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                                                         What is a Travel Concierge?
                                                                 By Sarena Harvey

    What is a Travel Concierge?
With package holidays rapidly becoming a dull, uninspiring option for the modern traveller looking for a
more personal, tailor-made holiday we have all become very good at researching our chosen
destination online, in guide books and through recommendations from friends. Armed with this
information collected after hours of reading, surfing and conversations we then go on to select our
destination, accommodation, restaurants and activities, but how many times have you found that the
hotel with the 5-star rating was shabby and disappointing? How many times has the restaurant with a
fantastic write-up failed to deliver? How many times has your day of sight-seeing been a wash-out as
the guide book you used to plan it was out of date or out of touch?
A Holiday Concierge will save you many hours of phone calls and emails by taking over making all of
your hotel, restaurant and activity bookings for you, so you never again have the frustration of
spending a fortune on an international phone call trying to communicate with the owner of a guest
house whose English is basic to say the least.
A good Holiday Concierge will live in your selected destination, be impossibly well connected and will
have up-to-date information on where’s hot, where’s not and which amenities have opened or closed
down since that last edition of your guide book was published. This means that they can make
suggestions and dispense advice on all aspects of your holiday, often coming up with ideas off the
beaten track, so making your holiday even more special and personal.
What is more, whilst bookings for the best tables in restaurants, requests for fresh orchids in your room
or private viewings at art galleries have habitually been seen as holiday demands reserved for
diva-esque pop stars, a travel concierge will be able to go that extra mile for you, giving you a VIP
tailor-made holiday on an affordable budget. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any special
requirements at all... no matter how silly your request might seem, no task is too big or too small for a
good travel concierge
You could compare a holiday concierge with a personal assistant, on hand (often 24 hours a day) to
take care of bookings, arrangements and those priceless extras for you. Leave the mundane and often
frustrating task of sourcing suppliers and making plans to them so you can sit back, relax and indulge
yourself in simply enjoying the best holiday you have ever experienced
Although a concierge is often seen as an expensive luxury, it is no longer just the rich and famous
paying for such services, busy professionals and parents with young families are starting to use them
too. Some, like the Sardinia Holiday Concierge will often not charge you a penny more for their service

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than you would pay if you booked direct with the supplier as the supplier includes a commission to
them within their normal fees. This means you pay exactly the same as you would going direct but you
get the added benefit of recommendations, independent advice and a friendly, multi-lingual voice on
the end of a phone 24 hours a day during your holiday.
So, it appears the question is no longer “what can my holiday concierge do for me?” but “what would I
do without my holiday concierge”

I created the Sardinia Holiday Concierge http://www.sardiniaholidayconcierge.com and the Sardinia
Villa Collection http://www.thesardiniavillacollection.com so that I could help other people to enjoy the
unique beauty of this incredible island

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                                     Taking Advantage Of Your Concierge In Cancun
                                                              By Justin Burch

 Travelers often dismiss concierges as meaningless middlemen. Yet, when vacationing in Cancun,
your hotel concierge can supply you a world of information and opportunity. These jacks-of-all-trades
can be found at most resorts and know Cancun as well as anyone. While some concierges may have
more valuable connections than others, any one of these hotel professionals can provide invaluable
tips for your stay. Best of all, their assistance and advice are free of charge. When in Cancun, you’ll
obviously be in search of unique recreation and entertainment opportunities. To access the best this
exotic destination has to offer, ask your concierge for assistance setting up special activities for your
vacation. Whether you want to go scuba diving or snorkeling with Cancun’s premier dive masters, take
a private tour of ancient Mayan ruins or play a round at one of Cancun’s exclusive golf resorts, your
concierge is the best ticket to the finest attractions.

Keep in mind concierges are paid to be the ultimate Cancun insiders. They attend museum exhibits,
dine at the finest restaurants and frequent the exclusive clubs, all for the sake of telling you what's
worth your time and money. Along the way, they develop business relationships that offer hard-to-find
tickets, reservations and discounts. As a result, restaurants are more likely to accommodate
concierges from high-profile resorts for last-minute reservations or special accommodations than the
average tourist.

When asking about restaurants, it pays to be specific. Suggest a location, view, price range or cuisine
to ensure your concierge knows exactly what you’re looking for. The same goes for any request you
make of your concierge in Cancun, anything from shopping for the perfect gift to locating a doctor or
babysitter. The more information you provide the concierge, the more they will be able to help.

Your concierge can also serve as a travel agent - confirming flights, changing seat assignments,
securing visas and boarding passes, even planning entire vacations. Concierges can even act as
personal assistants, running errands like delivering business materials and picking up needed supplies.

Just as important as those perks, a good concierge will serve as an instructor of local customs and
etiquette, letting you how to dress at the beach or the best way to experience the nightlife. Your
concierge will also be up to date on events and festivals in Cancun and can suggest the best times to
visit certain attractions.

Like every other travel detail, the best travel tip regarding the concierge remains the ability to plan and
organize. To take full advantage of the possibilities outlined above, your relationship with the hotel
concierge should begin well before check–in. Though many travelers aren’t aware of this fact, you can
call the concierge up to one month before you arrive to discuss any of the objectives for your trip, be it
business or pleasure. With such advance notice, your concierge can make all of your arrangements
and appointments and even grant you a detailed hourly itinerary when you arrive. An advance call to
the concierge is also the best way to ensure a table at a popular restaurant or a ticket to a sold-out
event. While a concierge can often use his connections to make a last-minute reservation, the more
time you allow the better.

Calling in advance can also qualify you for special pricing at your hotel. The concierge will know about

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seasonal specials the resorts don’t advertise, in addition to discount opportunities for dining and

As mentioned, concierge services are free. However, introducing yourself and offering a $20 gratuity at
the beginning of your vacation is a good idea if you plan on making several requests. As a general rule,
a tip of $5 is acceptable for dinner or entertainment reservations. A tip up to $100 might be in order if
the concierge developed your itinerary or exhibited truly exceptional service. Furthermore, when you
return to the resort, the concierge will certainly remember you and be prepared to serve again.

This article was written by Justin Burch. Justin writes select pieces about travel in Mexico for the
CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort. http://marriott.com/property/propertypage/CUNMX

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