Fulfilling Ones Travel Needs, Giving the Reader a Choice of an Affordable Dream Vacation

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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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      Fulfilling Ones Travel Needs, Giving the Reader a Choice of an Affordable Dream Vacation
                                                               By Desmo Boss

    Sell off vacations info dot com website is a unique and therefore an extremely important travel
website on the internet in modern times, its importance is that the website alone, allows the traveller
full free access to some of the most detailed travelling articles ever written on the internet today.

 The sell off vacations info website have a unique function within the travelling community, which
resolves the most important aspect of choosing the exact vacation, vacation rentals, flight to any where
in the world, booking the ultimate luxury cruise, or even finding the most affordable hotel or booking the
destination car rentals.

 The uniqueness of the travel website is its unique feature of collecting and collating the vast array of
the finest travel and adventure holiday articles and travel guides from the best sourced and
knowledgeable travel authors, then offering the unique opportunity to the traveller to study in depth, the
destination and travel, guides and destination and travel articles even before booking the vacation,
vacation rentals, booking business flights, booking flights, cruises, hotels or car rentals.

 The advantage of this unique service to the traveller is that the travelling website will not charge a cent
for freely accessing the vast array of travel articles, this reading service is absolutely free and with no
commitment to buy any products or services mainly as we don’t sell services or products, so you have
no fear of hidden charges or any payment pre-conditions.

 This complete travelling articles service is provided free and paid for by the very kind sponsor, the
travel website, sell off vacations dot info, which pays for/sponsors the uniquely free travel articles and
destinations guides. All in all without the kind sponsorship from sell off vacations dot info, this unique
service would not be available and the travelling public would be deprived of this unique service and

 To the average traveller to from all countries of the world, booking and purchasing a vacation, flight,
cruise, vacation rentals, car rentals is only the first step in the complicated function of taking a well
earned and well deserved vocational pursuit and returning from the sell off vacations, holiday relaxed
from a stress free pre-planned and pre-prepared vacation.

 The importance of pre-planning and pre-preparation is one of the key attributes of booking and then
enjoying a trouble free vacation, vacation rentals, and Caribbean cruise, business flight, flight and even

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car rentals all these ordinary and every day endeavours, which is likely to be accomplished many times
a day by ordinary people throughout the world.

 But to have any possibility to accomplish a successful travelling venture, prior to the vacation, one
must research the relevant travel articles and use the relevant details – relevant to your individual
needs, and through preplanning and combined with the preparation, which is necessary prior to the
start of the vacation, expect to accomplish a relaxed, stress free and successful vacation, holiday, or
flight without the hassle often experienced on the last minute panic type of travelling experience.

 There are definite advantages associated with booking your vacation, holiday, business flight, flight,
hotel, car rental and even your vacation rental on line with you the paying consumer in control of
simple function of online booking facilities.

 The paying consumer accepting control and empowered to search for and identify the exact travel
package that is best suited to your individual needs, based on the simplified facts found in the free
travel articles, free articles on sell off vacations info dot com, even include articles specific to travel tips
of the most important tasks involved in selecting your travel package easily and effectively on a needs
led basis, and tailored to your own intimately specific needs specifications and all through the efforts of
you making important informed choices.

 The unique facilities of sell off vacations info dot com and its kindly sponsored partner sell off
vacations dot info allow the consumer to select their ideal needs based travel package at sell off prices
– through informed choices and unique sell off vacation search facilities, which allow the consumers a
unique opportunity to bypass the high street travel agent.

 We are now at the critical stage of the valid and often hidden or certainly not publicised, the intricate
workings associated with booking your vacation, holiday, trip vacation rentals, luxury cruise, Caribbean
cruise, even the simple booking of a hotel and car rentals. Using the combined websites – sell off
vacations info dot com and sell off vacations dot info, the consumer have an unique opportunity to
book and purchase their travel package online and benefit from sell off vacations prices

 To justify visiting these two unique travel website and paying less through sell off vacations online,
then it is extremely important to understand the intricate workings of the high street travel agent, at this
stage, must be considered.

 To enter a high street travel agents premises and book your vacation, you will automatically, without
any doubt, increase your travel package quite significantly, especially when you consider, the travel
agent, at best, will be booking your travel package from the same, or very similar, travel agents
booking facilities that is offered on sell off vacations dot info.

 The exception, to this rule is two fold; firstly, sell off vacations dot info, have a unique opportunity to
search the travel agents database facilities for vacations at last minute sell off travel package prices,
which are sold at sometimes significantly reduced pricing just to increase the passenger capacity of
individual airlines throughout the world – this sell off facility in the depressed financial times is even
more important to both the airlines and the travel consumer, than a decade ago.

