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Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 18 May 2005 at Applegarth
         Primary School, Bygrove, New Addington CR0 9DL

 1.   Present: See Appendix 1

 2.   Welcome and Introduction: The Chair welcomed those present to
      the Meeting.

      Cllr Brenda Kirby asked for remembrance for two very strong
      community leaders sadly lost this year:
      Doreen Hammond died on 26 February. She worked for many years
      in the community, despite being unwell.
      Cllr Mary Walker represented Fieldway for many years and passed
      away in April.
      One minute‟s silence was held in memory.

 3.   Apologies for Absence
      Apologies were received from:
      Joan Danvers

 4.   Minutes of the Meeting held on 9 February 2005
      Agreed as a true record of the meeting.

 5.   Matters Arising
      There were no matters arising.

      George Cowling proposed a vote of no confidence in the Chair and
      Vice-Chair. He requested permission to discuss a matter relating to
      the Cyber Café, affecting the community. The Chair agreed to
      accommodate this item under Any Other Business.

 6.   Election of Chair & Vice-Chair
      Mick Richardson advised the meeting that, as he has been chair for 3
      years, he is not eligible to continue.
      Cllr Mark Watson presented Mick Richardson with a gift and
      certificate in recognition for all his work as Chair of the NP. In his
      years he has affected change. People in the community have come
      together and had a positive effect on the neighbourhood. Mick
      Richardson has been particularly instrumental in helping to obtain
      Beacon status for the Council. This means Croydon Council will be
      asked to present to other Councils.
      Mick Richardson countered that he could not have been successful
      as Chair without the Steering Group and support of the people. They
      have tried to get it right and build on it.

      One nomination each had been received for Chair (Rev Charlie
      Keenan) and Vice-Chair (Mick Richardson), so they were elected
      Unfortunately Rev Keenan has recently had an operation and,
      although present, was not well enough to chair the meeting, so Mick
      Richardson chaired as Vice-Chair.

     Steering Group Election
     Nominations from all the existing members had been received, apart
     from Kate Cowling, who was thanked for her input. Mick Dix had
     been nominated in her place. All the members stood up to identify
     themselves to the other residents. The members were re-elected
     unopposed, plus Mick Dix.

7.   New Addington Market (this item was moved earlier)
     Mike Close (Principal Valuer, Croydon Council), Tony and Lisa York
     (Bray Associates, Market Traders Overseers) answered questions:

     Q:   Resident: “Why is the market spreading out further and taking
          up the car park?”
     A:   Tony York: “It is taking up the area where it is allowed to go.
          Two years ago the area was redesigned and additional street
          furniture was added. We couldn‟t get the vans in and out of the
          market so the bollards were taken out so vans can progress
          onto the market area. If all the vans were brought in, some of
          the stalls would be lost. But no parking spaces have been lost
          by residents. We lease the car park over the road and car
          parking is free for the use of residents. The Parking department
          has been instructed to make sure everything is in force.”

     Q:   Resident: “It is not happening. I have photos on my laptop. The
          fruit and veg stall puts out wooden boxes in the main road.
          Traders are chewing up the grass verges and abusing the half
          hour parking spaces for residents. They are not clearing up
          their mess.”
     A:   Tony York: “The verges have all been redone with top soil and
          grassed. It has been sorted out now. The greengrocer has not
          got permission to put those things out. If he is breaking the law,
          the police can remove him. Parking restrictions will be enforced.
          There are extra parking spaces available. With illegal parking,
          if they don‟t get a ticket they carry on.”

     Q:   Resident: “Under the lease, surely you are responsible? The
          white van parks on the zigzag lines up to the zebra crossing. It
          is dangerous – I was nearly knocked over.”
     A:   Lisa York: “It will be addressed on Friday. Traders will be given
          2 weeks‟ notice to get off the market if they won‟t comply.
          We‟ve noted that the purple and green van has churned up the
          grass verge and empty boxes have left a mess. If it happens
          again or anyone goes near any of the grass verges, those
          traders will be told to get off the market. All have been warned
          and there are notices „Beyond this point No Parking Tue and Fri
          Market‟. All yellow zigzag accesses are kept clear. Gaps are
          made clear to allow double buggies to get through. If anyone
          parks in the disabled bays or illegally, they will be issued with
          parking tickets. Market traders are not exempt.”

