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                                                       Travel Tips For New York City
                                                                  By Sharon Stajda

    New York, New York – so good they named it twice – is one of the most fascinating, exciting and
cultural cities in the world. Within the 20 square miles that comprise Manhattan can be found some of
the world’s greatest museums, shops and restaurants, as well as a spectacular skyline that’s known
the world over.

You could spend a lifetime in New York without experiencing everything fully. Some of the sights that
any first time visitor to New York must see include the Empire State Building - for many years the
world’s tallest building - the immigration museum at Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square
and the United Nations Building.

One of the joys of visiting the city is simply to wander through the different and varied neighborhoods –
Greenwich Village, Chinatown, the Theater District, Harlem and Little Italy. The outlying borough of
Brooklyn has several attractions including the botanical gardens and the famous amusement park at
Coney Island.

One of the biggest attractions is the city’s diversity - in New York you can hear virtually any language
spoken and dine in a different ethnic restaurant every night for a month. Apart from Manhattan, the
borough of Queens is also well known for its wide selection of foreign restaurants.

Shopping in New York is equally satisfying, offering world class department stores with such famous
names as Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales. At the other end of the shopping spectrum are street
markets, designer boutiques and specialty stores.

New York has some of the greatest museums in the world – several conveniently located together at
the edge of Central Park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art attracts more visitors than any other place in
the city and offers everything from Egyptian mummies to 20th century masterpieces.

On the other hand the city has over 50 smaller but fascinating museums dedicated to such diverse
subjects as firefighting, tenement living and the history of finance. Children are not forgotten – there
are several museums aimed at children as well as the ever popular Bronx Zoo with its more than 4,000

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Since the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, one of New York’s biggest attractions has been
the remains of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. More than a tourist attraction, to many it’s
a site of pilgrimage and a poignant reminder of the events of that day.

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                                   New Year & New York City – You can save money.
                                                                  By abhinav

New York City is a city of spirit, heart and hard to decide for travel, even in the face of disaster. Home
to such riches as the Statue of Liberty, 5th Avenue boutiques; the famous Broadway stages and the
breathtaking Met, the Empire State Building, Central Park,

 New York is one of the best tourist places in the world and in USA as well. Being the most excellent
tourist spot the city New York has top rated hotels in USA providing range of facilities & various type of
hotels, well-located, the finest amenities & services that make you feel at home away from home.

 In most of the cases specially while traveling to major cities & tourist places & attractions, the hotels
close to New York City and near to any major & crowed attraction, the more money you can expect to
pay to the hotel. Here you have the option to choose a low cost hotel in New York. One of the best
option to save money is the stay with the hotel little far from the city like not in any posh area and try if
you can manage with 2-3 star rating hotel in New York city. This will just save money for you.

 As far as the shopping areas are concern a number of shopping centers you can find around any hotel
you choose to stay in New York, but here again you can look for the cheap & better shopping places
little far from the hotel.

 We should always try to save money in all protocol while traveling to any city in any country and
because sometime New York goes very expensive in seasons so this would be a good idea to choose
the better place to travel with discounted cost if possible. Instead of paying more money to guide or
travel agent try to use the direct services from the hotel like book your hotel online and try to contact
local person for more information, to find out the best shopping area, attractions and all you want. Stay
in a comfortable hotel with low cost and for shopping you can choose some less crowed region, for
travel you can select the city bus for New York city travel, and off course try to keep your money safe
although the crime rate is not high in New York but still when you are saving money this is very
important to keep this safe for future travel or for next visit to New York City.

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