Tips For Making Your Maui Destination Wedding Perfect

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                               Tips For Making Your Maui Destination Wedding Perfect
                                                           By Melissa Aldridge

  Have you recently selected Maui, Hawaii as the destination for your wedding? If you have, you
should know that you have a number of decisions to make. Destination weddings are often picture
perfect, but they can be stressful to plan. The good news is that a few helpful tips are outlined below.
These tips can help to ensure that your upcoming Maui wedding really is picture perfect.

 The first step that you will need to take, when planning a destination Maui wedding, involves
developing a guest list. Better yet, it is important to know who will be attending your wedding. This is
important to your planning. If your Maui wedding will be large in size, you may want to consider
booking a banquet room at a Maui hotel or vacation resort. For weddings that are smaller in size or
private, you may find yourself with more options.

 As an important side note, when it comes to destination weddings, many brides and grooms are
concerned with attendance. Although not all of your guests will be able to attend your wedding, due to
costs, there is a step that you can take. Encourage your close friends or family members to look at
traveling to Maui as more than just attending a wedding. Their trip can also double as a family
vacation, a romantic getaway, or even a second honeymoon!

Right now, a good percentage of your focus is likely placed on planning your wedding ceremony and
wedding reception. Many brides and grooms wait until later to start planning their honeymoon. You
may want to refrain from doing so however. Have you consider getting married and honeymooning on
Maui? If not, this is something that you will want to examine.

 As previously stated, you may want to consider getting married and honeymooning on Maui at the
same time. Why? For starters, doing so may be able to save you a considerable amount of money.
You are already spending money to fly to Hawaii, so why pay extra, unnecessary travel expenses? It
is also important to note all that Maui has to offer. Whatever you are looking for, Maui has it. Maui is
home to a number of private, yet luxurious rentals that are perfect for honeymoons, like yours. This
beautiful island also has a number of activities and attractions that can be fun, adventurous, and
romantic all at the same time!

 Refocusing back on the planning of your destination Maui wedding, if you are interested in renting a
private banquet room at a Maui hotel or vacation resort, you may want to consider staying there as

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well. Did you know that some Maui hotels and vacation resorts offer wedding packages? These
packages may be able to save you a considerable amount of both time and money. Although Maui
wedding packages do vary, you may find those that include a suite, food, drinks, photographs, and

 As great as getting a moneysaving Maui wedding package is, you may have other ideas. There is
nothing like staying in comfort and privacy. If that is a goal of yours, especially for your honeymoon,
then Maui vacation rentals should be examined. Maui condos, homes, and villas are all great options
for newlyweds, like yourself. If you do decide to stay at one of the many Maui vacation rentals
available, you may still want to closely examine local hotels and vacation resorts. Your guests, who
will need a place to stay, may appreciate having a detailed list of nearby and affordable overnight

 As an important side note, if you choose not to purchase a wedding package, you will need to make all
of your wedding plans independently and individually. When doing so, do so well in advance of your
anticipated wedding date. Since destination weddings are popular, you will want to be sure that you
get the largest selection of options, as well as the most affordable rates.

 Since the one of the first steps in planning a destination Maui wedding is to make your travel plans,
you will want to visit This trusted online travel website can help you get
started with planning your Maui wedding. They list a large selection of luxury Maui vacation rentals, as
well as affordable Maui hotels and vacation resorts. Planning your upcoming destination wedding
couldn’t be any easier.

Hawaiian Beach Rentals,, lists a large selection of luxury Maui
vacation rentals, vacation resorts, and hotels, perfect for destination weddings like yours!

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                                            Maui Weddings Are Something To Behold
                                                              By Kirsten Hawkins

 Sun, sand and surf on a tropical island paradise is something everyone should experience at least
once in their lifetime. The Hawaiian Islands have it all and the island of Maui has it in spades. Maui is
the perfect place for a vacation, the perfect place for a honeymoon, and the perfect place for a
wedding. What could be more romantic, exotic, and exciting than a beautiful Maui wedding? In fact,
with the costs of destination weddings dropping steadily, many couples are choosing to travel to this
beautiful island specifically to get married in this amazing tropical location. Maui weddings are as
breathtakingly romantic and astounding as anyone could ever hope their wedding could be and they’re
much more affordable than you might think.

Should you choose to have your wedding in this fun and exciting location, the first thing you want to do
is search for a Maui travel package. The price of travel and hotel accommodations may surprise you
once you start looking into them. Contact a travel agent to see what kind of a package deal you can get
on air travel and hotel rates. Booking your airfare and hotel stay together this way is bound to save you
money as compared to purchasing them separately. All too often people will find what they think is a
great price on a hotel room only to find that they can’t afford the airfare, and vice versa. Using a travel
agent to book them together can save you a considerable percentage. Remember that booking far in
advance will usually get you the best rates and that you’re always going to get a better price during the
off season.

Once you have the hotel and travel arrangements out of the way, it’s time to start planning the actual
wedding. Maui has become such a popular destination for weddings that several companies that
specialize in planning Maui weddings have popped up all over the island. Most of these companies
offer to hold ceremonies in a number of uniquely beautiful Maui locations. The majority of them also
have web sites that detail the wedding packages that they have to offer. These packages include
things like the wedding cake, photography, a minister or other official to perform the ceremony, and a
number of other wedding related details. Some will even make an appointment with the state’s
marriage licensing department so you can obtain your marriage license. The cost of the Maui wedding
packages vary, of course, depending on the company making the offer and exactly what you want to
include. Most of the prepared packages range in price from about three hundred dollars for the most
basic to nearly three thousand dollars for the most exquisite.

A beautiful and romantic Maui wedding is definitely within your reach. By choosing to marry in such an
exotic and romantic location you are basically guaranteeing yourself a wedding ceremony that you will
remember fondly forever and promising yourself a wedding experience that you may have thought
could only happen in your dreams.

Kirsten Hawkins is an event planner from Nashville, TN. Visit for more
event planning tips, strategies, and resources.

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