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                                                      Vacationers Find Fun In Florida
                                                               By Virginia Morgan

    Often called the Sunshine State, Florida's state identity could be more accurately called the Tourist
State. Centered in tourism with big attractions like the Everglades National Park, chic South Beach,
and family friendly Disney World, Florida has a created a name for itself within the travel sector. Florida
offers so much more than meets the eye and offers one of the amazingly vast arrays of vacation
choices in the entire world. American Express Vacations is one of the few travel operators who offers
packages, which hit most of the state's attractions.

Everglades National Park is one of Florida's not to be missed attractions. Protecting more than 1.5
million acres, Everglades National Park is the 3rd largest national park in the lower 48 states. The area
is home to rare and endangered species, such as the American crocodile, Florida panther, and West
Indian manatee. Over 1,000 species of plants live here. During the dry season, November to May,
most facilities are open and a full range of tours and programs are available to enjoy. Make sure to tour
the Royal Palm Trail. This walk is great for spotting wildlife, especially in the dry season. Shark Valley
Tram Tours are also entertaining. This guided two-hour narrated tram tour provides a great opportunity
to see wildlife. American Express Tours suggests that travelers use this tour during wet season in
order to escape the heat and bugs.

South Beach has gone through numerous man-made and natural changes over the years, including a
booming regional economy and a growing tourism sector. In the late 1980s, a renaissance began in
South Beach, with an influx of fashion industry professionals moving into the area. Most major
modeling agencies had offices in South Beach, and fashion photographers frequently used the area as
a backdrop for their photo shoots.Housing some of the biggest names in fame and fortune, South
Beach has become a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and
oceanfront hotels. The area is popular with both American and international tourists.

Disney World is a must-see for any traveler, and contains so many attractions it can take at least a
whole week to visit them all. Disney World has 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, several beautifully
themed resort hotels, and golf courses. Each Park offers a unique adventure. In the Magic Kingdom,
experience traditional Disney. In Disney's Animal Kingdom, get up-close with some of the most exotic
animals from all seven continents. At Disney's MGM studios, experience the magic of the movies.
Explore the technological world of today and tomorrow at Epcot Center. Each theme park, as well as
many of the resorts, has so many dining options that every traveler can find something appetizing.

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When combined with the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks, its pristine golf courses,
and other surrounding attractions, the Disney property provides plenty of fun for all ages.

Keep in mind Florida has a high occurrence of hurricanes. You might want to check the Hurricane
safety page if you are visiting Florida. Beware of lightning in the north central part of the state,
especially Dixie County, the state's lightning capital. Volusia County is known for a high number of
shark attacks, so be careful when surfing. Also, there is a high occurrence of tornadoes in Florida.
When traveling to Florida, consider using American Express Travel because they offer some of the
best natural disaster traveler insurance.

Virginia Morgan writes tourism and travel articles for AMT American Express Travel, the Internet's
premier resource for American Express Vacations. Serving customers online since 1996.

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                                           Florida - A Fantasic Vacation Destination
                                                              By Robert Lipply

Florida is one of the most popular states for people to visit year round. With its gorgeous warm
weather, people can enjoy the white sandy beaches, theme parks and so much more. In this article we
will highlight a few of the top areas to visit.

Orlando is one of the top cities for Florida vacationers because it has something for everyone. It has
many large theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. There is a
large assortment of hotels here catering the thrifty vacationers to those who want to indulge and
getaway from it all. You will also find many retail and outlet stores, dinner shows and entertainment as
well as the Orlando Magic Basketball team. Another popular attraction is the Cirque de Soleil show.
Located at Downtown Disney, this theatrical show will thrill and mesmerize audiences.

Tampa, FL has also become a popular destination due to its growing city and attractions. Busch
Gardens and Adventure Island are two large Anheiser Busch theme parks that thrill visitors of all ages.
The Lowry Park Zoo and the Florida Aquarium both have a focus on animals, but also offer fun family
activities so you can play while you are learning about your natural surroundings. Tampa is also
surrounded by great water such as the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Both are great for watersports,
sight seeing adventures and fishing. Charter a boat and collect snook, grouper and many other great
fish in these waters. Or you can just relax on one of the beautiful beaches. There are many hotels to
choose from with two of the most historic being The Vinoy Resort and Don Cesar on St. Petersburg
Beach. Both are world renown and have tantalizing restaurants and all inclusive spa services.

Miami Beach has taken an extremely popular turn in the last few years. This city has grown in
popularity with updated renovations that make it more attractive. Celebrities vacation here and enjoy
sunning on the white sandy beaches and partying the night away at some of the hottest clubs in South
Beach Florida. Salsa music is popular here and you will definitely feel the island vibe while relaxing
near this shore.

When some people think of Florida their first thoughts are of the Florida Keys. The water is crystal
blue and the fish and lobster are abundant here. Fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the
most popular past times. You can charter a boat or hop on a sight seeing adventure and see some of
the most gorgeous fish and coral in all of Florida. For land lovers, the shops, restaurants and night life
are enough to keep anyone busy. Each has an island feel and offers great seafood choices that are
both fresh and tasty.

There are so many great locations to visit in Florida. As well as enjoying the attractions, beaches and
gorgeous weather, many people come here to hunt, fish or just enjoy the great outdoors. No matter
which city you choose, you're sure to find wonderful ways to enjoy the gorgeous Florida sunshine!

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