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                                             Things To See And Do On Staten Island
                                                               By Gabriel Adams

   Everyone has heard about the Staten Island Ferry. Each and every day, there are approximately
60,000 people who take the Staten Island Ferry from St. George to Whitehall Street in Manhattan and
back again. The Ferry is the only way to travel back and forth between Manhattan and Staten Island.

Although the trip takes less than half an hour, sweethearts say that it is very romantic. You will get the
chance to see a fantastic view of New York Harbor while you are on your 5 mile adventure on the
Staten Island Ferry. Have you ever wished that you could see the Statue of Liberty? You do get to
see it when you are on the Ferry.

You get to see another symbol of our nation's history when you travel by Ellis Island. The experience is
absolutely breathtaking! It is amazing that people have been making this trip on the Ferry since the

The Staten Island Hotel is only 6 miles from the Ferry. You can reserve a package deal that will
include your hotel and airfare. If you prefer, you can rent a condo or a villa while you are visiting there.
There are many choices including cabin or cottage rentals.

Do you like museums? Right on Staten Island there are quite a few museums to choose from. In
addition to the Children's Museum, check out the Staten Island Museum of the Arts and the Jacques
Marchais Center of Tibetan Art.

While you are there, you just have to see the Tall Ships! Although the Staten Island Zoo is relatively
small in size, it has an amazing tropical forest with a lot of different reptiles and bats. The aquarium
there is filled with sharks and piranhas.

From Staten Island, you ride the Ferry to Manhattan where you will never run out of wonderful places
to go and things to see. Just imagine going to the Empire State Building, the United Nations, the Ellis
Island National Monument and Immigration Museum, and Carnegie Hall.

Don't forget to check out the Bronx Zoo and Central Park while you are there. It would take you a year
to see everything! Be sure to wear a pair of very comfortable shoes. You will need them when you are
doing all this walking.

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All this fun and adventure has certainly left you tired and hungry. You can choose to dine at any of the
87 restaurants in Staten Island. Whether you prefer Chinese take-out or a very formal meal, you will
be pleased with the variety of restaurants that are available in Staten Island.

If you find that most of the things you want to do are in New York City, you might choose to stay in a
hotel there and commute to Staten Island. It isn't a quick trip so be prepared to do some traveling.

Enjoy all the fantastic sites and relax. Visiting this area of our country is like taking a walk through
history. You will get to see so many things that you have only read about in history books at school.

You will be entertained just walking down the street. There are musicians who stand on the street
corner and play their music or sing. You will see people from all over the world. What an awesome
opportunity! You won't regret your trip to Staten Island.

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                                               New York Holiday Property Rentals
                                                                By Daryl Self

New York is a great destination for a holiday property rental! This amazing American state has a good
selection of self catering accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, so you can plan an enjoyable
vacation for all the family.

Not surprisingly, there is so much to see and do in New York! But one place you should visit is New
York City, the largest city in New York State and also the largest city in the United States!

With so many sights, attractions and places to visit in New York City, which is also known as the Big
Apple, you won’t know where to begin!

 There are five boroughs in the city, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, and
all are well worth a visit.

 The Bronx is a great place to check out during your stay. Here you will find a wealth of attractions,
such as Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden and more!

 Brooklyn, meanwhile, is home to Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Children’s
Museum, New York Aquarium and so much more. While you are in the area, why not take a walk
across Brooklyn Bridge and take in the fantastic views?

Manhattan also boasts numerous visitor attractions and sights. You can see the famous Empire State
Building (also admire the breathtaking views of the city from the building’s 86th Floor Observatory), the
Chrysler Building, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, Central Park etc.

 The borough of Queens also has some interesting places to visit, such as The Museum of the Moving
Image. And Staten Island, also one of New York City’s five boroughs, includes Staten Island Zoo,
Staten Island Botanical Garden and Staten Island Children's Museum among its attractions.

 If you want to make the most of your visit to New York City, you should take one of the many
sightseeing tours in the city that never sleeps! For example, there are hop-on, hop-off bus tours,
harbour cruises and even helicopter tours available!

 You can easily get around New York City, whether it’s by bus, taxi, subway, bicycle or foot! In fact, you
will get to see so much more when you walk around the city, as you will be able to stop off where and
when you want, take a look around you and explore the areas you might have missed if you’d travelled
by bus or taxi.

 If time allows during your stay, try to sample some of the fantastic entertainment in the city. There’s a
huge variety of productions to choose from, with something for everyone. Why not head to Broadway
and enjoy one of the many shows on offer?

 New York City is also a perfect destination to go shopping! Here in the Big Apple you will be able to
shop until you drop! But shopaholics beware! Here you will find the famous Macy’s Herald Square,
Bloomingdales’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as numerous other stores and shops for everyone.

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 During your stay in New York City, you will definitely want to sample some of the food available. You
will be spoilt for choice by the number of cuisines on offer here. And you should be able to find a
restaurant which suits your taste, whether it’s French, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Vegetarian etc! Also, don’t
forget to try some of the tasty pizza and bagels that New York City has to offer!

New York City is perfect for a long weekend break to go shopping or a longer sightseeing holiday. But
whatever your reason for visiting this exciting and vibrant city the first time around, you will probably
want to make another visit to the amazing Big Apple before too long.

Daryl Self is the Managing Director of Self Property Rental, offering
a wide selection of holiday rentals in New York!

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