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                                                                Travel To Frankfurt
                                                                 By Fruzsina Csery

    Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on Main), situated in Central Germany, the fifth biggest city in
Germany, is an attractive destination in Europe. Frankfurt got its name around AD 500, when the
Franks ruled the area and the settlement along the Main Fort transportation route became known as

The city is the financial heart not only of Germany but also of the whole European Union, playing
important role in world economy. It's been a major banking city ever since the Rothschilds opened their
first bank here in 1798. Frankfurt also has a leading stock exchange.

It is home to the European Central Bank and many other banks but it also have thousands of
companies, including the moguls of the German publishing industry, as well as a number of companies
involved in public relations, marketing, media and telecommunications.

No other European city has so many skyscrapers like Mainhattan - a nickname referring to the exciting
skyscrapers and business style. During a major event of Frankfurt, the Wolkenkratzer-Festival,
skyscrapers are open to the public and spectacular laser and fireworks shows highlight the buildings at
night. Frankfurt is also known as 'the most American city in Europe'.

Frankfurt is the city with the highest percentage of immigrants in Germany: with about 35% immigrants,
it is the most diverse of all the German cities.

For tourists Frankfurt does offer some sights, some good restaurants in the Nordend, several artistic
and cultural events, and excellent shopping opportunities. Sightseeing opportunities are mostly
centralized in the historical core of the city, known as the Romerberg, where Charlemagne erected his
fort in medieval times.

Frankfurt is also a major communications and transport center, it is well known for its airport, the
second busiest one in Europe (after London Heathrow).

This vivid city has many things to do, one of the most important and world-famous events are the
international trade fairs and trade exhibitions like International Book Fair (Buchmesse Frankfurt),
ACHEMA (chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology), International

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Automobile Exhibition (Internationale Automobilausstellung) and so on.

Frankfurt is also famous for its 'Goethe-Haus', the house where Goethe was born, next to the Goethe
museum. The 'Zoologische Garten', Frankfurt's large zoo, contains more than 4000 animals. Or if you
are interested in botany, you can check 'Botanischer Garten' which have about 5000 botanical species.

As for the weather, Frankfurt's climate is continental. The summers are warmer and the winters can get
very cold. June and July are the wettest months and the highest temperatures are in July and August.
It is recommended to visit the city in autumn, or in spring.

Fruzsina Csery is a freelance copywriter. She occasionally writes for

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                       Car Hire Frankfurt Airport - Best Way To Travel Through Germany
                                                            By Lakshmi Reddy

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Germany. Germany does not only boast of a long
history; the country also has some of the best places that Europe has to offer. The country is the
perfect place for a honeymoon or a summer visit. If you would like to maximize your stay in Germany
and see all the things that the country has in store for you, you should definitely consider hiring a car.

 Just imagine what you can do with a car in a foreign country. You’d have all the comforts of your own
driven car. You will have the luxury of driving from one place to another without having to worry about
anything else. You can get around easier. You can drive from museum to another, one city to the next
at your own convenience.

 The great thing about car rental Germany is that it is available online. You can visit a car rental shop
online and rent a car even before you leave your home so that once you reached Germany, you can
just go jump right ahead to visiting the best cities and best Churches in Germany. The process is fairly
simple and it can be done so quite quickly.

 Once you’ve reached Germany, the first city that you should definitely visit is Frankfurt. You cannot
leave Germany without spending at least a couple of days at Frankfurt. The city is actually divided into
the Northern and Southern regions. If you are going to speak of history, this city boasts of a 1200-year
worth of history.

 Similar to most German cities, Frankfurt did not escape the wrath of the Royal Air Force during the
World War II. However, unlike the other German cities, Frankfurt did not take time to reconstruct the
old city. What Frankfurt did, however, was to embrace the new world and it chose to modernize the old
city. Not surprisingly, Frankfurt has become the country’s center of commerce and finance. The city
boasts of a metropolitan and dynamic culture where you’d find numerous museums, galleries,
restaurants and theaters.

 With a car that you can probably hire at the Frankfurt Airport the minute you reached Frankfurt, you
can visit the various tourist sites like the Städelsches Kunstinstitut or Goethe's childhood home, the
Goethehaus; or the Sachsenhausen, the preserved quarter of the old Frankfurt; or the St.
Bartholomäus Cathedral where you can appreciate some great Gothic art.

 If you’re lucky, you can also visit Frankfurt’s infamous international fairs, the Spring and Autumn Fair.
These fairs are famous in Frankfurt which is not surprising since they are as old as the city itself. They
date back to the early 13th century.

 There are still a lot of places that you can visit if you go to Frankfurt. You can visit the city directly by
plane or you can travel by land depending on where you’ve come from. Regardless of how you’ve
reached the city, it is advisable, however, that you secure for yourself the services of a hired car. You
would definitely enjoy Frankfurt if you can go around at your own pleasure.

Your Car Rental Germany can be the best way to see the great sights of Germany. There is so much
to do and see there, and the city of Frankfurt is a great place to start, so get your Car Hire Frankfurt or
if you arrive via the Frankfurt airport a Car Hire Frankfurt Airport. Shop online and drive away with the

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