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                             The World Is Your Oyster When You Have A Passport Holder
                                                         By Bradlley Mckoy

    It happens more times than you could count. You stash your passport in your pocket. You pull it
out, only to have bits and pieces of paper and cardboard spilling out of your pocket alongside your
passport. Or, you put your passport inside your bag, only to realize later on what an idiot you've been
to keep something so important buried underneath mountains of souvenirs and unwashed clothing.

There is no doubt about it. When you travel, your passport is your lifeline. To the countries you enter,
you are no one without it. This is why you need a passport holder. A passport holder lets you keep vital
documents together in a place you are not going to lose. Passport holders are becoming more popular
the world over as people travel almost as frequently as they get married.

A passport holder can potentially save lives through preventing cardiac arrest. Remember the bad old
days when you'd have bits of paper and cardboard spilling out of every pocket? Or those days when
your important travel documents would be buried somewhere underneath mountains of souvenirs and
unwashed holiday clothing? Well, passport holders are here to solve all that, and to save your family
the embarrassment of having their dirty holiday laundry aired out at the check-in counter in front of the
people who will be sharing the same flight for the next 12 hours or so.

 What Is a Passport Holder? A passport holder is not a little man who stands about four and a half
feet tall. It is not some airport personnel you pay money to for holding your passport as he screams,
"des planes, des planes!" once he sees the big birds winging their way into the airport. A passport
holder is a kind of wallet or folder type contraption used to hold together a variety of travel documents,
such as passports, tickets, boarding passes, insurance papers, and the like. Passport holders keep
documents together in one easy-to-see, easy-to-find, recognizable place. Think of it as a place to
collect all those "other socks" of the travel documentation world!

 Types of Passport Holders The most common type of passport holder is a simple clear plastic slip
that acts as a protective cover. It keeps your passport looking nice and pretty. However, it has no
purpose aside from being decorative. If you're a serious traveller, you would need something more
customized for keeping your nomadic life together!

You can go for a simple sleeve folder clutch-type passport holder where you simply slip your
documents into the open pockets in each side, fold them up, and then let gravity take care of the rest.
This kind of passport holder is great, until it gets tipped the wrong way or dropped on the ground. You

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

can then watch your precious documents scatter all over the ground in the path of stampeding
travellers, as the passport holder is knocked out of your hands. This kind of passport holder comes in
airline regulation vinyl, which you get for free when you buy your ticket. It can also be made of
expensive patent leather.

 Passport Holders for Picky Passengers To get the best value for your money and protect your
passport better, get a passport holder that can hold, not just balance, your passport and your other
documents. Some people use a money belt for this purpose. Some folks prefer what Americans call a
"fanny pack" and the rest of the English-speaking world refer to as a "bum bag."

Essentially, a passport holder should be constructed from a durable, discreetly colored synthetic
material, similar to those used in the construction of modern travel luggage. Additionally, your passport
holder should be large enough to contain your passport, driver's license, and other essential travel
documents. At the same time, it should be small enough so you don't have to lug it around using a

Whether it's Venice, Naples, or Milan you're going to, you would need a passport. Let your passport
travel in style when you put it inside a passport holder.

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      Passport Holders Keep Your Most Important Documents Safe, And Make a Nice Gift Too
                                                              By Miles Lovegrove

Your passport is an important document and you want to protect it from being torn or stained. Cheap
passport holders will do the job nicely. You can purchase cheap, plastic passport holders from the
place where you purchased your passport, or where you had the passport photo taken. Plastic
passport holders are also available at most stores in the office supplies section or where you purchase
mailing and shipping supplies.

 A good document holder can store all of your documents safely in one place, but you will want extra
protection for your passport. When you need another document, rifling through all the papers in one
document holder can tear the other documents around it. You could rip your passport unless you have
a passport cover on it. Cheap passport holders will give you that added peace of mind that your
passport will be doubly safe when stored with your other documents.

 When you are traveling, plastic passport holders are essential to keeping your passport safe. All it
takes is one bend to reach for something on the floor of the ferry boat and your passport is in the
water! A plastic passport cover can protect it temporarily while you jump in to retrieve it. Better yet, an
enclosed plastic document holder will keep it completely safe from the water.

 Your passport goes through a lot of hands when you are traveling, too. Some of those hands might
not be as clean as yours. Cheap passport holders can keep your passport clean during your travels,
no matter who is handling it. Plastic passport holders are easily cleaned with just a cloth and some
soap, and your passport inside of the passport cover will look as good as new, even after the customs
agent who doubles as the airplane mechanic at that small airport in Borneo has his greasy hands on it.

 Pick up several cheap passport holders the next time you see them, enough for the entire family.
They make thoughtful gifts for someone you know who will be traveling, too. If you know a couple who
will be honeymooning soon, you can bet the last thing on their minds are plastic passport holders, but
they will need them. Throw together a little traveling gift basket for them and include passport covers
in it. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

 Keeping your important documents in one place is important. Keeping them safe is essential. All of
your important documents should be kept in a secure document holder such as a fireproof box, or even
a safety deposit box. Just make sure that your loved ones know where they are, just in case they need
to get to them for some reason.

 You never know what could happen, you could be knocked unconscious by a watermelon that
someone accidentally dropped out of a third story window and lose your memory. Your passport would
be a great way for your loved ones to identify you. It would be nice if the authorities could actually see
the photo in it because it was protected by one of those cheap, plastic passport holders you picked up,
wouldn’t it?

Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier
of Promotional Passport Holders and Branded Items.  For Eco Friendly promotional products,
including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at

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