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                “MASTER THE SAT CLASS in McKinney”
 “Incredible Class! My son, Buddy, not only raised his score 600 points, but received a
 $200,000 scholarship to Brown University. He is also the first student from his school to go to
 an IVY League school. Thanks a million! –Joseph Y. (father of SW Christian student)

As you know, scoring high on the SAT or the PSAT/NMSQT can not only aid in college entrance, but
also provide your child with scholarships that could include full tuition, room and board, honors
dorms, graduate money and stipends to study abroad.

Dear Frisco ISD Parents:

Due to an overwhelming response, College Prep Genius will be back offering a TWO DAY course at
FCA (Faith Christian Academy) -designed to teach students the techniques needed to become successful
in taking the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT tests. This course will equip students with the necessary strategies
and tips that can help increase their test scores. Students will also learn how to dispel common practices
and misconceptions about the SAT that can harm their scores, and learn facts that can help them score
higher such as:
        The PSAT/NMSQT is NOT a practice test!
        A perfect score doesn’t require all perfect answers!
        There is NO limit to multiple testing!
        SMART kids can sometimes choose DUMB answers!

     The fee for the “Master the SAT Class” is a great value at only $99.
The class includes:

College Prep Genius manual       $39.95
The College Prep Genius workbook 15.95
Ten hours of class instruction   500.00


        Critical Reading

            •    How to cut your Critical Reading time in half
            •    How not to be fooled by certain questions
            •    Know why the four patterns that are wrong so you don’t fall for them again
            •    Why learning 3000 vocabulary words could be fruitless
            •    Learn the three tricks of the Dual Passage
            •    The place to look for the main idea in the Short Passage—it’s always the same   more secrets...

                 College Prep Genius has been featured on Fox Good Day, NBC 5 Today and TX21.
                        Contact Jean Burk           81-SAT-2-PREP
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        Math Section

            •    How to rarely use your calculator
            •    Stop working long formulas and find the short way for a quick answer
            •    The hidden math patterns that scream “this is the answer”
            •    Why the order of the answers is so important
            •    How to dismantle a scary problem

        Writing Section

            •    How to write a high scoring essay in just 15 minutes
            •    The biggest key to an amazing essay
            •    How the test-makers fool students on the Sentence Error section
            •    The one answer choice on the Improving Sentence section you should look at first
            •    Decoding the Improving Paragraph section by knowing it is just a combination of two other sections


CLASSES ARE LIMITED!!!! To reserve a spot, please register online ASAP at

When and where are the classes held?
FCA (Faith Christian Academy) 115 Industrial # A, McKinney, 75069
      November 24 & 25 (9:00-2:30) Mon/Tues.

What should I bring?
Please bring several sharpened pencils, a calculator, a drink, a snack and a lunch

How does the “Master the SAT Class” prepare students for the SAT?
The SAT is a logic and reasoning test and understanding the recurring patterns of the questions is the
key to taking the test. The topics addressed by this class include verbal reasoning skills, writing skills,
vocabulary analysis, how to write a winning essay and how most math problems can be easily solved.

                  “My son Peter went up 450 points after your class. Amazing!”-Kim D., Grapevine High School

                  “Awesome Class! I got a 2290 on my SAT and 217 on my PSAT.”-Kendal W., Aledo High
        “My daughter took your class and scored a perfect score on her essay. THANKS!”-Joe B., FW Christian parent

             “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW AWESOME YOUR CLASS IS! It was great and the math acronyms ROCK!”
                                      Spencer H., Colleyville-Heritage High School

        “100 Points raised in just one section based only on one technique you taught my son Johnny. It was so easy, he
           thought he was cheating. We used your materials and all our students raised their scores from 300-500 points.”
                                              Toni G., Director of Faith Christian Academy

                  College Prep Genius has been featured on Fox Good Day, NBC 5 Today and TX21.
                          Contact Jean Burk                81-SAT-2-PREP

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