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                                           The Glasgow Cathedral
                                                By Steve Kevin

   With a population of about 600000, Glasgow is the Scotland's largest city. It is believed the city was
originally founded by Saint Kentigern commonly known as St. Mungo who was a missionary in
Scotland. Burrell Collection, Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts),
Glasgow Science Centre and Museum of Transport are some the places on the list of must-see in
Glasgow but the one that should not be missed is the Glasgow Cathedral.

 Right next to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and across from the University of Stratchclyde, Located on
Castle Street, the Glasgow Cathedral catches every passing eye. It was built on the place of an old
church which the later was built by St. Mungo in 1136. Nowadays it is used for performing weekly and
annually religious services.

 The Cathedral is equipped with a famous bell, placed at its tower. The bell was made in 1594 in
Holland and brought to Glasgow by A Glaswegian merchant called Marcus Knox. In 1789, as the result
of an unfortunate incident, the bell was damaged and had to be taken down and sent to London for a
repair. A poem is engraved on the outside of the bell telling the story of the bell from the beginning to
its returning to the tower.

 Out of the Cathedral yard and on the other side of John Knox Street, there is a beautiful garden called
Peace Garden Mosaic. The garden was completed in 1992 to celebrate the idea of world peace. Right
at the centre of the garden a mosaic is placed with the message "Let Peace Flourish". Being located in
Glasgow, one surprising feature of the garden is having numerous benches to seat and relax.

 Inside the Peace Garden Mosaic, there is a statue of King William III. Also known as Prince of Orange,
he was the king of the island from 1689 until his death 1702.

 As part of St Nicholas's Hospital, Provand's Lordship was built by Andrew Muirhead in 1471. It is
believed to be the oldest house in Glasgow. The house is furnished with a collection of 17th century
Scottish furniture donated by Sir William Burrell.

 The University of Strathclyde is located within the walking distance of the Cathedral. It is the largest
university of Scotland with 168000 students in 2008. The university is located right in the centre of

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Glasgow with easy access to Glasgow's famous shopping centres. The foundation of the university
began in 1796 with a simple but most honourable intention, to be an education place open to everyone.
The actual "university" status was given to it in 1964 and after the merge with Glasgow College of

 The Glasgow Cathedral attracts thousands of tourists each year. Some other attractions within or very
near to the cathedral that hasn't been mentioned here but are equally important are The Glasgow
Necropolis, John Knox Memorial, Glasgow Evangelical Church, The Lady Well, People's Palace,
Winter Gardens and Martyrs School. So remember to put the Glasgow Cathedral at the top of your list
when planning to visit Glasgow.

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                                           Glasgow and Around
                                              By Edward Grey

Glasgow is considered one of the oldest settlements in Western Europe. It is believed to be founded
when Saint Mungo, a missionary, established a community built around what is known today as the
Glasgow Cathedral.

 If you are planning to visit this city, you can feast on the great architectures, activities, and different
attractions. You can check out the Burrell Collection, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow Science Center,
Center for Contemporary Arts, and the Museum of Transport. Another destination that you should keep
on top of your list is the Glasgow Cathedral.

Most Significant Landmarks

 The Glasgow Cathedral can be considered as one of if not the most significant landmarks in Scotland.
Any tourist or passersby will not miss the cathedral along the Castle Street. It was built in 1136
replacing the old church built by St. Mungo which served as center of the first Scottish community. The
house of worship is proximate to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the University of Strathclyde.

 A famous bell is housed in the cathedral’s tower which in itself is very rich in history. An old bell built in
1594 was brought to Glasgow by a local merchant who traveled from Holland. An unfortunate event in
1789 resulted to the damage of the great bell. It was taken to London for repair. A poem detailing the
“life” of the bell is inscribed on its surface.

 The Glasgow Cathedral is a perfect example of a Gothic architecture. It is the only Scottish Cathedral
on the mainland to survive the reformation. You will appreciate the intrinsic details of the façade of the
church and the mesmerizing interiors. The stained glass arts are just wonderful to look at.

Around the Cathedral

 If you plan to explore the surrounding of the Glasgow Cathedral you will see a lot of interesting spots.
Cross John Knox Street and you will find yourself amid the Peace Garde Mosaic. Like the name
suggests, the beautiful garden was completed in 1992 and serves as tribute to world peace.

 You will see the message "Let Peace Flourish" in the middle of this green sanctuary. The garden
encourages relaxation in the middle of the business center of the country with a line of benches and
areas where people can take a break and breathe to relax. A statue of King William III who ruled the
land from 1689 to 1702 is also featured in the garden.

 The Provand’s Lordship is also a few minutes walk from the Glasgow Cathedral. This structure is
considered the oldest house in the city of Glasgow. The structure is now integrated as part of the St.
Nicholas Hospital.

 The University of Strathclyde is also in the vicinity. This educational institution is considered the
largest in Scotland with around 170,000 students. The university was founded in 1796 but was only
formally integrated to the College of Commerce of Glasgow in 1964.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 If you get tired touring the Glasgow Cathedral and the nearby stops, there are a lot of pubs and
restaurants which can give you a taste of local specialties.

The Glasgow Cathedral attracts thousands of tourists each year. It serves as a great welcome to a city
where a lot of things and places can be explored. There are still a lot of churches, old structures,
museums, and landmarks that you and your family can tour to make your holiday in Glasgow worth it.

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