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					                                            Lieutenant General
   Lieutenant General                        James Longstreet
    James Longstreet
   A Very Modern General                        A Very
                                              Civil War
 Presented by Author                           General
 LTC Harold Knudsen
                                                 Presented by Author
                                                 LTC Harold Knudsen
   7:00pm February 24th , 2009                  7:00pm February 24th, 2009

     at GIMZA Polish Restaurant                  at GIMZA Polish Restaurant
3435 Medlock Bridge Rd. Norcross GA 30092   3435 Medlock Bridge Rd. Norcross GA 30092     
While many books and writings are available on the
history of Lieutenant General James Longstreet
of the Confederate States Army,              nearly the
entire body of this historiography marginalizes his
accomplishments and is devoted to his falling from
grace with the postwar Southern elites.

Harold     Knudsen’s     book    aims   to    look   at
Longstreet with twenty-first century objectivity,
and completely abandons the Lost Cause linked
hatred that many postwar Southern elites had for
him and his post war politics.
                                                          Lt. Col. Knudsen has a Masters in Liberal Arts
It compares the similarities of Longstreet's              from Georgetown University. His book, James
innovations and operations to certain aspects of          Longstreet: The Confederacy’s Most Modern
war that became standard in the First and Second          General, is based on his Master's dissertation.
World Wars. Interpreting Longstreet through the
comparison of his methods to twentieth century            Harold Kudsen has over 20 years of educational
methods shows Longstreet was a very modern                and pratical experience with the U.S.A army in
general.                                                  America and overseas. His extensive knowledge
                                                          and experience has allowed him to be involved in
                                                          the planning and execution of artillery fire during
                                                          Dessert Storm, hold different staff positions in
                                                          the army and teach ROTC at college level.