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Travel Vouchers As Door Prizes


									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                      Travel Vouchers As Door Prizes
                                                                  By Dawn Orbeck

   No matter what your event is, you will be sure to bring in a good crowd when you use travel
vouchers as door prizes. Depending on what your event is, you may even get local merchants to
donate the travel vouchers for advertisement. Perhaps it is a charity or fund raising event that you are
organizing. If that is the case, you can check with local companies such as travel agencies, AAA or
other merchants for donations for the event which they can use as a tax right off, while you benefit from
having great door prizes to attract a better crowd.

Be careful to keep a close eye on the expiration dates on the vouchers, as some merchants may put a
stipulation on the travel time. This may not be favorable to many wanting to use them as they have to
travel around black out dates. So be sure to check the stipulations on the travel vouchers before
accepting them. The better voucher you get with little to no black out dates will be the better choice as
your perspective audience will be more apt to bite on the better vouchers.

Company functions, such as the yearly company picnic, are also great events to use travel vouchers.
Depending on where you have the event, you may be able to get free vouchers. Let's say you are
having the company party at a local resort, you can check with the manager there for what they offer in
deals that may give you travel vouchers for door prizes. This way, you can get a discount for having
the party with them and you can pass out prizes that will allow your employees to enjoy their own
private stay at the very resort where your event was held.

 You can even use travel vouchers to attract people in for a presentation you are having, to launch a
new product. You can send out invitation letters to your potential customers announcing your event
and letting them know of the great travel vouchers they can win just for showing up to hear your
presentation. Many times, you can buy vouchers for these types of events in bulk and for next to
nothing, so shop around a bit before making your final decision.

Travel vouchers are definitely a great way to go when choosing your door prizes. Most often, people
will have a choice of their destination, which makes the vouchers perfect for anyone. Even the pickiest
of travelers can choose their own destination.

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                Huge Travel Package Savings Through Extreme Wealth Formula Vacations
                                                                 By Davin Ogden

 There are definitely a lot of vacation program types of scams out there on the internet. One of the
usual suspected types of programs or vouchers for travel, that are involved in fraudulent practices are
the types the offer "free travel" thrown in as part of the deal to.

You can generally avoid being scammed by looking for a few things on the travel voucher, or within the
program itself. For the most part travel vouchers will offer discounts on accomodations or saving
involving different companies related to travel. But certainly most do not offer "free" travel included with
them. If you come across something along this type of nature you would probably want to read the fine
print as close as possible to be sure of exactly what it is you are getting involved with.

When it comes to fees associated with travel vouchers, there is usually only certain types of fees that
should have to be paid. For instance, the only fees you should really have to worry about are that
actual fees for the discount travel vacation, and perhaps some voucher fees separately. Beware of
things that are asking you to pay monthly fees. You shouldn't have to pay monthly fees on a voucher in
any way, but only on that particular discounted vacation package, and the voucher itself.

It's may be surprising to you, but some of the best legitimate travel discounts and vouchers come to
people through network marketing programs. Since, these businesses can do a lot of volume for the
companies that they get involved with in giving discounts and vouchers, the savings and quality of
these vacation packages is completely legitimate. Although, you may not be interested in the network
marketing opportunity yourself, you can definitely purchase these packages and vouchers through
representatives of the program. This is something you may want to consider when looking for deals on
discounted vacation packages.

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