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                                           Finding Luxury Vacation Rentals in Florida
                                                             By Anurak.Wong

   Luxury vacation rentals in Florida have mushroomed over the years, given the number of visitors
going to the Sunshine State for vacations. For those who wish for an alternative to hotel suites, there
are many house rentals to choose from. These luxury rentals are located in Florida’s prime location
spots, usually beautiful, elegant houses with gorgeous views of sun and sea. These rentals are a hit
with visitors, especially because of Florida’s tropical weather.

 Among the luxury vacation rentals in Florida, those in Miami Beach are probably some of the most
in-demand. Miami Beach is known for great shopping and vibrant nightlife, and also for the great
number of Black and Hispanic visitors annually. Great vacation villas can be found a few miles away,
tucked in Venetian Islands and all the way to North and South Miami.

 Fort Lauderdale is another great source of luxury vacation rentals in Florida. Known as the Riviera of
the state, one’s vacation in Florida can’t be considered complete without stopping by Fort Lauderdale.
Over the years, it has become host to film and fashion premieres, therefore increasing the number of
visitors looking for luxury rentals. Las Olas Boulevard in the area boasts a number of exclusive luxury
villas for visitors to enjoy.

 For those looking for a quiet, peaceful vacation, Boca Raton has great villas where one can enjoy
privacy. Luxury rentals in West Palm Beach are also a great alternative. Be aware of the high-end
prices though.

 Key West is another fantastic location to look for luxury vacation rentals in Florida. A look at one of the
best-selling villas in the area reveals the following:

 • Classy, marble flooring all throughout the mansion’s interiors
 • Spacious, elegant interiors that combine French and country-style furniture and decors
 • A private elevator for the mansion’s four floors
 • A gourmet kitchen done in gleaming stainless-steel
 • luxurious bedrooms, each with a balcony and French doors
 • A master bedroom with all-glass walls and an amazing view of the ocean
 • Jacuzzi at the fourth floor, where one can gaze at the star-filled sky and the wide stretch of the beach
 • a Tiki hut perfect for beach parties

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• an enormous private dock complete with a boat ramp
• heated oceanfront pool
• Chef and nanny services at the request of the guests

 These luxury vacation rentals in Florida can also be used for special occasions like weddings. Imagine
spending the most beautiful day of your life near the ocean, on a rambling villa that is picture-perfect
for your wedding. Along with the house itself, guests can also request for themes for their weddings.
You can choose to have a Princess wedding, where you can have gourmet food, sparkling champagne
and exotic floral arrangements. These services can be extended to include your own personal wedding
planner, a photographer and videographer and a DJ.

More simple occasions such as birthdays can be accommodated. No matter what the occasion is, it
will be beautiful and memorable if held on the most luxurious villas that Florida has to offer.

The article is written by Wond. You can visit the following website for more useful information about Florida Vacation Rental:

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                                  With Vacation Rentals You Can Stay For a Long Time
                                                                By Mike Yeager

With Vacation Rentals You Can Stay For a Long Time
 by: Mike Yeager

Vacation rentals are an option when you plan to go on a vacation and stay for any length of time. For
example, Florida has the basic strategy of finding what the vacationer needs, what they are looking for
and with what budget and then fulfilling that need. In the process, as a visitor to this beautiful state, you
will have a wonderful and interesting vacation at a price you can afford. Stay as long as you like. A
vacation rental makes that possible. It has both moderate and luxury accommodations in all areas of
the state can be found very easily.

Vacation rentals can also be found with the owners. The owners are a pleasure to deal with, and most
prompt with responding to the people. When you plan on taking a vacation, renting directly with the
owner is less expensive; and you can receive very helpful, detailed information about the villa itself.

Vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach, the city thrives on millions of visitors to the beach every year has
beachfront condominium complexes - these oceanfront condos range from inexpensive studios to
luxury 4 Br suites. So is San Diego with the largest selection of Mission Bay and Mission Beach
vacation rentals with daily, weekly and monthly rates. On the other hand, Kauai vacation rentals have
an exclusive selection of accommodations with its breathtaking view and tropical surroundings making
it truly one of the world's most beautiful islands.

Mike Yeager

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