol also has some of the best Studios that one can get to see anywhere.
Some of these studios come totally equipped, and you can simply walk in with your suitcase. However,
if you wish to fill up the studio on your own, you can choose from a number of unfurnished studios that
are up for sale.

 Looking for Studios for sale on the Costa del Sol is not very difficult. The internet is a good place to
start your search. You can find a number of web sites that cater to Costa del Sol’s real estate sector,
and studios feature amongst almost all these web sites. It is important that you try and go through as
many options as you can prior to reaching a decision.

Andalucian Dream Homes is currently offering Studios for sale on the Costa del Sol. Grab the chance
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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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