 I am not suggesting the high street travel do not have access to similar sell off vacation prices, but,
consider one very important aspect of the high street travel agents and the way in which they are
forced to compete.

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 Secondly, imagine for a moment you enter your high street travel agents office, with the intention of
booking and purchasing a vacation package.

 The sales representative will input your particular travel package query into the intensive travel agents
database. I suggest, the high street travel agent representative will be presented with a long list of
possible relevant booking prices and each selection will display differing prices – search sell off
vacations dot info, and the travel search results will display a large pricing difference which the booking
travel agent will ultimately offer to the potential customer as a selection.

 At this important stage of the articles argument, we must consider influences on an individual high
street travel agent representative, which may have an adverse influence on the selections that could
be considered to be relevant, and not necessarily based on the finances or worse still the individual
travel needs of the potential travel customer which will be processed through the booking agent.

 Consider the high street travel agents have physical premises, and these premises can present a
financial burden – rents, leasing, utilities- electricity to power the computer networks and lighting
heating, and more importantly employer/employees salaries and commissions – sometimes large
commissions, on each on each and every travel vacations, vacation packages, luxury and basic
amenities cruises, vacation rentals even booking hotels and car rentals.

 So, with a multitude of pressures on the travel agent representative – critical decision making is even
more critical, if the travel agent representative’s salary is commission based, the higher the vacation
package sale price the possibility of more financial remuneration, and in this credit crunch times, with
families organisations cutting back immensely their travelling commitments, the high street travel
representative may be facing financial pressures, stressed workloads, which may be beyond anything
they may have experienced previously, and may have an adverse influence of their decision making
associated with selecting the needs based travel vacation holiday package available to the consumer.

 Buying your vacation related packages from sell off vacations dot info, you will be presented with
similar travel prices from similar global travel booking databases, the travel package prices will also
include sell off vacation prices which offer the potential travel consumer an extremely affordable travel
package options, and even more amazing the potential travel customer/consumer will bypass some
high street travel agent representative sometimes adversely difficult travel packages decision making
and select the exact travel vacation, holiday package based on individual needs – financial needs and
individual preferential needs.

 The travel vacations decision making will be based on the expertly written advice contained in the free
travel and destination articles and free guides freely available on sell vacations info dot com and her
sponsor partner travel website sell off vacations dot info.

I am a mature family orientated male living a traditional family lifestyle. I have worked in various
employment positions and the current position is in a Youth Offending Team as Project Manager.
http://www.selloffvacationsinfo.com http:///www.selloffvacations.info

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                                       Three Easy Steps To Your Dream Vacation!
                                                          By Darlene Berkel

 Let's face it. For many of us, our dream vacation may not quite fit into our financial possibilities. But
with persistent determination, diligence and discipline, your dream vacation could be much closer than
you may think! Here are 3 easy steps to your dream vacation.

1. Join a Home exchange program. When it comes to a dream vacation, you simply cannot get any
better that FREE!! Home exchange programs allow you to swap homes with other home-owners in
your dream vacation destination. This means you save on costs of accommodations! There are
several excellent home exchange websites that provide great information about swapping homes. We
recommend "Travel The Home Exchange Way" and "Know Your Trade" . There is no better way to
fast forward to a dream vacation!

2. Put your credit cards to work for you! Just about everyone uses credit cards in one way or the
other, so as long as you are going to use one, why not let it work for you? Get a credit card that allows
you to accumulate credit-card miles, which you can then use for FREE travel awards, travel upgrades
and many other luxuries you may otherwise have to dish out large sums of cash for. So before you
make your next charge, find out if your current credit card offers any travel rewards. If not, its time for
a switch. There are many credit cards that award airline miles, cruise vacation points or hotel points.

Caution: Do NOT make unnecessary charges on these travel award cards merely to get a free airline
ticket! Use the travel reward cards to pay for necessary expenses! The trick is to use the card to
make purchases you would have made with cash. Then pay off the card to a zero balance each
month. That way, you made a purchase you would have made with cash anyway PLUS are piling up
points toward great travel awards.

3. Liquidate unnecessary assets. So now you got free accommodations and a free airline ticket. But
what about spending money? Most of us have stuff all around the house that we seldom ( read:never)
use. Why not sell it and use that cash as spending money on your dream vacation? You can hold a
"virtual yard sale" by using Craigslist and Ebay to you sell stuff you no longer use or need.
Remember, one man's "junk" is another man's "treasure".

Follow these three easy steps and you may be enjoying your dream vacation much sooner than you
think. It really is as easy as 1-2-3.

When was the last time you got away?  Visit http://vacation.every1loves2travel.com for great
vacation ideas and tips sbout disney world vacations, caribbean vacations, and much more.

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