Tahitian Noni International Facial Care Tepoema by ner98569


									                       Tahitian Noni International Facial Care
                        Tepoema™ ~ Pearl of the Deep Sea ~
Step #1 Detox and Purify
Cleansing Oil - Normal or Dry Skin --- Cleanse your skin the Tahitian way. Noni Seed Oil
hydrates – Macadamia oil helps retain and enhance skin moisture, Kukui Nut, Noni Fruit to purify
skin and act as an antioxidant, Moringa Seed for purifying the skin, Algae and Kelp Extract and
Vitamin E.
Cleansing Gel – Combination or oil-prone skin--- Cleanse your skin the Tahitian way. Seaweed
provides essential vitamins and minerals which help brighten, refresh, cleanse and purify. Noni Fruit,
Black Willow, Moringa Seed for purifying the skin, Algae and Kelp Extract sooths and act as a
healing emollient and Tahitian Basil to refresh skin with phytonutrients.
Skin Revealing Exfoliator – Reveals healthy new skin – Pearl Powder, Noni Fruit Juice, Bamboo
Powder gently exfoliates skin, Macadamia Nut, Crushed Coconut helps remove dead skin cells,
Kukui Nut, Macadamia Oil and Sea Salt -provides the skin with essential minerals.
Refining Mud Mask – Helps prevent and treat blackheads. Volcanic sands and natural earth
clays polish the skin and decrease enlarged pores. Use 1 time per week.
Blemish Recovery Gel – Treats adult acne. Prevents breakouts & decreases discoloration.
Salicylic acid calms inflamed skin. Use twice daily in mornings & evenings.

Step #2 Equalize and Prepare
Skin Equalizing Toner – Balances the skins pH levels - Creates an ideal environment to treat,
hydrate and protect your skin. Noni Seed Oil, Noni Leaf Extract and Juice, Noni Fruit, Coconut
Fruit juice (known to help calm sensitive skin while offering antioxidant protection), Macadamia Nut
Oil, Kukui Nut, Ginger, Tahitian Basil, Kelp and Red Algae that protects against environmental
stress and irritation.

Step #3 Revive and Protect
Creamy Moisturizer – Micro-swelling defense and Rich Moisture
Noni Leaf Extract, Fruit and Seed Oil along with Macadamia Oil and Banana Tree Flower to help
the skin appear smooth and fresh, Soybean Ceramides to protect skin and strengthen a healthy skin
barrier and Red Algae to protect against environmental stress and irritation.
Hydrating Lotion - Micro-swelling defense and Light moisture - Noni Fruit, Leaf Extract and
Juice, Kelp and algae to brighten and refresh the skin, banana tree flower, red algae, barley extract
Environmental Shield – SPF20 Micro-Swelling Defense - Noni Fruit, Leaf Extract, Juice, Seed
Oil, red algae, kelp and Tahitian vanilla bean. Provides long lasting SPF protection.

Step #4 Improve and Repair
Youth Restore Serum – Expression line and wrinkle repair – The hibiscus seeds and coconut
have been shown to reduce expression lines and wrinkles naturally without damaging acids. With
the addition of Noni Leaf Extract it helps curb micro-swelling associated with premature aging.
Skin Renovation Cream – Stress relief, firm and lift – Noni Seed Oil, Monoi Oil, Kukui Nut,
Macadamia Oil, Green Algae and Bamboo and Pea Extract that work to give lifting effects.
Restorative Eye Essence – Relieves under eye circles, puffiness and wrinkles - Noni Fruit Juice,
Noni Leaf Extract, Chrysin (found in passion flower) Bamboo extract and Pea extract
Skin Lightening Emulsion – Helps lighten and decrease the appearance of skin discolorations –
Noni Leaf Extract and Juice, Nasturtium petal extract, Noni Fruit Juice, Boldine lightens and
brightens the appearance of skin and Bearberry extract for even skin tone.

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