Vermont Vacations And The Seven Wonders Of The Green Mountain State by toriola1


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     Camping is a great way of vacationing that has arisen out of our latent desire to remain in proximity of Mother
     Nature. Occasionally we feel the need to break free from the shackles of material world and cuddle in nature's
                                                    lap for a while.
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                    Vermont Vacations And The Seven Wonders Of The Green Mountain State
                                                               By Cliff Calderwood

     No matter which season you take Vermont vacations, you’ll see these seven scenic wonders and
fall in love with the Green Mountain state. And just in case you mistakenly think there are only seven
wonders - think again. Each of these is a vacation in itself, full of the wonders of adventure,
breathtaking views, wildlife, and fine dining and lodging.

It all begins here...


The Green Mountain National Forest is 400,000 acres stretching across two-thirds of the length of
Vermont. The Forest comprises six wilderness areas offering camping and 900 miles of trails, and a
backcountry environment for all ages. Campgrounds are available on a first-come basis during the
summer season.

Popular destinations in the Forest include the Robert Frost Trail near Ripton, Texas Falls Recreation
area close to Hancock, the Moosalamoo area near Brandon, and Lake Dunmore and Brandbury State


Located in central Vermont near the town of Woodstock, Quechee Gorge is a geological wonder.
Nicknamed Vermont’s Grand Canyon, the gorge was carved when the last glacier covering New
England receded about 12,000 years ago. Today the Ottauguechee River flows through the gorge and
is spanned by a bridge, which offers a marvelous photogenic vantage point for visitors.

The entrance to the park is just west of the bridge, and offers trails down to the gorge and wooded
nature walks.


Vermont boasts many scenic drives but none more scenic than the portion of Route 100 from Killington
to Waitsfield. The route borders the Green Mountain National Forest and meanders through mountain

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

valleys, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and small farming villages. Along this route you’ll move from open
farmland to steep mountain cliffs either side of a winding narrow road, and then eventually back to
open fields.

The latter part of the journey to Waterbury offers marvelous views of the distant northern Green


Nestled between two mountain ranges is perhaps the most picturesque town in New England - Stowe.
The draw and attraction for many to Stowe is Mount Mansfield, and the mountain dominates the

After the snow melts, families have an endless assortment of things to do on their Vermont vacations,
including swimming, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, and scenic driving tours. Mount
Mansfield itself provides hiking trails for the fit and energetic, or you can take in amazing views from
your own car as you drive to the summit ridge on the historic toll road.


Lake Champlain seems like a lost cousin of the Great lakes. Long and deep, but with an average width
of only 12 miles, its northern area is dotted with a magnificent string of Islands popular for Vermont
vacations. Routes 2 and 78 connect the larger ones together and to the Vermont mainland. One of the
last "undiscovered" treasures of New England, the Lake Champlain Islands offer magnificent vistas of
Vermont’s Green Mountains to the east, and New York’s Adirondacks to the west.


The Northeast Kingdom is a vast 1.3 million acres of mostly wilderness land, which includes public
forests, parks, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. This is an area where little has changed since the
glaciers left, and the adventurous will find plenty of opportunity to live out their dream Vermont

Nature shares the Northeast Kingdom with people, and this is an area where wildlife and scenery is
king, and folks gladly take a back seat. Load up your camping stuff and supplies in St. Johnsbury,
check your gas level, and be prepared for an exhilarating experience!


No mention of Vermont wonders can bypass the finest collection of covered bridges in the United
States. If you include the bridges shared with New Hampshire and spanning the Connecticut River, the
state has 106, which is more than any other New England state. Most bridges are accessible to the
public, in excellent condition, and a joy to discover and photograph.

The craftsmen who designed these monuments had no idea they were building a legacy now enjoyed
by visitors from all over the world. Wherever you are in the state you’re not far from a Vermont covered

This brief journey has been but an introduction to an area in the U.S. where not only the people, but

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nature, does things just a little differently - And that makes all the difference for Vermont vacations.

For more details on these and other Vermont vacation destinations and to grab your valuable travel
report go to Cliff's New England Vacations site at:

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                                                                  Vermont Skiing
                                                               By Fruzsina Csery

 Why skiing? Because it is not only enjoyable, but is a great way of fitness: skiing is a great form of
exercise requiring a level of skill, balance, and flexibility. Skiing is also great way to strengthen and
tone several muscle groups.

What can be such a big fun like skiing? The mountains, the views, the blue sky and breathing clean
mountain air…unless you are in an indoor sky slope in Dubai. But if you would like to have real
adventure, go outside.

Vermont is New England's winter sports capital and Vermont Ski Areas attract thousands of skiers
every ski season. It is not an exaggeration that Vermont has the hottest skiing resorts in the eastern
US. You can explore the best ski and snowboard resorts in the eastern US in Vermont.

Vermont is a very important feature of U.S. ski history. The first alpine ski lift in America was in
Woodstock, and many Vermont Olympians have lifted ski medals on the podium. Cross-country skiing
caught on at the Trapp Family Lodge and telemark skiing began its renaissance here. Vermont is
home to the first U.S. Olympic gold medal winner in nordic skiing, Bill Koch, as well as outstanding
alpine skiers such as Betsy Snite, Andrea Meade, Suzy Chaffee, Billy Kidd and several members of
the Cochrane family. The Green Mountain State is a heaven for ski apostles of all tastes and
experience levels.

If you would like to go to a very well equipped and large area, try Killington first: this place offers the
most skiing ... Killington is the largest ski & snowboard area in the East. Killington offers most variety of
terrain served by the East's highest capacity lift system. Six interconnected mountains and nearby Pico
Mountain, provide unparalleled diversity of skiing and the greatest vertical in New England.
Snowboarders are drawn to the challenge of the longest terrain park in the East.

Killington also features nearby lodging, convenient services, family activities, some of the best ski
shops in New England. Within the region there are also a variety of shopping delights -- factory outlets,
antique shops, artisan workshops, craft fairs and rustic country stores.

You'll find easy access to the resort by ground transportation services or by resort shuttle systems.
You'll have a great experience if you visit Vermont, don't miss it!

Fruzsina Csery wrote this article for

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