     Q:   Resident: “We know the market has got too big for the site. Isn‟t
          it time for us, the council and the operator to find another site?
          How about Fisher‟s Farm? Why can‟t we make our market the
          same as other places in the borough?”
     A:   Mike Close: “The market and the shops go hand-in-hand.
          Fisher‟s Farm is much further away.”
     A:   Lisa York: “I‟ve worked in the market since I was a child – for 20
          years. It is part of the community. Everyone knows it‟s on
          Central Parade on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is a social thing. If
          you take it away, you will take part of the community away. The
          swimming pool is opposite. The kids go there in the summer,
          whilst the mothers go to the market. It is bringing money into
          New Addington and is good for the shops. New Addington
          doesn‟t have a lot and the market is something to look forward
          to. It has actually got smaller because of the bollards and
     Q:   Resident: “I agree. The market is part of the community. What
          effect will the CETS building have? What about parking
     A:   Mike Close: “I can‟t say. That is a separate issue. I will take the
          question back for a response.”

     Q:   Cllr Andrew Pelling, MP GLAM: “Is it possible for traders to be
          asked if it will have an effect on business?”
     A:   Mike Close: “Everyone is being consulted. I will pass your
          comment back.”

     Q:   Resident: “I live opposite the market. On Central Parade at 4.30
          on Tuesday and Friday mornings the vans are up there. 8
          bollards have been taken out. They were put in to protect
          people walking through the market. 2 barriers either end of the
          car park are not always locked. What‟s happening about this?”
     A:   Tony York: “The bollards will be replaced by new ones.

     Q:   Resident: “The benches are now being used as traders‟ stalls in
          the round blue horseshoe.”
     Q:   Resident: “The benches were put in because they were
          requested by the community, for somewhere to sit. The toy stall
          trader uses them for cases and wheelabouts.”
     A:   Lisa York: “They can‟t use them. The market is only on
          Tuesdays and Fridays. The issue of traders putting stock on the
          benches will be addressed.”
     A:   Tony York: “This is being sorted. They are not allowed to put
          produce on benches.”

     Q:   Resident: “Who is policing the market?”
     A:   Lisa York: “I am. Any trader in breach of the regulations will be
          given a warning.”

     Mick Richardson, NP Vice-Chair: “The gentleman from the market will
     take away your concerns and report back at the next meeting. We
     hope all these matters will be addressed.”

8.   Extended Schools (see Appendix 2)
     Linda Wright (Assistant Group Director, Student Services) explained
     about the development at Fairchildes Primary School and the concept
     of Extended Schools. Services are coming into Central Parade into

the old Social Services building. David Johnson (Early Years and
Childcare Manager) was also present to answer questions:
    Extended Schools provide a range of services beyond the
       normal school day
    They help schools to achieve meeting the needs of the local
    Schools do not work alone but with the local people to provide
       a wider range of services for the local community

Ros Sandell (Acting Headteacher, Fairchildes Primary School)
explained why Fairchildes was chosen to create an Extended School
in New Addington:
     When the LEA was looking at this programme it talked to all
       schools in New Addington
     Fairchildes was chosen as it was felt that something was
       needed in the northern part of the estate
     The programme is looking at how to improve what goes on in
       the 85% of time spent outside school hours
     Providing a wraparound school – 8am to 6pm and beyond - to
       provide childcare facilities
     Using outreach to come into school and provide additional
     Engaging parents in school to support the learning of the
     Lifelong learning – Adult Education courses
     Study support – before and after school – help with homework
     lCT – for children and parents – to open up facilities for the
       community to use
     Looking at how the school can be used by the community for
       sports, ICT etc.
     Fairchildes has been an Extended School for 10 months
     Grounds are shared with Addington High
     Focus on Truancy and Exclusion
     Proud of OFSTED report – school mentioned by the Chief
       Inspector of Schools in Parliament
     Breakfast club been going about 5 years – 75-90 children:
           o ICT group
           o Homework support group
           o Games and Arts and Crafts
           o Yoga starting soon
     ICT course run by John Ruskin School every Tuesday evening
     Mother and toddler drop-in on Tuesdays and Fridays – for 8
     After school club 3.15-6pm to start in summer 2005
     Music - 25-30 parents come to steel bands each week
     Nursery other side of playground to be moved into the school
     Children‟s Centre to take over the old Nursery building
     Helping parents who need childcare facilities to get back to
     Shared facilities with Addington High School

