Accessing Chemtura Citrix Desktop from Internet

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					     Accessing Chemtura Citrix Desktop from Internet Explorer

The Following document will describe how to access Chemtura Citrix Desktop from
almost any PC connected to the internet and running Microsoft Internet Explorer. This
method is intended to be used as a substitute for Cisco VPN client software.

If you are logging on from the office or any Chemtura site on a thin client, PC or
laptop, you should start at Step 4

Step 1.

Launch Internet Explorer from the Start Menu or the Desktop of the PC you are using.
The icon usually looks like this.

Step 2.

Navigate to and go to “Employee” at the top right, choose your
region and click on “Citrix Desktop”.

*Note* for non Flash enabled browsers you may need to use this link:

Enter Username, the name you use to logon to your PC or Thin Client.
(Your Username is usually 1 + 7 format Ex. John Smith = Jsmith.)
Enter the same password you use to logon to your PC or Thin Client as well.
Step 3. At this Screen click “OK”

Step 4. You are now connected to the Chemtura Network. At this screen enter your
login credentials.

*Note* if you are in the office or at a Chemtura linked site, you will start at this step
by opening Internet explorer and navigating to this website:

http://citrixus/Citrix/MetaFrame/auth/login.aspx for North American Users.

http://citrixeu/Citrix/MetaFrame/auth/login.aspx for EMEA Users.
Step 5. Once authenticated you will see a screen similar to this. The ONLY icon you
need to use is “Chemtura Citrix Desktop”. Ignore any others.

Single Click this Icon.

This will open a full screen Citrix Session that looks like the one below. The
applications you will need are located under Start All Programs.

If the Citrix Session takes up your whole screen you may use the key combination
SHIFT + F2 to minimize it. For other sizing options contact your local site support.