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RobbeRy Assignment Kit
                           Take the Stress and Chaos
                         Out of Post-Robbery Actions
                                          Each Kit Includes
        A Specially Designed Envelope
                                                  One Pad of Bandit           Eight Teller               A Supervisor’s Guide for
                                                  Description Forms        Instruction Cards               Robbery Procedures

By using this kit your employees can:
• Assemble all vital information quickly;           Evidence Bag
• Aid police in identifying the robbers;                              Two Robbery Assignment Cards that are perforated so that they are
                                                                      easily separated into six cards containing those specific procedures
• Help gather evidence that may be used in
                                                                           employees should immediately implement after a robbery.
Most importantly, employees do not have to
memorize the procedures; no long training
sessions to put the procedures into effect; and
nothing to remember during the emotional
period after a robbery. Your employees need
only pick up the kit after a robbery and follow
the instructions printed on the cards.
                    Also Available:
  Laminated “Closed” Signs

                                 Caution Tape               Color Coded,
                                                          Easy-to-See Door
                                                            Height Tape
                                                                                         Weapons Identification

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                      Distributed through these state bankers associations
Alabama Bankers Association       Louisiana Bankers Association          New Hampshire Bankers Association    South Carolina Bankers Association
Colorado Bankers Association      Maine Association of Community Banks   New Jersey Bankers Association       South Dakota Bankers Association
Connecticut Bankers Association   Maryland Bankers Association           New Mexico Bankers Association       Vermont Bankers Association
Georgia Bankers Association       Massachusetts Bankers Association      New York Bankers Association         Virginia Bankers Association
Illinois Bankers Association      Minnesota Bankers Association          North Dakota Bankers Association     West Virginia Bankers Association
Indiana Bankers Association         Insurance and Services, Inc.         Oklahoma Bankers Association         Wisconsin Bankers Association
Iowa Bankers Association          Mississippi Bankers Association        Ohio Bankers League                  Wyoming Bankers Association
Kansas Bankers Association        Missouri Bankers Association           Pennsylvania Bankers Association
Kentucky Bankers Association      Montana Bankers Association              Services Corporation

     Order 10 kits and receive                                              Order 20 kits and receive
                FREE                                                                   FREE
one 200-foot roll of caution tape,                               one 200-foot roll of caution tape, one color
    one color height marker                                                    height marker
and one laminated “closed” sign                                      and one laminated “closed” sign
                                                                               and the
                                                                         Weapons Identification

     Quantity                                                 Product                                    Price Each              Total Price
                       OS214600                 Robbery Assignment Kit(s)                                    $24.95          $
        (10)                           Robbery Assignment Kits with FREE
                       OS214601                                                                              $24.95          $
                                  height marker, roll of caution tape and “closed” sign
        (20)                           Robbery Assignment Kits with FREE
                       OS214602   height marker, roll of caution tape,“closed” sign and                      $24.95          $
                                           Weapons Identification Guide
                        OS1237                Weapons Identification Guide                                   $19.95          $

                        OS1234              Color-Coded Height-Marker Tape                                   $6.95           $

                        OS1235                           Caution Tape                                        $6.95           $

                        OS1236                      Laminated Door Sign                                      $4.95           $
RETURN TO:                                                                                                      Subtotal $
     National Association for Bank Security
                                                                                            Florida add 6% Sales Tax $
     4800 S.W. 51 Street, Suite 101
     Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314                                                         Shipping and Handling Charge $                  12.95
	    Phone:	954-327-1223	•	Fax:	954-327-1226
     Check enclosed. Payable to: National Association for Bank Security                                         TOTAL
     Bill me.

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