     Linda Wright:
         The Children‟s Trust Early Intervention Team is multi-agency
         Just started working together
         Manager will be in place soon
         Available on a drop-in basis – to provide information and make
           referrals to appropriate services
         Provides single point of contact to avoid passing parents from
           one agency to another
         Very early days but an exciting development
         New Addington is the first part of the borough to have this
         People wanted from the local community to get involved in the
           Fairchildes project – to engage more actively
         Extended School Task Group – would like local community
           reps on it
         Governing body of the school always welcomes people from
           the community to promote it

     Q:   Resident: “The kids at the school were told to get off the playing
          field. Can they now play football up there?”
     A:   Ros Sandell: “We want to be involved with using the fields more
          but it needs to be organised with the caretaker. There has been
          vandalism in previous years and the school gates are locked. If
          groups want to use the fields, we will look to have it organised.”

     Q:   Resident: “Can you tell me if free bus passes will extend to
          cover clubs?”
     A:   Linda Wright: “I don‟t know. I will look into it.”

     Q:   Resident: “If groups use it, there will invariably be a cost. Is
          there a cost plan in place? What will be the methods of
          payment? There is funding for this sort of thing (arts as well as
          sports) but I am concerned that there is a bias in favour of
     A:   Linda Wright: “There will be standard charges. We are aware
          we need more provision for the arts. The Community Arts
          Development Team (Clocktower) want to work with community
          organisations to develop projects.”

9.   Youth Provision (see Appendix 3)
     Clyde Thompson is the Youth Officer with a specific role in this
      All types of youth provision make use of the facilities for outreach
      In New Addington there is an opportunity to develop a bespoke
        detached team
      Don Cooper is the borough Detached Team manager
      Funding provided by Housing and Neighbourhood Renewal
      Youth workers on the streets to engage young people –
        encourage them into youth centres
      Youth workers also engage with young people who do not go into
        the centres to see what they need
      Lesley Grigg (Goldcrest Youth Centre) is working with the Youth
    Training is needed for working on the street
    Brunel University have a course which is included in basic youth
     work training
    Job creation for young people looking for work – possibility of full
     time posts with the opportunity for training at the college
    Youth Strategy Group created last year
    What‟s On covered 6 weeks of school holidays last summer
    Looking for locals wanting to put up their own ideas e.g. working
     with under 13s
    Looking to help support people setting up new activities/groups in
     local church halls etc.
    Working with local residents
    Young people need to be consulted – to explain what they want
    On the basis of the review, things are being rolled out now
    CYTO do outreach work
    Need something more local
    Spaces exist where young people can play music
    Need spaces where things can be created
    Need to cover youth consultancy, equalities and diversity

Nick Fokias (Youth Worker) has a key part in this area, in terms of the
delivery of youth work:
 Goldcrest is the Curriculum Centre for New Addington
 Timebridge is the Neighbourhood Centre – has a management
    committee and the youth club is just one of its lettings
 Meetings with other agencies regularly
 Looking at the problem of burnt out cars (7 in one weekend
    alone!) which costs taxpayers £½million a year
 Strategy Youth Group – meeting on 10 June for agencies to find a
 Need to develop youth facilities
 Skatepark at Timebridge has been refurbished
 Young people expect quality
 Patterns of needs change from time to time
 Youth Service has new staff and they need training – on-the-job
    coaching is the most effective
 Youth workers take time to engage with young people in order to
    understand their agendas and needs
 Adolescence is rarely a time of cool balmy sunny days but more
    often biting east winds!
 The new youth programme is designed to take the „bite‟ out
 Music studio at Goldcrest needs refurbishing
 Somali Boys Club got going 2 Christmases ago
 Somali Girls work just started
 Appeal for youth workers at Goldcrest

