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Make money with Twitter


Make money with Twitter 20$/day and make followers 500/day

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									Making money with Twitter!!
  Success Secrets To Increase Your Profits and Sales Using
                Twitter Business Strategies

1. How are you going to make money with

-     First of all you need a lot of followers
-     When you have enough followers, you need to send
them ads, they click on it and you ll start earning m oney,
that s all!

2.   Is this going to cost you a lot of time?

Not at all! I tested this method for you and I found the best
and fastest way to earn money with Twitter. So all you have
to do is follow this instructions. At First, it s going to take
some time to create and manage all the accounts, but at the
end all you have to do is write some tweets every day, it takes
about 5 minutes, that s all!

3.   Why do I write this eBook?

I am also using this method and I m earning a lot of money
with it. Now I want you to give you this info so you can make
money too and I can make even more m oney! This eBook if
free so in return I just ask you to create a RevTwt account
this link. http://revtwt.com/index.php?id=54325 When you start
earning money on this site, I receive 20% on top of your
income. Once you ve created your own account, go to the
 Referrals tab and you get your very own link that you can
give to other people and receive 20% on top of their

4. This is what you need to start earning
-    Twitter Account http://twitter.com/signup
-    Paypal Account https://www.paypal.com/id/mrb/pal=SBG9U4FNGU6YC
-    RevTwt Account http://revtwt.com/index.php?id=54325
-    Tweetlater Account http://www.tweetlater.com/register
-    Hummingbird Account http://hummingbird2.com/cmd.php?af=1178547

5. Logon to your Twitter account and change these

6.   Account

-    Name, Username, Email
-    Time Zone: Take a time zone between GMT -08:00
     05:00 because most people who follow m e are from the
     United States (Can be different for your situation!)
-    More Info URL: Here you can promote your website
-    One Line Bio: This is also important, just write
     something about yourself
-    Location and Language
7.   Notices

Uncheck Email when someone starts following me ,
because over 10.000 people are going to follow you from
you, so that s a
lot of spam.

8.   PayPal Account

This is simple, create an account
and verify you credit card or
top up your account.

9.   RevTwt Account

This is the site you ll need to start earning m oney.Don t
forget to sign up with my link, thanks!
(http://revtwt.com/index.php?id=54325) Go
to Twitter Accounts , add your twitter account(s) and Auto
Post 2 Ads/Day. Click submit to save your changes. This
site will now automatically post 2 ads each day so all you
have to do is sit back and earn money.

10. Tweetlater Account

Create an account and go to Account , Add Accounts and.
Check Automatically send a welcome message to new
followers and in the Send This Message: box you write
something like: Thanks for following! I am making money
twitter, you can too Also check Auto
Unfollow .
11. Hummingbird

Their sales page is this:
With this software you can add a lot of followers, very fast.
You can make followers 300/day!

12. Login Twitter

Log in with you Twitter Account and go to Tools , Find
Targeted Followers . Go to Find suggested users , select
all and click Follow . Then do this again but stay on the
 Find on Twitter tab. Search on a keyword like Twitter,
website, marketing, woman, Click on an account that has
between 1000 and 2000 followers. Click on Followers or
 Following , wait a few seconds and click on Follow All .
Now Hummingbird starts following them all, this can take a
while. You can follow 2000 people max, this is a limit on
Twitter and you can only break it by getting more Followers.
Now you ve followed 1000-2000 people. Wait 48 hours and
let them follow you back. This is how you get followers!
Once you have as much followers as people following you,
you have to flush the people that you are following, but
don t followyou back. So click on following and click the
bottom right corner button labeled Unfollow All But do
NOT do a "mass unfollow" of thousands at a time. You are
sending a red flag and an increased chance of your account
getting suspended.

Repeat from step 12
Keep doing this to get as much followers as u need..

Launch it, add all you Twitter accounts, click Tweet (upper
left), select all you Twitter accounts and Tweet something.
Now you are Tweeting to all your accounts at the same time!

14. What to do next?

Repeat step 12 every 48 to 72 hours and step 13 every day.

15.    Last notes

Thank you for reading this tutorial. I know it will work for
you. Please don t forget to sign up @ RevTwt with my link.
errors, just let me know (It will probably be full of it). ). I you
see any spelling http://revtwt.com/index.php?id=54325

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