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                                                      Travel to Destination India
                                                            By Gaurav Sharma

   India, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world, is a county which have attracted
travellers for ages. There are several reasons behind this. One of the main reasons is perhaps tourism.
At travel and tourism industry in India is at it boom and helping the county in its economical growth.
Tourism in India provides you a pleasant travel and learning experience. People from all over the
world travel to India in every season.

When you visit to india there many thing to see and observe in the county. In whatever part or reason
of the county you will travel you will always find diversity welcoming you. You will find something new,
something extra on every step of your travel within the country. The whole country is full of fascination.
The county fulfills all categories of tourists whether they are lovers of cultural heritage, ancient
beaches, adventures, natural beauty, or wildlife.

The county of India enjoys rich culture and heritage, amazing paradoxes & diversity, incredible physical
beauty. It is said that the best to way to about any country is its culture and civilization. And off course
in term of rich culture, tradition and heritage, India is far ahead from other countries. It has age-old
civilization – perhaps the greatest civilization of the world.

During travel to inida one can see and observe rich cultural heritage of the country in ancient
monuments, forts and palaces, museums, etc. One can also observe culture and traditions of the
country in its fairs and festivals. As we have mentioned that the county is the land of diversity, you can
also see mesmerizing diversity in its culture and tradition.

There are several travel and holiday destination in India. One of them is Rajasthan which draws a large
gathering of tourists and travellers from every corner of the world. In whatever region of Rajasthan you
will travel, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see fantastic forts, palatial palaces, stunning
Havelis, and museums, depicting rich culture and tradition of the state.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

During your tour to India , you should not miss opportunity to travel in Rajasthan – the land of kings.
Apart from Rajasthan Delhi and Agra also draws the tourists from all around the world. Delhi and Agar
also provides a glorious opportunity to see and visit several historical monuments. Taj Mahal of Agra,
Red Fort & Humayun’s Tomb of Delhi are word known. Taj Mahal is one of seven wonders of the
wonder and famous for its extraordinary beauty. It is star attractions of the county.

With its charming mix of tradition and modern, India is a fascinating experience. If it is luxury you are
looking at, let India surprise you with the magnificent forts and palaces, which you can not only visit but
can stay in as well. Treat yourself to the sights of exquisite marble temples, the sounds of the gushing
seas, the smells of the spices and the rustle of the silks. Let yourself be pampered like a Maharaja and
Luxury India Travels will soon be etched in your memory.

When you visit to India, there are many more places to see and visit in India. You can too enjoy India
tourism when you will be on your tour to India . Travel in India and it is sure that tourism in India will
grab your heart.

Gaurav Sharma is an enthusiastic travel expert and amateur writer who has traveled almost whole of
the world and has shared his experiences. He had authored many articles on cheap tickets to india
and cheap flights to india.

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