Q:    Resident: “Can you tell me if there will be set sites for detached
      youth workers?”
A:    Clyde Thompson: “Yes. We are looking for a team of 10 people
      – 5 groups of 2 in different areas in New Addington so that
      young people will be able to find them.”

     Q:   Resident: “The top end of the estate is always left out. What
          about Addington Primary School?”
     A:   Clyde Thompson: “I will make contact with the school.”

     Q:   Co-ordinator for DNA: “I‟m pleased to say that Outreach
          Workers have been up in New Addington for a year or so.
          When the Youth Forum was set up, there was no consultation
          with us. We were surprised to find there was another facility at
          exactly the same time on the same day but no invitation for us to
          join in! We are trying to work in partnership with the Youth
          Service but we are failing. We are doing detached work but with
          very little support from the Youth Service.”
     A:   Clyde Thompson: “I met with Louise and extended an invitation
          to join the group but you are doing something somewhere else.
          The Youth Service is looking across the whole of Croydon.
          Here we are being inclusive with practitioners and are interested
          in meeting with you.”

     Q:   Resident: “The Cyber Café Day was a really good event but now
          it is closed.”
     A:   Nick Fokias: “Come along on 10 June. If the Cyber Café has
          potential, we will re-open it. There is potential for 2 internet
          cafés up here.”

     Q:   Resident: “Will detached youth workers be available up the top
          end of the estate – Milne Park, Fisher‟s Farm etc. – in the school
          holidays during the daytime, not simply the evenings?”
     A:   Don Cooper: “Yes, we will be about during the day. The teams
          are dependent on whether the individuals are available during
          the day. There is a ball court at Milne Park and youth workers
          will be up there.
     A:   Clyde Thompson: “The Wardens work with us. We try to co-
          ordinate all the services. The brochure will say what‟s on during
          the summer.”
     A:   Norman Watson (Housing): “The Wardens take part running
          sports coaching and games activities at youth centres and
          elsewhere.      We want to get young people involved in
          constructive activities and away from ASB.”

10. Regeneration of Central Parade
    This item was postponed till the next meeting.

11. Fieldway Master Plan (see Appendix 4)
    Marilyn Smithies (Project Manager):
       Issues are:
              i. Litter
             ii. Graffiti
            iii. Unsightly garages
            iv. Unlit and intimidating pathways and blind corners
             v. High fear of crime in areas of degradation
       Want to bring back pride in the estate
       Project to focus on providing safe play areas

         Marilyn Smithies carried out a walkabout on the estate with the
          police and Highways Department to identify areas of concern
         Regeneration project funded by Neighbourhood Renewal –
          funding approved April 2004
         Consulted extensively with community and service providers
         Consulting with other boroughs with expertise in regeneration
         20% of population is black & ethnic
         10.6% of population is unemployed
         Fear of crime and ASB feature high on people‟s lists of concern
         Lighting was a high priority
         A large model of the estate was used in the consultation –
          colour-coded pins to identify age groups and concerns
         Door-to-door survey carried out by the council survey team
         Implementation will not commence until ASB issues have been

      Echez Ubaka (Community Development Co-Ordinator) mentioned:
       Street Lighting improvement programme – being initiated in the
         autumn – Fieldway may be pushed up the list, as a priority
       New signage – already commenced
       Council working in partnership with the community –
         communication is very important in deciding what can be done
         to improve the environment

     Cllr Tony Newman commented that he was aware of the pressure
     Marilyn felt. Phenominally hard work has gone into the plan behind
     the scenes. A £30million programme of street lighting improvements
     is starting in November. It will begin in ASB and crime hot spots. It is
     no secret that Fieldway will be much nearer the top, due to the work
     covered in creating the Fieldway Master Plan. The council is
     committed to delivering this project.

