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Universal Studios Japan - PDF


									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                     Universal Studios Japan
                                                             By E Cho

   If it weren't for Snoopy, and the Mos Burger and Ganko Sushi restaurants along the road from the
JR Universal City Station, visitors to Universal Studios Japan might think they had stepped out train of
the onto the back lot of Universal Studios in Florida or Hollywood.

Universal Studios Japan Attractions

The similarities between the parks are striking, with the same shark surging out of the water at Amity
Pond, the same bicycle trip across the moon in the ET Adventure, the same Jurassic Park T-Rex
chasing pathetic little rafts over a twenty-five foot waterfall, and of course, the same Amazing
Adventures of Spiderman complete with a moving Statue of Liberty head.

The Water World stunt show is there to give visitors a taste of life on Earth post-global warming, and
Shrek 4-D is there to let visitors enjoy having the sensation of Donkey expectorating in their faces and
unseen creatures crawling all around them. Mist sprayers in the seats and moveable rubber tubing are
the real culprits.

The theme park experience unique to Universal Studios Japan is its Snoopy Studio. The Japanese
people are hooked on cute, and the Peanuts gang takes cute to the nth degree. Snoopy even has his
own roller coaster adventure, "Snoopy's Great Race."

Visitors to Universal Studios Japan, especially during school vacations, are advised to arrive early and
pay extra for an Express Pass Booklet, which will entitle them to go to the head of the line for either
four or seven of the most popular rides or attractions--ET the Adventure; Terminator2 3-D; Jurassic
Park the Ride; Hollywood Dream the Ride; Back to the Future the Ride; Jaws; and the Amazing
Adventures of Spiderman. On peak days the waits for some of these rides can approach three hours,
and the Express Passes sell out quickly.

Accommodations Close to Universal Studios Japan The Sheraton Hotel Miyako Osaka is a deluxe
hotel located in the heart of Osaka offering its guests the peacefulness of traditional Japanese
hospitality, yet is only five kilometers from all the fun and excitement of Universal Studios Japan.


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                                                   Universal Studios Tour
                                                    By Dorothy Williams

 If you had your choice, would you spend a day soaring, speeding, spinning and splashing, or would
you rather find yourself on the set of a big screen film? The good news is, you don't have to decide.
You can have it all with a Universal Studios Tour.

Universal Studios began offering tours in 1964. Now, more than four decades later, Universal Studios
still makes movies and still offers tours, but now they're putting you right in the center of it all.

Now considered one of the worlds' largest amusement parks, Universal Studios has combined
movie-making magic with a theme park loaded with thrilling rides, to become one of the most popular
tourist attractions.

Your Universal Studios tour will take about one hour. Join a guide for a tram ride around the studio's
420 acres, where you'll see stars' dressing rooms, production offices and even Hollywood stars. Where
else can you see a New York City street and a rootin' tootin' western town, all in the same hour? The
Universal Studios tour will include stops at famous sets from "Back to the Future", "Curse of the
Mummy's Tomb", "Jurassic Park III", and "The Grinch". Forget any other boring tours you may have
taken with monotonous tour guides. You'll see action, drama, wonders of nature and absolute

Once you've finished your Universal Studios tour, it's time to move on to the theme park. All of the
rides have movie-oriented themes, like Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Revenge of the Mummy,
Terminator 2 and Shrek. Of course, Universal Studios is all about entertainment. You'll see
Waterworld, a theater presentation that features many special effects and stunts. Backdraft, Spider
Man Rocks and Animal Planet Live are other shows with terrific stage effects.

Need more excitement? Visit the Universal Studios TV Audience Ticket Booth. Here you will have
access to free tickets that will allow you to be part of the audience for television shows being taped
during your visit. It's just like being on TV! There is so much to see and do at Universal Studios, you'd
need several day to pack in all of the fun.

Just outside of Universal Studios, you'll find the Universal City Walk. This is Universal Studios very
own downtown core. Three blocks of stores, restaurants and clubs are available for you to explore and
enjoy. No cars or motorized traffic are allowed in this area, as there are hundreds and sometimes
thousands of pedestrians taking in all of the sights and sounds.

A Universal Studio tour just might be the perfect vacation to please everyone in your family. Plan a tour
on its own, or add it to your Disneyland vacation plans. It is a day (or two) that you'll never forget.

Dorothy Williams writes articles for several web sites, such as and

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