Vacation Cruise Safety Concerns

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                                                 Vacation Cruise Safety Concerns
                                                            By Peter J. Mason

   No matter what type of travel tour that you take, there are some things that you will always need to
be concerned with. For most people, taking a vacation cruise is a once in a lifetime experience that is
much like living a dream and they may not thing about something as common as their safety.
However, even if an experience feels like a dream, you still need to use some common sense about
cruise ship safety, so that you will stay safe and keep your items safe.

When you take a vacation cruise, you will sign a waiver before you even board the ship that releases
the cruise ship company from any responsibility should you have any thefts or losses while on your
cruise. This shows you that you need to take your cruise ship safety seriously. This includes keeping
your valuables secure and using common sense in activities that you take part in. If a theft occurs
while you are onboard, you will find that an investigation can be quite complicated due to the fact that
at least three different agencies involved. This includes the agencies where the registration of the ship
occurred, where the passenger is from, and where the ship is sailing. This makes the process of
investigating a crime and solving a crime very difficult. In fact, the process is sometimes so
overwhelming that people just give up.

The most important thing that you need to do is to make a list of what you are bringing with you on your
vacation cruise. This can help you if you think that something has been stolen. You will want to make
a record of all of your bank account and credit card numbers, so that you will have a record of them in
case of theft, too. Don't keep this list with you, but leave it with a person that you can trust at home.
You will want to make a list of the phone numbers to keep with you, however, so that if they are stolen,
you can call them easily without having to search for phone numbers.

The cruise ship does offer some security methods to enable you to keep your valuable items safe,
possibly including safes in your room or your can use the ship's safe. A wallet places in your rear
pocket could be stolen without you even realizing, so you will want to be sure that you use safer ways
to carry your money. This could include a money belt that you wear under your clothing, etc. You
want to not pull your cash your in public either, so that you will not be advertising yourself for a theft.
Use common sense to keep yourself and your money and valuables safe.                These safety
suggestions should not be something that you have never considered or thought about. Anytime that
you are on a vacation, whether it is a cruise or to a resort hotel, you should be concerned about

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keeping you and your belongings safe so that you can make the most of your travel tour. By following
these easy suggestions, you can help your vacation to go smoothly and enjoyably. Isn't that what you
want and need?

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                          The Bahamas Are Safer and Less Costly Than You Might Think
                                                                 By John Parks

Many people dream of taking a vacation or a cruise to the Bahamas every single day. But there many
things that might stop many individuals from actually taking the plunge (both literally and figuratively) –
some think that a vacation to the Bahamas would be far too expensive for their budget, and that these
types of lavish trips are only meant for the rich and famous. Others may be under the impression that
the Bahamas is a dangerous place, full of thieves, murderers and other criminals. While the beautiful
islands of the Bahamas do see their share of crime (just like every other place on the planet), there is
no excess danger here that you wouldn’t be facing elsewhere.

 If you are concerned about the money aspect of taking a vacation or a trip to the Bahamas, there are
many things to take into account. First of all, drinks and meals are sometimes included on cruise ships
– this may be able to save you quite a bit of money that you would normally spend dining and relaxing.
Often times there are also plenty of free entertainment aboard cruise ships, as well. This will save you
from having to spend a fortune for island entertainment, and you will have more time to walk around,
see the sights, and enjoy the general atmosphere that the Bahamas has to offer its tourists and guests.

 However, if you are worried about your physical safety, there are a few precautions you can take to
put you more at ease with the situation. For starters, cruise ship vacations are amongst the safest
types of vacations around. Because you will be grouped with dozens (and possible even hundreds) of
other cruise ship goers, you will have an increased level of safety at almost all times while exploring
the various islands of the Bahamas. Another thing to consider is the fact that these cruise ships are not
going to take their passengers to an area where they are likely to be harmed in some way – nothing is
worse for business than having your customers kidnapped or otherwise harmed while they are
supposed to be enjoying your services.

 Of course, once you have these types of concerns out of your mind, you can better plan out your
cruise to the Bahamas. You will be able to relax better knowing that you are with countless other
visitors, and you’ll be able to properly enjoy your vacation which you’ve worked so hard for.

 So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t done so already, get on the phone and call your local travel
agent now, and inquire about some of the options when it comes to a cruise to the Bahamas. Chances
are that you will get much more amenities included with your vacation package than you ever thought
possible – and all at reasonable a cost that you have only dreamed of. Many people enjoy their own
vacation experiences in the Bahamas every year; don’t you think it is time that you get to participate in
this luxury and have the vacation of a lifetime, too?

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