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                                   The Top Places to Visits on a Cheap Holiday at Majorca
                                                              By Jessica Nielson

   Majorca or Mallorca is one of the most astounding holiday destinations in the world. Majorca is part
of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Actually Majorca is one of the biggest Balearic Islands and one of the
most visited islands in Europe. This doesn’t mean that Majorca is a busy island just because it is more
populated than any other island since there are a lot of places to go to. Staying at one place would just
waste your chances of exploring the beauty of the island.

 Majorca is divided into regions. These regions are distinct from each other and have their own
specialty to offer. To start with, we have Puerto Pollensa that is located at the northwestern region and
Magaluf towards the southwestern regions. The island is also rich in culture, thus, there are plenty of
festivals and fiestas across the island throughout the year. Beache resorts and aquatic sports are
available in the southern region while the northern region is compose of mountain ranges and cliffs
therefore it offers mountain trailing, hiking, biking, camping and a lot more.

 Majorca’s capital is Palma. Since it is the capital of Majorca, Palma is the business center and the
busiest area in the island. Palma is also the island’s largest city. There is a bay that is situated near the
city, thus, you could enjoy a variety of activities from aquatic sports to land based outdoor sports.
Nearby tourist spots are located just around the city and car rentals and busses are available to
provide you a convenient transportation. Palma offers varieties of cuisines so if you love eating then
probably this place is best for you. Aside from a wide variety of cuisines, the island is also a good place
for shopping.

 On the other hand, Puerto Pollensa which lies on the northwestern coast of the island can be reach in
about an hour and a half if you leave from Palma. Palma is also well protected by the locals so it is
safe to say that this place is best when it comes to accommodation. If you want to stay and enjoy
under the sun, sea and the beaches, then it there won’t be a problem since Pollensa Bay is just
beneath the city. Moreover, if you prefer going out to the mountain then Sierra de Tramuntana will
satisfy all your mountain adventure and fantasy. The mountain ranges will provide you several sports
from mountain trailing, biking, up to camping. Sierra de Tramuntana also provides a dramatic view
when you are situated from Pollensa Bay. The most incredible landmark of Pollensa is Via Crucis. It
provides a steep climb of 400 steps flanked by cypress trees. There is a statue of Mare de Deu del Peu
de la Creu, which means ‘mother of God at the foot of the cross’, that is located at the top of Via
Crucis. It will provide you an amazing and dramatic view of the bay and the countryside.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Actually the island is so big, thus, there are a lot of destinations to choose from. You must also not
miss to visit Can Pastilla and Cala Milor for they are also one of the favorites by thousands of tourists
because of their beaches and culture. It is also safe to say that the island has a sunny weather
throughout the year therefore it could satisfy your holiday anytime of the year.

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                                                       Majorca Goes All Inclusive
                                                                By Roger Munns

January is traditionally the month when most British people book their holidays, but quite how many
have done so for this year won't be known for a while yet.

 With the economy in both the US and Europe in recession, holiday destinations are bracing
themselves for a dismal summer, as many tourists decide to have a holiday in their own country - or
skip holidays altogether for 2009.

 Areas that traditionally see a high percentage of their visitors come from the UK could be particularly
hard hit, as the British pound has sunk to a new low level against the Euro, and isn't doing too well
against the US dollar either.

 Some early suggestions are that Cyprus might lose up to 20 per cent of her British tourists this year,
and there are plenty of other holiday islands in Europe which will be watching Britain's currency closely
in the coming months, hoping that it will rise and holiday bookings to those areas with the Euro pick up.

 But the Spanish holiday island of Majorca isn't taking things lying down, and 2009 could see holidays
in Majorca be more popular than any other area of Spain again, despite her British visitors getting far
less of the local currency than on previous visits to the island.

 Majorca has an astonishing hundred years and more tourism experience, and has survived in that
time two world wars, the Spanish Civil War, fascist dictatorship as well as town planners to emerge as
a holiday island capable of catering for both the cheap getaway to the sun, but also the luxury holidays
market in villages like Deia, and has responded well to for the increasing concern from many tourists
for the environment.

Villa Holiday In Majorca

 Part of that change for the environment has been responding to what British and German visitors
want, as well as cutting down on waste. Majorca has for example opened up quite a few miles of cycle
tracks, and local businesses have responded with cycle hire shops dotted around the island.

 The challenge for Majorca this year is not how best to respond to global warming, or to offset
holidaymakers co2 emissions from their flights to Majorca, but simply to get the tourists to visit at all.

 Majorca's position as Europe's number one holiday destination is under threat from Turkey, and
further afield Egypt will be taking holidaymakers away too - neither Turkey or Egypt use the Euro for
their currency, while Majorca does. The British pound has fallen dramatically against the Euro making
holidays in Majorca more expensive for British tourists, while Egypt and Turkey with their own
currencies work out better value for Brits abroad.

 But Majorca has seen competitors before who have taken away market share from the holidays island,
only to see her popularity return. Florida for example became very much in vogue for a while, but the
weather in Majorca seemed to pull tourists back after a few years. But while the Majorca weather can
be relied on, what can beat the volatility of the currency markets to attract holidaymakers for 2009?

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 The answer it seems is the return of the package holiday. Many in the travel industry had predicted the
end of package holidays - where a holiday includes flights, hotel, breakfast and an evening meal (half
board) or lunch too (half board) - due to the ability to book different components of a holiday online, but
for British holidaymakers booking a package holiday with companies like Thomas Cook cuts the
amount of spending money they need in Majorca dramatically - and makes a holiday in Majorca for
2009 possible.

Majorca it seems is the little island that comes packaged up for 2009 holidays!

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