The Lively Arts And Entertainment Scene In Singapore

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                                The Lively Arts And Entertainment Scene In Singapore
                                                     By Ethan Ong

   A long time ago is someone tried to convince me that the art and entertainment scene Singapore
was anything but boring, then I would refuse to believe them and tell them to start drinking stronger
coffee. But this was some years ago and definitely Singapore has truly been transformed from a
slightly mediocre city of bright lights to a lively arts and entertainment destination with a reputation that
resonates all over the region and even Asia Pacific.

 Lets talk about arts and heritage. The National Arts Council and some other governing bodies have
pulled together their efforts and truly created a Renaissance City from almost nothing. Now, not only do
we have the buildings, but we have quality acts, plays and exhibitions to show to the world. The
National Museum and Heritage Gallery are some locations that boast Asian and worldwide exhibits
taken from the best and the brightest from neighbouring countries. As a tourist attraction the
architecture of these places and more is a definite draw, but as a purely spiritual attraction, these
museums have outdone themselves with creative, innovative and unique exhibitions and
performances, indoor and outdoor that has inspired much laughter, applause and wonder.

 Just look at the Esplanade; touted as the ‘Theatres on the Bay’, there are more than a few hundred
plays, recitals and concerts playing within its massive wall and multiple theatres in a year. It plays host
to the famous Mosaic festival and some internationally acclaimed and locally produced shows. Ian
McAllan graced the ‘durians’ with his presence in a bestselling performance and rendition of King Lear.

 The nightlife and entertainment scene is no slouch either, with more than 300 bars, lounges and clubs
all over Singapore. Can you imagine that in an island that is only about 40 miles wide and 32 miles
long? How did the entertainment scene manage to pack in that amount of night spots in such a small
space? Well it is true and whatever your fancy, whether you want to sit back and sing karaoke, relax at
a lounge, sip a beer while listening to a live band or even dance the night away, there is somewhere
you can go. Singapore even boasts more than 4 acclaimed local and international microbreweries, with
more than 200 different varieties of beers sold in Singapore so far. Festivals and events simply add to
this resume, with the recent Oktober Fest capping of the year with one of the biggest and best beer
festivals in Asia, boasting a wide variety of beers for sale.

 Concerts? Of course! Big names like Eric Clapton, Rob Stewart and pop bands like Green Day and
Linkin Park have all graced this island with their voices and there is definitely more to come with giant

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

music festivals like WOMAD set to land on our sandy shores once again! There is no end in sight to
how much can be written about the arts and entertainment scene in Singapore, so what are you
waiting for? Dive in!.

Singapore is a beautiful country located in South East Asia. You can find out more about Singapore at For information on its entertainment and leisure activities you must visit for a whole range of activities.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                   Cultural Singapore Attractions
                                                                By Ethan Ong

The cultural industry in Singapore has blossomed of late and now high art and the wonderful world of
cultural exhibitions have invaded this island nation to an extent where the scene itself has piqued
interest within the community. The National Arts Council and the Heritage Board, working together with
MICA (Ministry of Information, Culture and the Arts) have worked together for years to build Singapore
into a Renaissance City – hoping to emulate the explosion of culture and art in Italy in the 14th Century
– and hopefully spawning their own Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci.

 The Singapore museum and the heritage museum are just some of the examples of how this nation
has leveraged on its own culture and rich history to put together exhibitions and attractions that cannot
be missed. Singapore’s founding, its prime leaders and its birth from a footnote in history to Sovereign
nation are chronicled in a rich world of sound, art and words in the Singapore National Museum and
the heritage gallery as well. Be sucked into the 1900’s again as chronicled in acute detailed is history
of Singapore – with journals of our early colonial founders etched out in aching beauty and sound.
Also, recently in the national museum was some of the notes of William Farquhar and his chronicle of
some of the species of animals that used to reside in the Singapore jungles and some of the names
the locals or ‘Orang Asli’ used to give to them.

 The Asian Civilisation Museum is also a prime example of a cultural Singapore attraction that you
must visit as soon as possible. The rich tapestry of the Asian civilisations are realised in life like and
breathtaking models and statues transported from dig sites all over Inner Mongolia, China and all over
South East Asia. Be amazed as they tell the histories and lifestyle of Old Asia in a way no – one can,
through pictures and objects that inspire the greatest story teller of all – your imagination. This museum
also deals with propaganda and cultural material and how politics of old and of new has changed the
face of culture in countries like Burma, Indonesia and China.

 There is no end to the sort of cultural experiences you can enjoy in Singapore. The National Heritage
Board has a smorgasbord of facilities and organisations to whet the cultural appetite. They have
converted the old Ford Factory in Singapore to a memorial – museum like emporium of the 1960’s. The
Peranakan Museum and the Singapore Philatelic Museum are just some of the examples of rich
locations where you can view great cultural pieces and demonstrations for just a nominal fee.

 Singapore is culture. It is founded on culture, built by tradition and lovingly shaped by hundreds of
years of history – a maelstrom of inculturality that has given this country an identity that is rich, varied
and beautiful. Singapore has decided to share this with anyone who wants to look, as well as bringing
the rest of greater Asia into a single location – to inspire a living heritage and dynamic cultural

Singapore is a beautiful country located in South East Asia. You can find out more about Singapore at For information on its entertainment and leisure activities you must visit for a whole range of activities.

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