     Marilyn Smithies pointed out that the full report and presentation is on
     the council website, under Community, People & Living -

12. Community Day & Time Bank Broker
    Community Day:
    Echez Ubaka gave a summary about the Community Day on the
    previous Saturday. There were a lot of new faces and more people
    were encouraged to attend the NP and get involved in other initiatives
    in the area. Next year it is hoped implementation of the plans will be
    visible on the estate.

     Time Bank Broker:
      In the Neighbourhood Development Plan – recruiting to encourace
        people to volunteer
      Alison Paul is based at Goldcrest
      Time Bank is open to everyone in New Addington & Fieldway –
        anyone who has a skill or talent to offer

       For every hour of help offered, people can earn time credits to get
        something done by someone else in the scheme
       Rewards are offered for community involvement
       Rewards can even be earned by attending an NP meeting!
       Rewards can be donated to someone else or to a project
       Seminars to be held on 6 June to explain the scheme in full –
        leaflets were available

13. Future Agenda Items
    None were put forward

14. Any Other Business
  i. Cllr Tony Newman (Leader of the Council) announced that Cllr Alison
     Butler will cover Cllr Mary Walker‟s surgeries in the coming months.

 ii. Jason Smith-Brett (newcomer) asked about the New Addington
     Carnival. He has been involved for 8 years but it did not happen last
     year nor again this year. There has been a carnival for 40 years so
     why has it stopped?
     Mick Richardson (Vice-Chair): “You need to lobby your councillors. It
     is too late for this year.”
     Cllr Brenda Kirby: “The NP represents everyone. It is an ideal forum
     to take this issue forward. Why not put it on the next agenda and
     brainstorm? Plan for next year.”
     Theo Fasoyiro (Community Development Officer): “The Master Plan
     represents a landmark in community involvement. We hope it will
     continue but there is still a lot of work. It is being managed by
     community representatives which shows commitment. We need to
     encourage other people to get involved.”

 iii. George Cowling raised an issue about the Cyber Café:
       Complained about the way the board of directors are dealing with
        problems involving child protection
       Staff of both sexes are always available but incidences of one
        staff member being alone in a room with a child are occurring
       The rules laid down about this are being flagrantly disregarded
       Written complaints put to the board have been ignored
       The board should talk in public – Mr Cowling requested a public
        meeting with all the directors present

    Mick Richardson commented:
     CCTV installed
     A complaints form is available
     Meetings have taken place with the complainants and, to his
       knowledge, they were satisfied
     No one has taken the matter further
     If he is furnished with the names of people complaining, with
       dates and times of incidents, he will investigate further

    Marilyn Smithies commented:
     Not privy to any of this but knows things are being said and
      accusations made

    Councillor Alison Butler expressed concern:
     Public meeting would be entirely unsuitable for discussing
      complaints by young people

    Mick Richardson offered a solution and pledged he would personally
    ensure it happens:
     Set up a panel of directors and independent representatives
     Need accusers to come forward so that those accused can defend
     Need evidence of incidents in writing
     Cannot put children and community members at risk without a
       proper procedure

iv. A resident asked if the regeneration of Fieldway plan is going to take
    place or be altered. Mick Richardson advised that it is in negotiation.

 v. Lighting – a resident raised the question of crime in the Oak Bank car
    park. Descriptions of villains operating there have been given to the
    police because CCTV pictures are orange due to poor lighting.
    Marilyn Smithies confirmed that issues of lighting, chicanes and gates
    to reduce crime have been identified, working with the previous
    sector sergeant, Tim Evans. These matters will be pushed in the
    regeneration programme. The request for upgrading of lighting came
    from another Police officer, John Smith and there is now a
    programme which will be carried out over a period of years starting in
    November 2005.

15. Dates of next meetings
     Wednesday 12 October 2005 – Rowdown School
     Wednesday 8 February 2006 – Applegarth School

         There being no further business the closed at 9.35 p.m.


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